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Consequenses and Reactions
I'm usually pretty lax about RPing. I consider myself casual in certain aspect. However, I'm a staunch supporter of IC Actions lead to IC Consequences. It's fun, it's your character.

It is NOT you. Your character is not you. Good RPers don't live their fantasies through their characters. They breathe life into them. STOP THAT

Why aren't people conscious about what their characters do? It's perfectly fine if you play a badass if you can deal with what might happen if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe you want to experience that. That's cool. I think that's the thrill of roleplaying; you can experience the extreme without getting physically hurt.

But, why bother to play a bad guy or even RP breaking the law without being ready to suffer in character consequences? Why is it OK to go on a reign of destruction just to break character and bail on your alt when the people against you are coming?

There are shades of gray to everything, but honestly...

If you don't think you can handle negative consequences OOCly, don't play a character who has a tendency to stay in trouble. I hate to say this because I think people should go the extra mile and try it; it's a very detaching and entertaining experience. But, not everyone can handle the weight an evil-end character carries... or even an extremely good one.

Please keep in mind that I'm not trying to justify unwanted character deaths. That's a major jump, but I have to state it anyway. It's perfectly understandable as to why you're not ready to kill off your character. But, you should also understand you should still try to keep your character out of things where the death rate is higher (such as killing people in broad daylight, major arson in a town run by ruffians) so they don't get maimed, or worse.

I'm also not justifying any form of god moding, even god moding to punish the bad guy. It doesn't matter if your character "isn't really bad once you get to know them;" people have to remember ICA->ICC.

Lastly, I am especially NOT justifying "stop playing bad guys." Please do. Play whatever end you like. Remember there are limits and consequences with all personalities. That's the fun of roleplay.

Get out your safety net and enjoy a hardcore thrill.

Edit: Also, on a less extreme note, think about smaller things you bring, do, or say in public. If you're open to all kinds of reactions, good for you. But if you're prone to break character and accuse people of being rude to you while in character, you may want to rethink your approach to RP.

Apology for the bad wording. I keep adding to this as I look over it.
˜★Sketch Blog
Agreed 100%. I don't want to comment or I'll go into a rant.
Aww. Please do...
˜★Sketch Blog
I love you! You're the best. ^^
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Bell: Arrogant yet kind-hearted. Crusader.
Gral'dar: Joyful and Alive.
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