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Captain Jonoth Shyemlye [Worgen Buccaneer]
Player: Jonoth

Character full name: Captain Jonoth Shyemlye

Character in-game name: Jonoth

Nickname(s): Bloodpaw

Association(s): Gilneas, Kul Tiras, Northgate Rebels, The Bloodpaw

Race: Worgen

Class: Buccaneer (Rogue)

Skills and Abilities: Jonoth is a capable melee combatant, highly skilled at dual-wielding swords. As a sailor, he has a slight advantage fighting on ships, being well-adjusted to the pitching and rolling of the sea. He is also a decent shot, though not nearly as good as an experienced hunter or ranger. Years of experience in the Kul Tiras navy have made him a very competent military strategist, capable of organizing and commanding his own ship efficiently. Lastly, Jonoth is a talented craftsman, initially making a name for himself as a swordsmith before becoming a sailor, and to this day continues crafting and repairing blades for his crew and for trade.

Age: 33

Sex: Male

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Weight: 180 lbs

Height: 5'10"

Usual Garments/Armor: Dark blue and brown leather garments, and a brown eyepatch.

Other: Jonoth retains four long scars across his face and back from a bear attack in his youth. When visible, Jonoth has a branding of a paw on his left shoulder and a burn scar on his right thigh. Carries a shotgun under his cloak at all times, as no problem is too big to be shot in the face. He also carries a pair of cutlasses at his sides.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Jonoth is very bold and adventurous. He takes risks that some would find foolish (and many times are foolish), and charges into battles head on. He is a man of his word and values people who keep theirs. Despite being the captain of his ship, he largely prefers to be in the heat of battle as opposed to giving orders, believing his men's lives as valuable as his own. He will trade with most races, even Horde, but trade is the limit of his cross-faction friendliness. He is much more visibly uneasy and aggressive towards Forsaken.

History: Jonoth was born just around the start of the First War. Spending much of his youth in Gilneas where his father had settled, he grew up on stories of his grandfather, the knight Rhodyngar Shyemlye, and his battles against the Orcs and the Scourge. He became an adventurous youth, hoping to someday be as great as his grandfather, and often went out into Silverpine Forest looking for adventure. One day, adventure almost took his life, as he was beset upon by a large bear in the woods. Jonoth managed to kill the bear with a timely stab in the bear's throat, but not before the bear clawed deeply across his face and back! Fortunately a nearby woodsman heard the cries of the boy, bandaging his wounds with a clean cloth and getting him home to receive medical attention.

Jonoth was heartbroken, his parents frightened, and the boy fell into a depression. Suggesting that he could still be a hero, his father recounted how Rhodyngar took a strong interest in his son's smithing, and that perhaps Jonoth could follow in his footsteps. This seemed to temporarily quell the fire within him, as he learned the ways of swordsmithing. But as a young man, he became more passionate about joining the fight. Fate would have him carrying out a shipment of blades to Kul Tiras, a thriving naval and trade nation. Writing back to his father, he decided to remain there, taking a position as a deckhand while still smithing on the side. Despite a lot of ill looks for his ghastly appearance, Jonoth quickly won the respect of his peers, rising through the ranks and eventually becoming first mate aboard one of the ships. To remind himself of how far he came, he branded a bear paw on his shoulder.

One day, some of Jonoth's letters returned unopened, and he was informed about the Greymane Wall, his parents being trapped behind it now. Saddened and angered, he waited for the opportunity to help free them. The opportunity came when many fleets were ordered to attack the Scourge presence in Lordaeron. Jonoth's vessel landed off the coast of Silverpine Forest, and the captain ordered Jonoth and many of the crew to strom the land and fight back the enemy while he used cannon fire to beat them back even more. Jonoth eagerly took the order, the pride of his grandfather coursing through his veins. He and his crew fought with valor, until suddenly the canons off the coast became quiet. He turned to watch his worst nightmare: the boat sailing away and leaving the crew abandoned. Enraged and overmatched, he rallied any of the men still alive and managed to get to the safety of Pyrewood Village.

Jonoth joined the Northgate Rebels, assisting in smuggling operations as a way to get into Gilneas City and check up on his parents. He managed to spot them on one of his runs, but realizing the danger they would be in if it was known that their son was part of the resistance, he tried to keep his presence a secret. His mother, however, could spot her son anywhere, and on one occasion where she knew he was watching, she dropped a piece of paper in an alleyway. Jonoth retrieved the note, and his eyes welled up with tears as he read its single sentence: "Home will always be home."

After rebel leader Darius Crowley was captured and imprisoned in Stoneward, Jonoth found his parents, remaining with them in hiding until the outbreak of the Worgen curse. His home in jeopardy, Jonoth assisted in getting unaffected citizens to Duskhaven. After knowing his parents were headed to safety, he took part in the final stand at Light's Dawn Cathedral, contracting the curse after being bitten in the midst of battle. His mind lost to the rage of the beast, he was captured and saved from his fate by Krennan Aranas' formula. The limited control it offered was swiftly tested as he discovered that his parents had been killed in Duskhaven's destruction. Enraged, he helped fight the Forsaken forces invading Gilneas. Though the survivors mostly boarded ships for Darnassus, Jonoth had other plans, and after gaining his own vessel, which he named "Bloodpaw", he took to the seas, seeking vengeance and finding adventure on the seas.
[-] The following 2 users Like Jonoth's post:
  • Wuvvums, Kage
Found a change in tense from past to present in the final paragraph as well as some minor spelling errors (like discoved instead of discovered). Hope that helps! C:
[-] The following 1 user Likes Wuvvums's post:
  • Jonoth
Fixed! Thankees!
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  • Wuvvums
Probably not relevant but if your profile gets approved, would you mind if a character of mine joined you on your crew?
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  • Aethon, Jonoth
Any can join! I'll be working on a revised guild post to accomodate his new history.
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