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Character Concepts in need of Clarification
I have brought this up as a question because some people may want to ask thier share as well. What are unallowed character designs, not just mary sues and those heaps, but I mean the wierd ideas and peculiar ones that are just in need of some clairification.

I myself have recently thought of the concept of playing a Shadow Troll Priest but as a fallen troll necromancer. Not necsesarily evil, but offset and curious of new ways of animating hands and the like.
I was wondering if this is plausible within the guidlines of the server.
[Image: lich_king_signature_by_wyrx-d3jo9rm.png]
Concepts that would set your character as more powerful, famous, better or other than normal characters, it also shouldn´t be of a prestige class unless you have been Ok´ed for that, which only Heroes and GMs can be at the moment.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

That explains a lot, thank you Nostra.
[Image: lich_king_signature_by_wyrx-d3jo9rm.png]

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