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Ceneth Starveil [Night Elf]
Player: Mayarien

Character Full Name: Ceneth Starveil

Character In-Game Name: Ceneth

Nickname(s): A Darnassian expression with several different meanings depending on the context. ‘Where things begin’ is a bit of a mouthful, and it’s usually misunderstood or mistranslated.

Association(s): The Kaldorei, The Shadowleaves

Race: Night Elf

Class: Assassin (Rogue)

Age: 3166

Sex: Female

Hair: Deep green in colour and reaching just beyond her shoulders. She often ties it at the back.

Eyes: Silver

Weight: 221 lbs

Height: 6’5”

Usual Garments/Armour: Leather reinforced with cured hide or bark and worn over lightweight padding. Her palette consists of leafy greens, earthy browns, sandy yellows and a dash of amethyst purple; the colours of the forest.

Other: Ceneth is shorter and a little more lean than average, a combination which occasionally makes for a point of awkward conversation. She has quite a mysterious possession; a nature-blessed cloak of leaves. Her only other items of note are a set of metal claws augmented onto her gauntlets. They’re short enough to be practical and sharp enough to be lethal.

Alignment: Lawful

Personality: Cultural immersion has impressed the Kaldorei way upon Ceneth. Traditional and dutiful, with respect, love and admiration for her elders, she is compelled by a strong desire to protect her people. Her friendships are as deeply rooted as the oldest trees of Ashenvale, and although she is known for being hard on her companions, she does all that she does to defend them. Every life is valuable to her, whether it’s the life of a foe she has chosen to take or a friend whose existence she fights to preserve.

Where assassination is concerned, Ceneth adheres to a strict creed. Her cardinal rule is to only accept and complete assignments that benefit the Kaldorei. If she were to accept a contract that was later discovered to be detrimental or disadvantageous to the night elves, she would immediately cease and reverse any plans already in motion, then inform the contractors that her service to them was at an end. Payment, if given in advance, would be returned. She has superiors to whom she is answerable, but she isn’t the lowest rung on the ladder. Even she isn’t sure how tall the tree is or how deep its roots go, nor is she aware of how far the branches reach. Not all her work involves the assassination of a target. Subversion and subterfuge are among her talents, and she can talk her way through a situation if the need arises.

Ceneth tends to associate with her own kind almost exclusively, paying little mind to the other Alliance races. She has seen the worst of the Horde, so she thinks the worst of it. Considering her line of work, maybe that’s for the best.

History: An herbalist and a Sentinel rendered Ceneth’s existence. The Sentinel in question was posted at the Feathermoon Stronghold, and that is where the young elf began her life. She was raised by her elders, adoring the realm in which they all thrived, adapting to the way the Kaldorei lived and learning to defend herself against threats natural, preternatural, or otherwise. To that end, she practiced often and hard in hand-to-hand combat as well as with blades of varying length and design.

When she came of an appropriate age, she joined the Sentinel order as her mother had before her, operating as a scout and outrunner among its ranks. The sisters were often tasked with investigating Highborne ruins, a duty and a privilege that exhilarated her beyond measure. They employed various measures to conceal their trail and presence during missions, and it was during this time that Ceneth developed her skills in obfuscation and mysticism. Cloaked in the forest itself and shrouded by the night’s shadows, she and her comrades were all but invisible when they wished to be.

Their expeditions yielded fruit; etched tablets, weapons, art and other artifacts of note. Then, even more than now, the night elves led a simple, natural existence, and many of the items served no purpose other than to remind them of an age gone by. Most tablets echoed accounts of life before the Sundering, but others described lost secrets and techniques. Ceneth found ways to incorporate these into her regime and give her an edge against the enemies she sometimes faced. She also developed a good grasp of history over the years, and though she was quite young by comparison, some of her elders took her for a peer of their millennia.

The Third War. For the first time in Ceneth’s life, her people faced forces that posed a genuine threat to their existence. She travelled north and met these invaders eagerly, curious to learn about the sapient foreigners who carelessly defiled the night elves’ ancient forests. She and a sect of specialised Sentinels called the Shadowleaves, of which she was a part, launched a series of attacks against the insurgent Warsong orcs. Their task was to disorient the enemy, and this they did well. Even so, they could not prevent Cenarius’ death.

That event and the ones to follow ignited her disdain for the orcs and rekindled her hatred of the Burning Legion, which until now she had been spared from close contact with.

The shattered Shadowleaves regrouped and recovered, and Ceneth obtained a new purpose. Calling on her experience in subtle undertakings and her skill with edged weaponry, she began to tiptoe down the path of an assassin. The possibility had already been there for her, but opportunity and necessity combined to make it a reality.

With the advent of the Cataclysm, the plight of the Kaldorei is more desperate now than it has ever been, and the progression the orcish forces have made under Garrosh’s leadership must be countered. Unseen and unsung, this is the mission that she is committed to—but it isn’t the only one. The information that Ceneth has stumbled upon over the course of her most recent string of operations worries her greatly, and she is working to unravel the mysterious circumstances that she finds herself tangled up in.

Skills and Abilities:

Sentinel and personal training have provided her with ample experience in combat. She is proficient with most forms of bladed weaponry. Keen sight and a steady, sturdy arm make her passable with a longbow, but it’s the throwing knives you would want to watch out for.

She has some talent for mysticism. Abilities such as Shadowstep, Cloak of Shadows, and of course Stealth, are interpreted as magical manipulation or minor enchantments/blessings attached to her weapons and clothing.

If it’s got an edge, that edge has probably been daubed in poison. She inherited her father’s knowledge of herbal properties.

She acquired anatomical knowledge by herself. It’s grim, but she has had the opportunity to dissect the bodies of numerous races. When possible, she burned, buried, or wrapped the body according to the tradition of its culture of origin afterwards. As a result of her investigations, she has a grasp of the workings of a biological humanoid body and knows how to disrupt some of those workings.
And that is how it's done. Very well done - I expected no less.

[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
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