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Dawn's Reach
Dawn's Reach

[Image: 34zhmr4.jpg]

Dawns Reach is a group of like minded individuals with one goal in mind. Stop the Twilight's Hammer and anyone else planning on the end of the world. Anyone is allowed to join, young and old, fighter or healer, orc or human. Anyone who wishes to fight, but doesn't know how, is also welcome. The higher ranking members will train the newer members without hesitation.

Krest, a Blood elf, created this gruop due to the rumors he heard of the Hammer. He himself answers to the Red Dragonflight, but it is a harshly guarded secret that Krest would be willing to kill another over.

Their major base of operation resides in Booty Bay. In the city one can hear many rumors, and no one stops to ask why such a diverse group meets up. Currently they have moved to Hearthglen, and are located there for the time being.

The Out Of Character Information

I had deleted the original because I did not like it. The main point of the guild was over shadowed. This is the remake I had made with the help of Stealthscout.

The guild is currently doing Pre-cata events against the Twilight hammer and will accept any race or class, you will need to speak to myself or any of the champions either ingame or on the forums.

As always, remember the server rules, and please, try to limit in character drama with other members, and try not to drag anyone into it. The guild isn't made to have constant drama, but people working together to achieve a common goal.

When the cataclysm hits, the Dawn's Reach will double in activity (ICly). The Reach will be through out the world and will play a major role in progression against the Twilight hammer.


Ally- A person who is willing to help us or join the group itself, the only way to become adept is to talk to the Mentor him/herself.

Adept- A person who is accepted within the outer circle of the guild, he/she is in a trial stage. Those who know how to fight are expected to go on a mission assigned by the champions or the Mentor him/herself and pass. Those who do not are trained so when they have learned how to defend themselves properly, they can join the higher ranks of the Reach.

Sword- After completing the first mission, an adept becomes a Sword if he/she is more suited for offensive combat, whether by blade or by magic. They make up a wide variety of people, ranging from expert spell casters to silent assassins, but all are made to inflict damage on the Reach's foes.

Shield- Much like the Sword, an adept earns this rank by completing their first mission. But these are the people who are more on the defensive side. This includes healing, blocking, and basic knowledge. If it can help the others of the Reach, be it physical or mental, they are known as Shields.

Champion- If a shield or sword shows enough promise and determination, the Mentor will bring them in and promote them to a Champion. They're the Mentors eyes and ears. When he/she isn't around, they're in charge. They can go on missions on their own without the Mentors input, and are tasked with training the younger members when they enter the fold. The older Champions have a large say in who the newer ones shall be.

Mentor- The Mentor is the leader of the group. He/she has the final say on what ever needs to be done/assigned. Whether it be a new member joining, or a champions promotion, he is there as often as he can be. He trains anyone and everyone that wishes to learn from him, but more often then not he is there fighting with his people, helping those who need the help, and ordering those who he thinks is capable of doing the jobs he needs done.
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KageAcuma Wrote:It was created by Anyone is allowed to join...

((I think you missed something there. :3 ))
"Excellence is when failure becomes improvement"

[Image: a7KvoWr_460sa_v1.gif]
Quote:Krest, a Blood elf, due to the rumors he heard of the Hammer.

I believe thats where "It was created by" was suppose to go.

Anyways! If you want and if Krest wants, you can deff count Asgrend and possibly Svenn in as allies. Dunno how you wanna go about doing that though.
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