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Colenzo's Introduction
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
I am Fifteen years old and have been playing wow for around two years, but have had many breaks during this time as I lost intrest in plain old gold farming and raiding. I am a friendly player, albeit with a bit of a mad streak, but I can control that most of the time =P. I aspire to be a writer when I finish my education, so I guess that Roleplaying will help with expanding my imagination, who knows, mabye you will see some of my adventures printed in the future =].

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
I hail from almighty down under, Australia, my primary language is English

How did you get into Warcraft?:
The fact that it was made by blizzard was enough for me, my dad played a lot of Diablo and starcraft, and eventually when it came out, Warcraft 3, I had some fun times with that but RTS isn't really my thing, I prefer games with adventure and story, and WoW seemed to have all that, unfortunately, It seemed less about the story and more about the grinding, forming and raiding.

What made you seek our server over others?:
I have been really looking hard to find a good roleplaying server, unfortuantely most of them are either cheap, dead or shut down, another fact is that this server really seems to care about roleplaying and is serious about sticking to the rules.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
As I mentioned above I love adventure and story, but I also do like to get my hands dirty from time to time, so I would enjoy a bit of fighting and action

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
I have a few, so brace yourselves.

For Races I enjoy the Huamns and elves (both Blood and Night) as they have interesting storylines behind them. Firstly I enjoy playing a human because they are versatile and eager to try new things, their history has been one of struggle, with the invasions of both orcs and undead into their kingdoms. I like the elves because of their magical nature and the fact that they live for lengly periods of time, allowing them to witness all manner of strange happenings throughout the world.

As for classes I enjoy the magical side of things as although I find melee classes interesting in story, I find them boring to play. My Favourite Classes are the Warlock, Druid and Death Knight.
The Warlock will always be at the top of my list, as It was the first character I ever played and subsequently leveled to the cap, lore wise I ejoy the way they bend magic to their will, using it for the most evil of deeds, burning and corrupting their enemies, bending otherworldly demons to their will, and sucking the very essence from their foes.
Why do I like the druid? Probably because they are an opposite of the warlock, but not a god worshipping fanatic. I love their ability to shapeshift and believe that this can offer a variety of perspectives in Roleplay. The fact that they can control the very force of nature to strike down their enemies intrigues me, as controlling the power of the world is no small feat.
Lastly the Death Knight. I like this class the most lore wise as there can be a massive amount of player story leading up to the point where their souls were exchanged for power and immortality. I would like to try out the story of a Death Kinght trying to get his life back on track after being freed from the grip of the Lich King. I like the fact that most of them have had their previous lives taken away, then they have been freed from their "enslavement" only to find that because of their new state, they are now shunned by their past Friends and loved ones.

What are your expectations of this server?:
That I will be be able to Roleplay to the extent of my imagination, and hopefully have fun doing so, also that only those truly willing to enjoy Roleplaying and stay within its rules.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
Maturity, as Immature players can ruin the experience for everyone

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:

"He took one last look towards the city, towards his past life and then looked away, knowing he could never return. The reason for this was quite clear, for if one looked under the dull grey hood, they would see glowing blue eyes and pale skin, the signature features of an exiled Death Knight. Johadan had once been a mighty paladin, serving as a commander under Lord Uther himself, he had enjoyed a life of relative peace, assiting the soldiers of Lorderon with fending off marauding groups of bandits and the odd Orc raidning party. That was until the undead came, they were an enemy like no other, mindless and devouring, relentlessly charging at you without fear of pain or death. With thses traits at their side they quickly decimated the Huamns of Lorderon, Johadan had been forced to watch entire towns consumed by the unending hordes. When the humans were prepared they could easily hold their own against the enemy, unfortunately the undead could not be prepared for, which was somthing Johadan learn't the hard way. It happened jsut before dusk, and begain with a fould stench in the wind, then the undead came. Hundreds of lumbering, rotting monstrosities approached his camp, they had not been prepared for an attack of this scale. A small force as they were charged into battle, weapons drawn and shields raised, ready to confront the enemy. Numerous as they were the undead simply did not have the skills to face a trained force, and as such lost many in the first few minutes of the battle. But then, as Johadan and his forces began to gain ground, a terrifying sight was beheld. An mounted warrior, full clad in charcoal black armour and wielding a horrific looking runed Sword and riding an intimidating skeletal Warhorse rose to the top of a Hill. Johadan immediately knew what this was, he had faced less adept ones in comabt against the undead before. This was one of the Lich Kings dreaded "Death Knights", likely the one commanding this force. The Dark knight raised his sword and bellowed somthing in a strange language the suddenly a deadly green bolt of light flew from its tip and struck one of Johadan's soldiers full in the chest. Immediately, the footman fell to the ground, killed instantly. Subsequently the Death Knight began firing many of the deadly bolts at Johadan's men, quickly depleting his small force. Eventually, all who were left standing was Johadan and the Death Knight himself. The Knight Dismounted from his steed, where it promptly faded into shadows. With a quick glance at each other they raised their weapons and charged at each other, where the battle became a violent flurry of both meatl and magic. Both were skilled fighters, so skilled in fact that they were equal in combat, with each parrying or blocking the other blow. Alas such a balance was not to last as in a single moment of fatal error, Johadan allowed the Death Knight to gain the upper hand, which ended the fight, as the Knight Ran his sword through Johadan's chest, causing him to collapse to the ground, nearing death. The next thing Johadan remembered was waking up half-naked in a cold, damp room. He ran his hand over his chest, there was only a barely legible scar over where the Death Knights blade had come through. He stood up and to his left was a mirror, although what he saw was more of a twisted reflection than reality. The Glowing eyes, the pale skin and the fact that his heart was no longer beating. The Lich King had denied him death and had chosen to ressurect him and return him as his newest Death Knight. Several years passed between then and when he was convereted. By now Johadan had risen through the ranks of the Knights, up to the point to which the thousands of lives he had taken had allowed him to become a commander in the armour of the scourge.
Then came that fateful day when the Death Knights of Archerus were freed from the Lich King's grasp, Johadan who had been present among them was one of the many released from his enslavement.
Quickly following this came a momentous sense of depression, the sudden realisation of the thousands of lives he had taken, the pain nearly killed him but he pushed on, determined to live past that day.
many weeks later hed arrived at the front gates of stormwind. It's king had recently allowed his kind into the alliance, although they were told to confine themselves to the shadows, out of risk to themselves by the citizens. Johadan was wearing a hooded cloak, and had disguised his dark armour under rags. Before he was ressurected and bound to the will of the Lich King he was betrothed to a fine woman, they were scheduled to marry just a week from that fateful day. Johadan had wondered what had happened to her, but chose to seek her out, entering the city uipon a newly aquired brown steed. He went to her home and was let in by the servant, being careful not to let her see his face. When he rose he head, he saw the woman, she was still as beautiful as ever, not ravaged by the effects of time. He managed to disguise his amplified voice and greeted her, where she suddenly dropped the ceramic pot she was holding and turned around to gaze upon the eyes of her Thought-dead lover. When she saw what he had become she screamed, then suddenly another man entered the room, and tried to comfort her, seeing the new situation, he turned and fled from the building, about to leave the city when he realised there was one more place he could go, the home of his family. The front door was unlocked and he entered, it was morning so his parents would be having breakfast. He entered the kitchen and stood face to face with his mother. At fist she wondered who it was, then as she gazed at the face underneath the hood she realised, and shuddered in fear, he tried to explain but she wouldn't listen, realising he had only made things worse, he turned to leave and was nearly at the door, when he suddenly looked into the eyes of his little sister, she was only seven when he left to go fight, by now she looked fourteen or fifteen. As they locked eyes here vision did not falter, she was not afraid, there was a few seconds silence then she lept out and hugged him, and he hugged her back, it was the fist sign of affection he had been given since he returned. He explained to her that he was alright, and that he was going to leave the city, she didn't object but seemed complicit and understanding. With those final words he turned and left, through the cities many districts and finally through its front gates. As he was looking back there was a loud roar and a bear came charging at him, with his heightened reflexes he left out of the way a drew his runeblade. With a single swipe he decapitated bear bear and then suddenly, whilst holding its severed head in his hand he had a realisation. Although he was still shunned by his peaople for merely being a death knight he decided that with the powers he now had he could fight the enemy on a whole new front, with its owns tactics, and with that he set off into the world, to rid the world of the devouring beast known as the Lich King one skeleton at a time."

A bit of an overload but I think it display's what I can do quite nicely =P

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:
Just a few questions about some of the rules I've read in the forums

Does the "One death only" Rule apply if you have a class with the ability to ressurect with you?

When we hit 80, do we have acess to all the tier items (1-9) or will we have to farm them, I'm asking this merely from a roleplaying perspective, as better looking gear provides a better effect overall =P.

Thats it, tell me if I've missed anything
Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

Your amazing diction brought tears to my eyes.
It's nice to see younger players with such a good vocabulary.
In answer to your question: yes.

You'll see in WarSong Gulch all of the Dungeon and Tier vendors.
Edit: The last I checked, we only had Tiers 1-6, so not all of the sets. Sorry.

Don't hesitate to ask any more questions!
"Everybody sees what you appear to be, few feel what you are..."
-Niccolò Machiavelli
Now /that/ is a story.

Welcome to CotH. :>
[Image: lichkingfell.png]
I'm trying to make my account but It's saying that my username and email are incorrect, I've tried copying and pasting both, any ideas?
Never mind, I was capitalizing the first letter in my email, It didn't like this =P

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