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Concerning Hearthstones
I've got to ask, is there any real Lore on hearthstones?

Who created them? Why are they so easy to obtain? How do they work? Should they be used IC?

The more I look at this -very- convinient little tool the more I have to question it. I did a little scooting around on forums and the like, but really didn't come up with anything conclusive. I understand that teleporters are prevalent across Azeroth, but personal teleporters?

Anywho, if you know something and could clear this up for me I would very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
I think the general approach is that hearthstones are an OOC mechanic used for convenience on retail/non-RP servers, where it's a pain in the butt to run across a continent, rather than a character-building experience.

Think about it. How many prisoners would there be in Warcraft if they all had hearthstones?
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Honestly, I would expect them to be treated totally OOC. Otherwise, they would certainly be included in lore.
They're simply a device that was added to include a 'bind'/'return home' sort of mechanic to make escaping from places fairly trivial (again, OOCly).
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Yeah I use mine OOCly to save time whenever I need to.
Shiny. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything important.

Thank you for the very timely replies. <Is most impressed>

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