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Character Ganking
Heh- I played for a year on a very active PvP server, so that might be where I got this mindset :P
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Better drop that mindset or leave for another server.
I am in agreement with Weasel. Drop the mindset.
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In my opinion, we should use all the game mechanics provided to us. Why text roleplay, and emote our fights while we have an opportunity called PvP System in a game like World of Warcraft? Although if two (or more) individuals decide to emote their fights, to give it a slightly more RPish effect, I'd respect that. Although it is a fact that complaining over an emote fight, and blaming the dices, or arguing about how 'uber' the opponent is inevitable in one of them, mostly. Do the job all clean. Use the PvP system if you are going to fight. Every action can be done realisticly in World of Warcraft, which is one of the reasons I'm roleplaying in this game. Do you want to attack people? Roleplay it. Attack a Level 1 character in a Major City, but roleplay it. If you attack that character in roleplay, you will then have to face the consequences. Attack someone in a city in daylight, while eye-contacting the guards who are a metre far from you, if you will not get suprised, or complain about, dying. Since you would become a prey for Guards' 'Gang Bang Fun Party' in less than a second. You don't even want to Text RP guards attacking you? Go to your reputation bar, check the box with the text 'At War' near it, of the faction with whose guards you will fight, then attack all the guards in your visual range, around you. There, realism is kept. If you want the other guards to attack you as you try to run, then kill one of the guards, and go for the gate. They shall attack you now, unless you get out of your current area.

Do you want to run from a fair fight with which you have no problems, but just because you don't want to die? Then run. Game mechanics allow you to run, even hide! If you are a rogue/druid/Night Elf, use your advantages! Use stealth, shadowmeld, or prowl. If you are not one of them, simply try to use your Heartstone. Being a paladin, or a class which has a similar spell like Divine Protection, or Power Word: Shield, would help your cause to use a Heartstone effectively. Are you a warrior? Just try to get on your mount, or just run. Are you capable of nothing? Run out of your enemy's sight, and hide behind a tree or in a building! They won't be able to spot you easily.

Do you have an urge to complain about a fight where you have lost and which resulted in your character's permanent death, while you think it was just because your opponent's level was higher, or his/her gear was better? Well you had to think about that before you engaged the fight. You don't want to fight someone like that while though they've attacked you first and they're insisting on attacking? RUN! Use that method. As soon as they emote attacking you, slip away. With any class you may run from any class. Being frozen or rooted in the place is not an excuse. Nearly all classess and some races have dispelling abilities, letting you get loose. If you are a druid, shapeshift. Be creative. Search for those, trust me the game offers you everything. Use every single advantage of your class/race. There might be some which you do not know about, as they are not commonly used since everyone focuses on killing first, without being smart or having tactics or strategy. Everyone rushes for a killing blow, and a short fight resulting with a victory. Don't be that simple minded, beat your opponent with your intelligence if your character is like that. Or go all brute if your character relies on that. Live your character. Think that you will die if you get beaten, but not OOCly. If you think that OOCly then the thing what we call 'whining' starts. Think like that in character, and try to find a way to get out of that situation, either with a victory, or via slipping away. Blending in the crowd is also a choice. And I do not mean text roleplaying it. Just blend in the crowd. What crowd? Well, I admit this is not a retail server with about 100 people standind inside an auction house, though be creative. Hide behind or inside the guards (That is possible if they have robes, or skirts, since you could crouch in them, though while they wouldn't react really well at all) though while I don't think someone would be that stupid to attack someone near guards. I know that they will see your name tag. That can be fixed though that would need some work done by our Head Admin, disabling the option of showing Friendly & Enemy names located in the Interface menu. An addon or a mod could be done for it also, which would be a must for everyone to have. Or the members of this community could be mature and nice enough to ignore the name tag, and pretend like he hadn't seen it since he cannot see your body at all, and leave the place to search for your character.

I guess that's all I will say for now, thanks for reading my own opinions :)
Yes but also remember, in RP battles, everyone is entitled to a fair fight also.
The issue isn't using real combat for RP purposes. I'm a supporter of that as long as the two fighters are of equal level. The issue is someone saying they want to gank people of lower level than them without provocation. They're expressed the want to gank a lower level player just because they're used to it. I myself have been attacked without warning when playing a low level alt because of idiots taking advantage of the server.
Emote fighting is more fair either way you put it as long as noone Godmods, and if they do GMs will eat them. If you are gonna fight a lvl 1 and you are 20 or something the higher lvl wins in a PvP battle/duel.
This thread has gone off topic just a tad xD
Meatbucket Wrote:Yes but also remember, in RP battles, everyone is entitled to a fair fight also.

Actually, no, they aren't. Nor should they.

No, your character that was ambushed should not have the same chance of winning as the ambusher.

No, your character should not have the same chance of winning as the fully titled character you're provoking.

This belief that every character should be able to have a fair shot, or at least hold his/her own, in any conflict is one of the reasons I detest emoted out fights as much as I do. The other half is that 99% of all emoted out fights end up with e-peen contests that last for over an hour because some people just can't stand to lose, and so they go back and forth until someone is so tired of it that they give up just so it'll end.

I swear that the majority of arguments that arise in RP is because of emoted out combat.

That said, killing someone significantly lower level than yourself should never be a knee-jerk reaction, not even on a PvP server.
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Meatbucket Wrote:This thread has gone off topic just a tad xD

No it has not.

And, in my opinion, there are many ways to make a one sided fight. I mean, really, would it be fair to pit a level 70 in low level gear that makes their character look good, or a 70 in tier 6 with some godly weapon?

The world PvP is on, because it just makes it easier when people do wish to fight in that way...regardless of gear.

My original point was, DO NOT ABUSE THIS. Something that you cannot see or hit will kill you repeatedly.
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Both systems have their flaws. The problem I have with the PvP mechanics is that it's too heavily reliant on gear, and that....in all honesty, is rather boring. I prefer text-based RP combat because it's more detailed and exhilarating, but there is the bad problem of god-moding. Grakor's right when he says that most of it boils down to an e-peen waving contest, because some people simply cannot comprehend that their character has flaws, and that they might LOSE.

Which is why I always propose a roll system whenever I text-emote with someone. I have my own little system that me and Siv worked on way back in the day to combat the problem on Argent Dawn. Fixed HP, rolls, critical attacks / critical defenses - it works very well for people who learn the system.

This is the only way I'll fight or spar with someone, unless I know the RP'r really well and know they won't god-mode out of the fight.

"What a mess we made, when it all went wrong..."
I am with Krent, not much to be said else than; Care to share that system? Perhaps make a post about it so that others might take advantage of it?

Edit: Allrighty, I think I´ve read that topic, a long time ago. I´ll look into it again.
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I've used Siv's system, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it, and actually wish I had more incidents in which I could use it. It can be modified to take into account gross differences in skill levels (if needed), and yet leaves the outcome of the fight up in the air--which is exciting! And the fixed HP means that the fights don't go on... and on... and on... He explained it in the topic "Roll Roll Roll Your... Dice?" and I think it has a lot of merit.

Beyond that, though, that's not what this thread is discussing. It is the desire to gank (to kill a much lower-level character for no reason, OOC'ly, than they are much lower level than you).
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I swear to god, if anyone necro's this topic, I will make you pay.

Siv's system.
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△Move along.△


I agree with Grak on this one, I don't believe that all characters are equal. Some are more proficient in combat than others (An Emissary Versus a Full-Fledged Warrior, the warrior has a greater chance of winning in Close Quarters Combat) Some characters were made for combat, and aggressive combat situations, while others were made for a different type of battlefield, subtle and otherwise

People don't like to lose, I don't think I've met anyone who does. But you have to think of the RP as a whole, and just because you lose the fight, doesn't mean your RP is over (Unless of course, this means Death for your character. You can create another character, and continue RPing, so it's not like you'll be banished from the server if you die.) It merely means he lost a fight, which everyone will at one point in their lives. If you try to play the invincible fighter who comes out of the smoke with his opponents head, then not only will you lose the respect of the RPers around you, but you'll make the GMs mad.

Fleeing is a good idea, unless your character is the "Never back down" kind of person. Which is fine, unless you whine when you die, because that kind of character usually doesn't survive. I do believe in RP-Ganking (Such as a group of people against a single individual, whom doesn't really stand much of a chance.) because situations like that do occur often.

However, yes, you shouldn't try to go PVP mode on someone just because they're a lower level, it's a rude and cowardly.
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