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Dan's RP Warehouse
Now that Cata is afoot many new opportunities for every character have opened up, new places to explore, new foes to face, sandy new beaches to retire to. I'll leave a line or two describing each character and spoiler their cata motivations and current desires. This thread will be updated periodically as I work out other characters' places in the Cataclysm.

Liridon Duskrunner
- Sin'Dorei Farstrider, retired from active duty to lead a paramilitary group. A reformed womanizer, Liridon had married in the months prior to the Cataclysm with the intention to settle down and raise a family.

Following the Cataclysm, Liridon recognizes a world in chaos. Never one to shy away from conflict, but also wanting to secure a future for his children, Liridon is ready to venture back into the fray. Provided the price is right. Call upon his services for security or even darker deeds.

Arntae Southlight - Sin'Dorei mage, studious in all things, including the arcane. Arn had made her living, quite a comfortable one at that, as a brain for hire. She has a natural knack for translation and is often called upon by the Kirin'Tor to recover and translate rare or ancient tomes.

Dozens of expeditions and innumerable adventures have crafted Arntae into a very practical sort of mage, while centuries of careful study and field experience have equipped her quite well for the coming archaeological boom. There's a fortune up for grabs and Arntae wants the lion's share. Expect to see her signing along on expeditions or funding her own in the near future.

Etienne LaChoix - Etienne! The name alone conjures images of heroic, dashing deeds, strikes fear into the hearts of men and lust into the hearts of women. Without a doubt, Etienne is Stormwind's most daring Hussar, a cavalryman with all the flare of a fashion idol, the daring of a champion and the roguish charm of a pirate-highwayman crossbreed.

Etienne LaChoix, revered Stormwind Hussar (in his own mind, at least), seeks glory on the field of battle. If his beloved Stormwind does not offer such opportunities, well, so be it. Etienne will find glory elsewhere, under the banner of someone else.
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