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Catalacysm Build Thread
-We don't really want to use the bugged unspawned areas, unfortunately!

-The area past Strat is quite expansive! But at present there's not -too- much to be done with it that can't be done in AV as the current manors are.

-Old Stormwind isn't too expansive, if I remember correctly; it was greatly sized down to be just SW itself for once, or at least primarily [may need to check that for truth later though].

Apologies about not getting to the Elwynn and Redridge housing yet.

On the plus side the new manor has been getting developed by leaps and bounds. Room purposes are set in stone, flooring and ceilings are done, a few rooms are basically furnished, and all of the structure is complete [with some additions from the original post up there-- six rooms were added].

I may be able to bring some screenshots up later. At the moment my computer has been throwing errors when pasting stuff, so neh.
(07-15-2013, 05:33 PM)Rigley Wrote: Hi.

Apologies about not getting to the Elwynn and Redridge housing yet.
Why are you apologizing?? You're giving us voluntary awesomeness! And don't give me a reason; this is rhetorical, and you should feel like a real bad dude (in the 90's sense) for doing this.
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