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Cellyndra Silverwind (Sin'dorei Noble/Blood Mage in trainig
Player: Maarten777

Character Full Name: Cellyndra Silverwind

Character In-Game Name: Cellyndra

Nickname(s): Cel, Lyn Lady Silverwind

Association(s): Silvermoon, remains of House Silverwind

Race: Blood Elf

Class: [[Warlock|Blood Mage]]

Skills and Abilities:

Flame Strike: Cellyndra can summon a pillar of intense heat at the feet of her target.

The following spells Cellyndra will learn upon completing her training.
Verdant Spheres: Three Verdant Spheres circle around Cellyndra, absorbing the souls of slain demons to empower her own spells.

Mana Drain: Cellyndra can drain the mana of her target to replenish her own mana.

Summon Phoenix: Cellyndra summons a phoenix to aid her in battle for a limited amount of time. Because of the immense amount of energy and focus it requires to cast this spell, Cellyndra cannot use it repeatedly or sustain the phoenix for more than a few minutes.

Age: 42

Sex: Female

Hair: Silver and mostly loose, long enough to reach her shoulders.

Eyes: Fel Green

Weight: 53 kg

Height: 169 cm

Scale: 0.97

Usual Garments/Armor: Usually found in simple red clothes adorned with gold. Her clothes are made for comfort and movement rather than looking nice. Cellyndra has a red and golden dress but keeps this in her closet for special occasions.

-Cellyndra has befriended a Mana Serpent.
-Cellyndra has repressed her memories of her parents dying, often believing she still sees them walking around.
-Cellyndra's hands are scarred with burnmarks for life.e b

Personality: Cellyndra changes how she acts depending on who she is around. In presence of friends and people she trusts, she is a calm, friendly and a bit of a shy girl. In the presence of strangers she keeps herself with her head high, keeping up a tough look. One thing remains no matter who she is with, her mind is chaotic. Cellyndra lacks patience in a talk and doesn't like it when people take too long to get to the point. To truly silence Cellyndra one should give her a good book, preferably something with a moral or something she can learn from. Disturb or annoy her while she is reading a book and Cellyndra will lash out.

Whenever possible she tries to avoid talks, thoughts, feelings, activities or places that remind her of the undead. Cellyndra can have a flashback to the Scourge attack on Silvermoon upon seeing an undead. She often has trouble falling asleep and when she is finally asleep, she suffers from nightmares brought on by the Third War and her parents dying though none of her nightmares show her what truly happened.

History: Cellyndra was born into the Silverwind family, a family that prided itself on magic use. So too was Cellyndra trained in the way of the Arcane from an early age. Of all schools, she took the chaotic nature of fire the most easily. So it was she started practicing her magic with her parents, standing proud of her heritage and her skill in magic. The girl lived a sheltered life, especially during the First and Second War.

Cellyndra, age twenty-five by now, had an accident during one of her training sessions. She conjured up a fireball and let it grow. Proud of her magic she became arrogant with her magic and let it grow even more, eventually growing out of control and burning her hands. Her mother saw it happening and took her to a priest as quickly as she could but it was already too late. Her hands were marked for life.

No matter how much her parents tried, they couldn't protect her against the terrors of war. It wasn't until the Third War that Cellyndra stood face to face with the horror that was the Scourge. The small Silverwind family was having lunch when a guard stormed in, informing of a 'situation' at the gate. Cellyndra was quickly sent to her room. Once in her room she looked out the window and saw the army of the undead marching towards her city.

She rushed down the stairs and told her parents. They told her of the situation and assigned the guard that informed the family to keep her safe in the city. The army was closing in, nearing the front gate. She ran as her mother commanded only to find her city in chaos from the attack. People running each other over for that small chance they might survive. Cellyndra tried to stay calm but saw no real way out. She turned back to her parents, seeing them being torn apart by a small army of burning ghouls. Cellyndra was grabbed by the arm by the guard and the two started running. This time she ran with tears in her eyes. The guard, no matter the chaos pushed everyone to the side and kept running. They didn't care who they ran against or jumped over, they just wanted to leave. They wanted to live.

Finally they found a way out of the city and took it. They ran until she came across an Elven encampment. Here she just collapsed and was taken in by a young priest. When she woke up and saw the priest, she bursted into tears, realizing it was not a nightmare and her parents were dead. The man saw her and felt pity on her. He decided to keep her safe at all costs.

A long time passed until the three could return home, or what was left of it. Still owning the Silverwind fortune and the few lands her family possesed, Cellyndra managed to rebuild. Cellyndra, the guard and the priest went apart. Not as that noble girl who cried, that guard who saved her and that priest that pulled her through in her darkest moment but as friends. Close friends. Like all Elves she was glad to learn of the cure, the Fel. She absorbed it without hesitation and began naming herself a Blood Elf in honor of her fallen kin.

For years Cellyndra tried to become a stronger mage, to equal her parents, maybe even become stronger than them. It wasn't until recently she took a stroll outside of Silvermoon and found a group of remaining Scourge undead, or maybe just mindless undead (she never found out), that she saw a Blood Mage in action. She saw his prowess and skill in combat, dispatching of the undead within a few seconds.

After the fight, Cellyndra decided to approach the man and he introduced himself as Validar Dawnstrider, a noble and a Blood Mage. She asked, almost begged if he wanted to train her. Finally he gave in to her request and began training her in the ways of the Blood Mage. Even with her training and aid of House Dawnstrider, she often struggles to keep herself and what remains of her House respected.
I will not be forgotten. This is my time to shine. I've got the scars to prove it. Only the strong survive. I'm not afraid of dying. Everyone has their time. Life never favored weakness.

Welcome to the pride!
Its amusing to me because the Silverwings is an alliance faction of Night Elf Sentinels. They even have their own tabard.

[Image: 90px-Silverwing_Tabard.jpg]

[Possible heritage? Doh ho ho!]

Quote:Race: [[Blood Elf|Sin'dorei]]

Just leave this as Blood Elf, please.

Is Cellyndra the lead of the Silverwing family? If so, you might want to add in about her struggles to remain recognized by the other nobles. She's still, by soceity standards, a child so they might not respect her as they did her parents. Heck, they could even be pressuring her to join their own family or waiting for her to fail so they can take her fortune and lands.
WOOPS! Was not aware of the name thing. Changed to Silverwind. Updated teh rest as well.
I will not be forgotten. This is my time to shine. I've got the scars to prove it. Only the strong survive. I'm not afraid of dying. Everyone has their time. Life never favored weakness.

Welcome to the pride!
First approval! (1/2)
Second approval (2/2)


I'm going to go ahead and say that there's nothing wrong with coding it as [[Blood Elf|Sin'dorei]]. The correct information is there and it's just another way of saying the name. It's an aesthetic preference that many people have used.
[Image: anim_500.gif]

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