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Ciylaar [Draenei Hunter]
'''Player:''' Loxmardin

'''Character Full Name:''' Ciylaar

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Ciylaar

'''Nickname(s):''' N/A

'''Association(s):''' Herself, the Draenei, the Alliance

'''Race:''' [[Draenei]]

'''Class:''' [[Hunter]]

'''Skills and Abilities:''' Talented tracker and wildlands expert, with an intuitive sense of direction and intimate predisposition towards understanding nature (wildlife and vegetation).

'''Age:''' 3,210

'''Sex:'' Female

'''Hair:''' Dark brown, shoulder-length

'''Eyes:''' Glowing white

'''Weight:''' 210lbs

'''Height:''' 6'9''

'''Usual Garments/Armor:''' Regularly, Ciylaar's seen wearing rather covering but form-fitting leather armours in the darker colour spectrum, usually a certain blue and brown leather outfit consisting of a pair of heavy trousers, boots, jacket and gloves. It's practical and uninhibiting for the most part all the while being fashionable.

'''Other:''' N/A

'''Alignment:''' Lawful Neutral

Ciylaar is inquisitive and curious, driven very much by her desire to belong and have somewhere she can call her own. She's a drifter by habit and doesn't stay in one place for too long if she can help it, something of a loner but not so much by choice. Old habits die hard, as they say, and Ciylaar's not been around for long enough to truly kill her habits dead yet, so it's more of a compulsion than a desire once she starts moving, on her own or in the company of others; it doesn't seem to matter much.

Interpersonal relationships have always been difficult for her because of aforementioned habits, though she's far from incapable of keeping a healthy relationship with another individual. Towards others, she's mostly warm, welcoming and hospitable to a fault unless discouraged by first impressions. Should she be discouraged, she turns inwards and becomes cold and apprehensive, not lingering for longer than she needs to. She knows when she's not wanted and she's not about to outstay her welcome, very much aware of when her invitation expires.

Since first arriving on Draenor, Ciylaar's developed a mild case of claustrophobia and rarely feels comfortable indoors for longer periods of time, oftentimes feeling the walls closing in on her which makes it hard for her to breathe. Especially if the building's interior at all brings her thoughts back to the sleek inner walls of the Oshu'gun or the Exodar. It's not a crippling discomfort most of the time, but nevertheless something that can control her behaviour in certain kinds of situations.

Regarding racism; Ciylaar's open minded, but not enough to overlook past transgressions against her or her species. She will always be wary of the Orcs, almost having fallen victim to them several times, herself. If she can, she'll stay away from them. It's not in her nature to be spiteful or succumb to hatred, however, so she can be forgiving on an individual basis. Same goes for the Blood Elves, although she might secretly be grateful for the crash that they caused. After all, she wouldn't have come to Azeroth if it weren't for them.


Ciylaar wasn't born on a world, but was instead one of the many Draenei to be born aboard the Naaru ship later to be called the Oshu'gun. This made its mark in her attitude as she grew older on this ship, becoming obsessed with the thought that she had no world out there to call her own anymore, having never seen the world of Argus with her own eyes and knowing full well that she never would. Desperately, the young girl instead clinged to the stories told to her by her family and elders, keeping the memory of Argus alive in her youthful and vividly imaginative mind.

It was never quite enough to satisfy her, however. She lived many years aboard that ship and grew increasingly restless as she matured, never finding solace in any of the arcane studies (partly due to the discouraging pressure coming from the rest of her family) or having the patience to really absorb herself in the Light. The arts of magic were beyond her and she resorted to handicrafts and engineering aboard the ship in order to occupy herself between jumps, always very eager to get off the ship whenever she could before they had to move on further in their neverending flight from the Burning Legion.

Not until the ship arrived on Draenor did Ciylaar become able to truly stretch those itching legs of hers, eager and quick to get out and explore the new world, potentially becoming able to call it her own. Sadly, you rarely get everything you wish for and Ciylaar would have to settle with simply being able to walk on solid ground again, never truly connecting to Draenor in the way she'd hoped. Nevertheless, she explored its wilderness together with the rest of the budding Draenei hunters, discovering her hidden talent for tracking and crossing difficult terrain. The restless Ciylaar was restless no longer, gifted with years worth of grounds to cover.

The Orcs never really made much of an impression on Ciylaar. They traded goods and that was good enough for her. Granted, she was as curious about these strange new creatures as she was everything else on Draenor, but didn't spend any particular amount of time studying the Orcish tribes past what she could see when delivering the stock to their camps in exchange for materials and whatnot to help reinforce the Draenei settlements before the greater cities and temples were habitable and truly populated.

Ciylaar spent most of the time on Draenor in the wilds, studying the wildlife and vegetation with great interest. She took the time to make Draenor eternal in a few personal pieces of artwork and handicrafts such as wooden statuettes, paintings and a few scarce pieces of poetry. Just in case she would have to leave again; if that ever were to happen, at least should be able to carry pieces of Draenor with her should they be doomed to travel between worlds for another eternity.

Then the massacre began. Ciylaar wasn't there when they started, but she was made aware as she was chased out of Terrokar Forest by a pair of Orcish scouts, lucky to still cling to her life as she fled to relative safety in the city of Shattrath. She didn't remain there for long. Only long enough to have some idea of what was going on before she headed back out into the wilds to search for her family. Snatched up by a Draenei scouting party a few days later, Ciylaar was beaten and bloody but still clinging to life, unable to find her family but nevertheless brought back into the relative safety behind Shattrath's walls.

Once she'd recovered from the ordeals in the wilds, Ciylaar was put to good use with a weapon in hand, working with the rest of her people to fend the Orcs off their grounds and protect the rest of the Draenei. Unfortunately, the city's defenses didn't hold for long and countless Draenei were mercilessly slaughtered while the survivors fled into Zangarmarsh, Ciylaar amongst them.

They hid. For years they hid out in Zangarmarsh and prayed for the continued survival of their people. Restlessness began to surge through Ciylaar once more and she did not hesitiate to join hands with the rest who took the fight to Tempest Keep in order to reactivate a ship that could take their people off of Draenor and away from the bloodrage of the Orcish tribes. Because of Blood Elven interference, the Exodar malfunctioned and a crash landing on Azeroth further decimated the Draenei species, Ciylaar coming out a fortunate survivor once more.

Stranded on this new and strange world, Ciylaar had no choice but to explore and make herself familiar with it and its wide variety of species, sentient and primal alike. It was a curious new world that had stood against the wrath of the Burning Legion before and still prospered. War tore at its surface and people died on every end, but at least the forest still bloomed every spring and the world was stable enough to support sentient life, despite all of its hardships it had endured.

Fascination took over, and Ciylaar soon forgot most of the suffering she'd only just recently ran away from, embracing the new reality that she'd been stranded in. Seeing the Orcs follow them into this world was no moment of joy for her, but she found some degree of comfort in the fact that the other factions of the Alliance would come to their aid, letting the Orcs become but a small worry next to everything else.

From the Lich King to Deathwing, Azeroth still prevailed through utter catastrophe. It seemed like Azeroth was a likely candidate for a place Ciylaar could truly call a home. Not until it was safe again, however, and so Ciylaar pledge herself to the Alliance's cause with the hopes of doing her part in ensuring Azeroth's continued survival, for the sake of all their futures.

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Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
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Quote: The arts of magic were beyond her and she sought to handicrafts and engineering aboard the ship in order to occupy herself between jumps


Quote: Snatched up by a scouting party a few days later, Ciylaar was beaten and bloody but still clinging to life, unable to find her family but nevertheless brought back into the relative safety behind Shattrath's walls.

A draenei scouting party?

Quote: Because of Blood Elven interference, the Exodar malfunctioned and a crash landing on Azeroth further decimated the Draenei species, Ciylaar coming out a fortunate survivor once more.

Crash landed, minus the a?

That's really all I can see. It looks good, but I'm gonna slap it with an initial in case I missed something in the beginning draenei sections. Nice job!

Initial approval!
Adjusted the first two as per your suggestions, though I'm sticking with the third one. :) In the context of the rest of the sentence, I think it's right.

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