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Bumping this delicious thread again!

Ithildess was part of the The Beautiful Elite, being sin'dorei. And was sunk in the Moral Myopia of the society through it all. During her participation in Kael'thas and Illidan's campaign in Outland she would grow to have Curious Qualms of Conscience, which lead to a Heel Realization, and then she stepped on the Despair Event Horizon when she experienced a Villainous BSOD on the terraces of Karabor. She decided it would be Better to Die Than Be Killed, and Face Death With Dignity. She organized a final duel with her Shivarra mistress, her intent being to go down in flames on her terms, rather than die for failure at her hands, or die from smiting by the Sha'tar.

Thing is, she didn't die. The Sha'tar got the final blow on the demoness, and took Ithildess for questioning. This started her Redemption Quest, where she becomes an Atoner. She Remembers All Her Sins, and while she keeps mum about it, doesn't wish to be lauded for much. She also has a strong Guilt Complex as a result, and doesn't take pity well. Generally, she's something of a Knight in Sour Armor, except a priestess. Speaking of, being a fel-sworn, Light use burns her, since Good and Holy burn evil. She hopes that Fire Purifies everything in the end.

Currently, she's a little Creepy in her Goodness, what with all the covering robes, usually in black. But, she does have a Hidden Heart of Gold, best seen around children. She is still a Functional Addict--the taste of fel magic and blood doesn't fade easily. As such, she's in the middle of Warring Natures. Not everyone is satisfied with her attempts at redemption, or believe she should be given the chance. One of the signs of her corruption she tries to hide is her oddly white hair.

Despite all this drama, she's still a Closet Geek. She still has a love for an elven card game where monsters and mystical forces battle.
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You really like Ithildess, don't you c0r?
I do, but you have no idea how deep TVTropes goes. You can't stop.
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"Every gun..."

[Image: Jonah-Hex-Counting-Corpses-Flaming-Leap.jpg]

"...Makes its own tune."

~ The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly ~
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Roux Blackwood

Nature is Not Nice Nature is full of predators, poisonous plants, thorns, and doesn't give a damn about you personally.

Nature Hero ...And yet, Roux seeks to uphold its balance for the good of the world and those living on it.

Wild Hair How many jokes have been made about her hair?

Beware the Nice ones / Good is Not Nice She'll be happy to make you tea at Rosehaven.

...But if you pose a threat to her and hers, let's hope you're not afraid of maggots. And other bugs. And mold. She also has a habit of trying to strengthen people by being very blunt.

In Harmony with Nature She's a druid, Harvest Witch before that.

In Your Nature to Destroy Yourselves Roux believes the predatory-pray instincts are alive and well in people.

My Instincts are Showing She's a worgen. It happens.

Pragmatic Hero She wants to improve the world and help people, but she is not sparklyhappynoblebright.

The Sacred Darkness/ Don't Fear the Reaper Life needs Death.

Stages of Monster Grief She went through these, and is currently on Acceptance.

Took a Level in Badass She used to live on a farm, with part-time work in a noble's estate. Now she's in Hyjal.

Mama Bear Wolf Don't hurt her cubs (friends).

Action Girl What it says on the tin.

Damsel Errant Hey, Aidan! Let's go find a quest/adventure!

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Hey, Aidan! Let's go find a quest/adventure!

Shape Shifter She's a druid.

Well-Intentioned Extremist She is not prone to vote for redemption, and is firmly set in her beliefs. Thankfully, she's not a villain (yet). Also, all the Forsaken have to die. Unless they're doing something useful.

Anger Born of Worry What it says on the tin.

The Anti-Nihilist Yeah, the world sucks. But we can make it better.

Conditioned to Accept Horror Nature is equal parts terrible and beautiful.
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What I do to all my characters.
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Thrak, Orc Spirit Champion

Proud Warrior Race Guy: I mean, duh. Played straight as heavily influenced by the Blood Knight.
The Real Man: I'm conscious of Thrak being played as the epitome of masculinity.
I'm a Humanitarian: Hint: Vegetarians eat vegetables.
The Big Guy: In virtually any party he joins. Class 4.
Limited Wardrobe: I only have one set of gear for him, plus a cape.
Heroic Lineage: Complete with the Ancestral Weapon. In-universe, believes that the orcs as a race has Divine Parentage.
Spirit Advisor: It's sort of a requirement of his class.
Large Ham: Possibly my favorite trope of all time. Thrak readily engages in Ham-to-Ham Combat.

"Give us a boost, Thrak" deserves a honorable mention. Doesn't fit into any trope I've looked at, but when Thrak works together with @Caravan's goblin archeologist, his job mainly consists of being the Team Chef and Load-Bearing Hero. The boost being Thrak lifting the professor up onto higher plateaus that she can't reach by herself.
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