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Class Role
I have recently been reading the game context and all, I found a very interesting role which I would like to be a part of. This is a Diplomat from Silvermoon, I would like to be able to travel to and from Stormwind conducting reports and conveying information.

I am not sure If I am allowed to play this role as I am a beginner, but I am working on a charecter profile that suits this style of play very well.

Any feedback on weather this is possible for me to do or if there is someone I should talk to privately that can help me work towards achieving this in game responsibillity would be much appreciated.

Right now I don´t think neither Blood elves nor the humans of Stormwind care to recieve or send diplomats to each other, they are rather hostile (the Blood Elves betraying the Alliance/the humans killing, opressing and betraying the Elves until they had no choice but find other allies).
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

I feel that, as an ideal diplomat:
  • You want your character to have good public relations. You're representing your country, and however you act, that will be reflected upon your nation.
  • If your character gets into a tussle with someone because of their race, it's the diplomat to politely remind them that they are simply a diplomat, and try to avoid such a conflict.
  • You want to be well-dressed when on duty.
  • You want to understand what a diplomat actually does.

I think it's an alright role for a beginner, but they should do their OOC homework before diving into a diplomat character, and be informed on the news, conflicts, and the government. I've seen people here act as diplomats just to get some IC likability, immunity, and be able to visit enemy lands without much else. That's not good. It's pretty good role for an advanced beginner, but I wouldn't advise it to someone who's totally new to this community until they test the waters a bit.

But as a Silvermoon Ambassador, your best bet would be dealing with Ironforge and the Gnomes right now.
˜★Sketch Blog
Oh thanks alot for the advice, when I said Stormwind I actually meant all alliance cities, which sadly I did not word correctly. But then again if I did manage to become a diplomat perhaps in the future a nice RP event could be for diplomats from Stormwind and Silvermoon to speak and disscuss terms and subsequencially relieve the political tension slightly between the two races.

On regards to my understanding of a diplomat, I have allways percieved them to be a figure or part of a group of figures for a certain race that works in cohersion with other races to bring prosperity and peace dissolving all trivial conflicts throughout. As well as this accommodating for and understanding the social and historical backgrounds of said race to talk and help improve realations and conditions between them.

I would like to think that I have the abillity to perform this role as I am a well established RP'er on retail realms, yet I have no understanding of the RP mechanics on this server nor am I socially reveared throughout the realm's society. So if I was to really reasearch this role and hopefully be able to manage it to the best of my abillity how would I tackle the issue of my social inedptitude?


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