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Daeris Dawnsail [Blood Elf]
Player: Morhana

Character Full Name: Daeris Maeben Dawnsail

Character In-Game Name: Daeris

Nickname(s): Dae (Generally only by those close to her)

Association(s): House Eduriel, Silvermoon

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Warlock (Blood Mage)

Skills and Abilities:
The Blood of my People: Daeris has trained in, and is proficient in the use of Blood Mage powers, including draining mana and demon life force, summoning a phoenix in combat, and calling down pillars of fire on her foes.
Verdant Spheres: Daeris has multiple Verdant Spheres that empower her abilities. These generally can be found floating around her.
Focussed Mind: Daeris' robes are enchanted to help focus her magic and perform better under moments of stress.

Age: 307

Sex: Female

Hair: Auburn, hanging down to her waist and curling at the tips.

Eyes: Fel Green

Weight: 105 lbs

Scale: 1.07

Height: 6' 2"

Appearance: When on duty, or for high profile public appearances, Daeris will be seen dressed in gold and crimson robes inlaid with luminescent green gems.

Regardless of her outfit, she almost always wears a pair of dangling earrings with green gems and her clothes are often complimented with high heels. A single piercing is on her lower lip, on the right side, with a gold ring through it.

Her auburn hair is grown out long, hanging down to her waist and curling a bit at the tips. She's got a curvaceous body with wide hips and a rather large bust. She wears dark makeup around her eyes and bold crimson lipstick to draw attention to those features.

Personality: Daeris strongly desires to do her best in all endeavors. This leans toward her success as a Magistrix, a powerful Blood Mage, and with her familial duties. She has taken to working as hard as she can to keep her mind in politics and working with the family business. Despite having such desire to do best by her family, she has minor rebellious bouts on occasion.

Her outward appearance is very important to her, and she will work to keep herself in the shape she desires. This also lends to her tendency to clothe herself in the highest quality of dress available to her.
When it comes to dealing with other races, she prefers the company of her own kind. She will act kindly on the alliances of Quel'thalas among the Horde, however.

She keeps only a few hobbies, generally busy with more important work, or sustaining her social life. Most prominent among these hobbies is jewelcrafting, expensive as it may be. She has been doing it long enough to be quite talented, though her busy schedule doesn't give her much time to practice. It's not uncommon for those close to her to receive gifts of jewelery on occasion.

History: Born to Leanara Dawnsail, less than a century before Aurion, but over two centuries after Faloras. Through her first few decades, she was constantly being prepared to be ladylike enough to marry. Not long after reaching adulthood, Daeris made her desire to seek magical training and a political career very apparent to her family. This decision was heavily influenced by the tendency for others to see her as less important due to her small stature or her gender.

Daeris' training and education went on for two centuries before she was able to establish her place among the Magisters of Quel'thalas. Her hard work and dedication to her career persisted through her work for decades. Before long, a marriage was arranged for Daeris. Through clever manipulation of her already busy schedule, Daeris was able to put off the marriage to a man she had no affection for.

Following stressful years of avoiding marriage by keeping herself busy at nearly all times, the Third War came to be. With the Scourge attack on the Sunwell, Daeris was finally free of her commitment to her arranged husband at the cost of his life. With her skill in evocation, Daeris was able to protect herself against what Scourge she encountered as she fled. She eventually found herself joining the expedition to the Outlands.

It was during this time that Daeris took to Fel magic like so many others, even going so far as to train in the was of a Blood Mage. Following her time in the Outlands, Daeris returned to reclaim what has been lost in Quel'thalas. It was there that, among other Magisters, she helped rebuild Silvermoon. Due to her mother's relatively strong position and support of her children, Daeris has been able to stay independant with no responsibility to be married.

After time has passed, and things are relatively calm, Daeris managed to put more focus on her share of the family business. She struggled, however, as the house finances fell to troubling levels. Following the purification of the Sunwell, Daeris continued to use Fel magic as a Blood Mage, as she finds herself more powerful now than she ever was before. Despite losing credibility among her family for her earlier rebellious acts, she strives to prove herself as capable and trustworthy to Aurion.

Head of House: Aurion Fal'areth Eduriel
Do you have the leader's permission to make this character?: Yes
What relation is the character to the family?: Elder sister of Aurion Eduriel
What powers/permissions does the character have?: Daeris is the heir to her side of the family, and as Aurion's direct relative, has authority at Dawnwatch and on the island. Beyond that, she has access to some funds for herself, but little official power within the family.
Do you agree, accept and will abide by the above: Yes
I've modified the scale from 0.86 to 1.07, and removed the references to the original unusual height that I could find. This is to conform more with the rest of the character's family.
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