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Cheyanne Briarthorn [Worgen][Priest][Noble]
‘’’Player:’’’ Reigen

‘’’Character Full Name:’’’ Cheyanne Briarthorn

‘’’Character In-Game Name:’’’ Cheyanne

‘’’Nickname(s):’’’ Chey (Shy), Anne, Aunty, The Punisher

‘’’Association(s):’’’ House Briarthorn, Alliance, Gilneas

‘’’Race:’’’ [[Worgen]]

‘’’Class:’’’ [[Priest]]

‘’’Skills and Abilities:’’’ She possesses fairly standard priest abilities, dabbling in both the holy and shadow aspect of the magic. It’s nothing special. She does, however, have a knack for putting the fear of the Light in her young ones.

‘’’Age:’’’ 50

‘’’Sex:’’’ Female

‘’’Hair:’’’ Faded Auburn

‘’’Eyes:’’’ Blue

‘’’Weight:’’’ 152 lbs

‘’’Height:’’’ 5’6”

Cheyanne typically dresses in fine clothing made of expensive material. While she may be a woman of the Light, she sees no wrong-doing in looking her best in any situation, be it social or nonsocial. She enjoys above all other styles to wear Gilnaen styled clothing, though she has started to get an eye for the fashion of the Night Elves. One near-constant part of her wardrobe is a small hat, which she wears tilted to the side of her head.

She can often be seen using a staff of some sorts to help her get around. While she does not need it, fooling others into thinking shes older than she really is has become a pastime.
‘’’Other:’’’ The only scar on her body comes from where she was bitten. She refuses to show where it is, leaving everyone guessing what exactly she was doing when she was changed.

Cheyanne has a rather strict way of going about her life. She sets up a routine and becomes greatly upset if anything gets in the way of her doing things the way she normally does them. Every morning is rehearsed, even down to the side she wakes up on. Her family has wisely learned never to wake her up rudely, having been filled terror from her psychic screams more than enough to learn their lessons.

The aging woman has become the definition of ‘tough love’. While she cares deeply for her family and most of all her two children, she is careful not to overly praise them, no matter how good of a job they do. To her, praising breeds laziness and she refuses to have that in any kin of her. She makes sure to remind her family that while they did an okay job, they could have done better.

She has become something akin to a stone pillar for the family. No matter how rough things have gotten, she has always remained tall enough to glare into the face of whatever threat dares to approach her. Though, just as with any stone foundation, she is not without her cracks.


Cheyanne was born many years ago alongside her twin brother Silvester. They were, of course, loved by their parents. Not too long after the two were born, another sibling came along, this one named Reginald, though later they would all simply call him Reno. More siblings again followed, their parents aiming for a larger family. Archibald came along shortly after Reno and was then followed by the misfit Draven.

When Cheyanne was a young child, the family has managed to gain a good deal of wealth. She started to live her life without needs, for they were all fulfilled. Rather, she began to fill her life with wants which were more often than not granted so long as they were never too outlandish. She was sure to be polite when asking so that she never seemed demanding.

Silvester chose, one they were old enough, to take on training as an apprentice of magic. Cheyanne found the arts interesting, however she was to be raised as a proper lady, thus she did not have the time nor energy to split her energy more than she needed to. She took on many studies of history, learned dancing and how to properly behave around others of importance. Through her many tutors, she learned to walk the walk and talk the talk. Along with the training to be a proper lady, Cheyanne began to devote herself to the Light, learning more of its faith between her lady-lessons.

Her younger siblings chose more filling subjects, Reno becoming captivated by the harvest witches, Archibald drawn into the riveting world of science and Draven being...Draven. Despite their differences, the siblings always found time to be close together. Her siblings always showed much more joy in the world, as all her lessons had molded her into a calm and proper lady. While her siblings were running in the forest, she was behind them, yelling at them to be careful and lower their voices. More than once she was the butt of their jokes.

When her twin enlisted in the local militia, Cheyanne joined in as well as a field medic. She didn’t stay as long as he did however, leaving after only a year of service. Silvester remained there for a year after her. Reno followed some time after, also enlisting in the milita. Both boys lasted longer than she did, which was to be expected as she was never one for combat. She found the idea of marching into battle very un-ladylike.

The twins completed their education around the same time, Silvester becoming a proper mage and Cheyanne becoming not only a graduated lady, but an accomplished priest as well. She was endlessly appalled by her youngest brother’s behavior when he would bring home different women almost every night. She always did her best to frighten the girls off, giving Draven a lecture each time, though her words always fell on deaf ears.

When her father began to arrange marriages for the family, they were all shocked when Silvester refused his and instead introduced a pregnant commoner to the family. While their father grew very angry, Cheyanne felt betrayed in a sense by her twin. He never told her about the woman, and she had always thought that they were above secrets. She sealed away the love she felt for her brother and became very vocal about his choice, ragging on him. Soon an argument split between them, ending when Cheyanne turned away and shut herself in her room.

Silvester was banished from the family as a result of his choice and Cheyanne married the one her father had chosen for her. She had a steely expression upon her face during the whole ceremony. She never fought anyone about it and instead accepted that this was her life. She was unhappy about it at first, growing to envy Silvester for finding someone to love.

She was somewhat bitter when her father started to allow his children to marry freely, though never vocalized it as her mother became ill shortly after the fact.

Her husband began to grow on her and she soon found that he was a good man after all. He never attempted to get in her way and often greeted her with small gifts. The gestures were heartwarming and she found herself falling for the man she was already married to.

She busied herself tutoring other high-class ladies in proper studies. She soon was jokingly called ‘The Punisher’ by her students, a name she lived up to when someone did something incorrect in their studies. It wasn’t long became she became the bane of both students and parents alike.

The affection between Cheyanne and her husband only grew when it was clear that she was going to have his children. He treated her as if she were the queen, making sure she did nothing to even remotely strain herself. She, like her parents, gave birth to twins. One was a boy named Phelan and a girl named Rose. The two children resembled both their parents, and the two adults never argued over who resembled who the most.

When the second war came around, Cheyanne took to caring for the technical side of the house while her brothers and husband were off fighting in the war. She took to the work better than anyone could have expected, not letting the house fall even the slightest bit and budgeting enough so that they could spare coin to the war. She became tight on family spending and was always prepared for the worse. With her sibling Archibald, she did see a few skirmishes, though never became wounded. Thankfully the war settled better than she had expected, the family even being formally recognized as minor nobility.

She was not fond of the wall, but never protested it. While she was concerned over being cut off from the outside world, she knew that everything she cared for was going to be within the walls. Shortly after, her mother passed away. Her death hit the family hard, most of them mourning for weeks after the fact. Cheyanne, however, remained strong as ever. She coped with the death by simply never mentioning the mother again, though her husband knew that she was just as bothered as everyone else. He was there was her piller when she could no longer stand up on her own.

Reno took over as the patriarch while Cheyanne spent her time raising her children and trying to convince Draven that drinking was a bad idea. When the rebellion started, the family sided with the loyalists. When the wolfmen began to present themselves as a threat, one of her brothers started to research them while she worked on setting up curfews for the family, as well as forcing everyone to adhere to a buddy system.

Cheyanne’s husband became afflicted with the curse when helping the citizens of Gilnaes. She didn’t find out until it was much too late, when she woke up to see what was once her husband biting deep into her leg. She managed to avoid death by blasting him in the eyes with a blinding spell. When she felt the beast starting to grow within, she fled as to not hurt anyone else. While she was changed, she was reunited with her husband for what was a short, yet sweet time.

She was one of the lucky ones who was captured and took to the cure. When she regained full control of herself, she found that many of the family members had also been changed. The reunion to her was bitter, for she found that her husband would not take to the cure and would remain a feral beast. Rather than allowing them to kill him, she demanded that he be kept caged, so that one day they might find a way to save him.

She returned with her family to gather up what wealth they could, Cheyanne used her spells to keep the thing that was her husband under control and in chains. Some of what they gathered was lost when the family encountered the forsaken, however they at least made it out alive.

She now waits in Darnassus while the family gathers there, her husband remains bound in either a cage, or is let out in chains when she has the energy to forcefully sooth his mind.

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Why did our spouses become such monsters?

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