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DICEx a dice rolling addon
[Image: DiceBombSm.png]DICEx
The X is for explode

Now with real explosions!

Version Bata 0.41

I have made a new dice roller. It can do any combination of number of dice and number of sides, and you can add or subtract any modifier. Also, for some extra fun you can also have exploding dice that if the highest number is hit it rolls again and adds them together. If the exploding dice hits the highest number it explodes again, this can continue indefinitely. You will see the roll in a chat message just like a normal roll, so if you are alone only you will see the roll. If you are in a party or raid then the whole group will see the roll. The rolls show up in yellow just like a normal roll except if your roll explodes then it will be in red. Also, if you would like to see the math behind the rolls check the Combat Log. (The combat log is a touch buggy not sure why, just keep checking it, it will show up)

I wanted to make it easier to maybe incorporate some of the more traditional pen and paper mechanics for those that want them.

I am looking for some beta testers to put it though its passes and give me your feedback. Also, if you can code let me know, I would love some help improving the the roller.

Slash commands
/dicex for info
/dx <# of dice you want to roll>d<# of sides to the dice><+ or -><modifier><add * for exploding dice> Space <Name the roll>

Example rolls
Without modifiers
/dx 2d6
With modifiers
/dx 1d20+5
With exploding dice
/dx 3d6*
With exploding dice and modifiers
/dx 3d6+3*

You can also add a description to the roll like this

/dx 2d6+2* Strength

It will come out like this if it dose not explode

Dusk rolls 8 (2d6+2*) § Strength

and this if it does explode

Dusk rolls 14 (2d6+2*) § Strength


Click here to download DICEx 0.41 addon zip

Roll systems to try
One that I have really come to like is Mini6 it is very versatile and simple to learn. I think it could work well with all the different types of character we like to play. No real restrictions, and it is free.
You can take a look for your self here
or download the PDF here

To do List / Wish List
  • Combine the slash commands
  • Get roll out of raid but whole group still see
  • Character Sheets
  • Compare rolls with opponent (great than 50 crit!)
  • Explosion SoundFX
  • Tauren Hold'em interferes with DICEx need to fix

Known Bugs
  • First roll might not work but fear not the second will
  • Prints random flagRSP stuff
  • 1d1* will crash your wow
  • don't go too high like 100000000d6 will also crash.

[-] The following 3 users Like DuskWolf's post:
  • QuantumLegacy, Aethon, ThePharaoh
Sorry for the double post but I made a major change to the addon hopefully more user friendly as well.
All rolls work under "/dx". Though I dropped the crit roll, didn't think it was that useful. I would love some opinions on what you guys think. I will be setting up an event soon to show it off, look for it.
I know I am the only one posting here, still looking for some testers. I would love to hear your ideas and improvements.

I made another update and this one is really cool. I am using the flagRSP channel My own channel like the flagRSP to communicate the the rolls. What does this mean? The rolls now look like and act like normal rolls! So if you are alone only you will see the yellow text if you are in a group then the whole group sees the yellow message just like a /roll. Although I did add one feature if your roll explodes then the text will be Red not Yellow.

The one down side to this is if you don't have the addon you can see the roll. Not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing right now.

EDIT: The flagRSP channel got buggy, so sorry have to take one more channel.

Known bug, the very first roll might not work, but fear not the second one will
As always sir, I am willing to be a test subject and have already downloaded it. I am on a limited bandwith right now so I haven't been hitting the server very often but here soon hopefully I'll be back to my usual never ending speeds. :/
Wow. Sometimes I forget the past.
Thanks Quantum look forward to seeing you in game. I know 0.3 was today but I fixed some bugs and added something special, make sure your sound is on!. So Version 0.4 is up and running. Please let me know if you get any bugs. Or have any ways to improve it.
[-] The following 2 users Like DuskWolf's post:
  • Geoni, QuantumLegacy
Another quick update this was more like a patch to fix some bugs. So it no longer conflicts with Tauren Hold'em

Also, I wanted to ask one of the GMs if they would move this thread to the Addons folder, I forgot that we had that. I think @Kretol has to do it but if any one else can please do.

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