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Come and gone
No point in stalling, as I have already committed to returning to CoTH, and I would rather not drag this out more than I have to. I am looking for some input. As my title states, I have come and gone, and come and gone, and come and this time I hope to stay for some time. Though... With the exception of a few, I don't have much interest in my established characters.

I want, essentially, a fresh start. I wish to return to a couple characters, as I said above, but I want to get rid of some. I don't want to leave anything to assumption for anyone who has interacted with my characters though. That being said, I have come to the conclusion that I would like to remove some characters from the world, possibly through violence. There are some that will simply cease to exist, but those are the ones who have done far too little to need such an interesting end.

I would like help with this, rather than proclaim in an OOC manner that CHARACTER_1 is dead. After viewing my characters and deciding fates, I will return to this post with an update on who is to remain, and who is to go out with a bang. I suppose I will also list the lesser characters which are to just vanish here as well, in the event that someone would like to make a case for the character to stay, or otherwise be disposed of.

If anyone would like to assist with this... let's call it "spring cleaning" despite the season, feel free to reply, PM, or contact me in game if possible.

1. Karmaul "Kenchu" Swiftblade of the Horde(I have chosen to let Karmaul remain, on the condition that I finally give him purpose.)
2. Duvain Lae'taonel Seregon (I have chosen to let Duvain stay because I love his character, and have yet to enjoy his style to the extent that I would like.)
3. Chancellor Alinestia Flamestrider of the Order of the Crimson Sun (I have chosen to let Alinestia stay despite the loss of Kelynda because I would hate to lose the order entirely, and feel like leaving Alinestia will serve as a reminder of the good times of the Order.)
4. Nazgel (I've changed my mind for Nazgel. He won't vanish or die, he'll stick around for a while.)

1. Aeus Rteschiaron-DeWinter (I have chosen to let Aeus die because he has had sufficient interaction with the world to warrent an extravagant end, yet he has not fulfilled a strong purpose in my mind.)
2. Chroessand Valdamorei (I have chosen to let Chroe die because he has interacted with the Order of the Crimson Sun very much, which has given him indirect ties to many other groups, but his part has been played to its end.)
3. Nibeniel Sunfire(I have chosen to let Nibeniel die because she has interacted with several others, but has no important purpose to me. I would have no argument if ThePharaoh wishes to keep this character alive.)
4. Grand Knight Kelynda Valdamorei of the Order of the Crimson Sun (This was a very difficult choice, let me tell you. I wish I could continue to play Kelynda, but the couple times I have managed to start up the Crimson Sun, only for it to seem to fall apart not long after have discouraged me from continuing one of my favorite roleplays.)

1.X Sharara (Sharara had interacted significantly with a few groups here and there in the past, but in most cases I didn't enjoy the RP with her and would prefer to retcon her existence completely.)(Sharara has now been deleted.)
Add me on skype, my email is [email protected]

I'm more than happy to help.
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As I had said before, my list of characters has been added.

I have separated my characters into groups based on their potential fate, and even added my reasoning for each.
Despite my original intention, I seem to have added a character. I suppose, though, that I did intend to make more characters in the end anyway. Still, looking to handle the rest of these characters.
Really looking to hear from ThePharaoh before getting rid of a character that is tied to his, and I'm still a bit on the fence with Kelynda... Otherwise, I hope to deal with the rest of these characters soon.
Ohhey. You're back. Sup .o.
Just hoping to figure out what to do to thin my character list. Not sure how I want to handle all this.
I've had some time pass and cleared out the delete list. Nazgel will be staying in the game at this point. Still seeking finality for my other characters.
I'm happy to help you with some "spring cleaning." Ha, it's the second day of Spring anyways.
Add me on Skype: cartervindr and we can discuss who can die by my hand if you want.
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