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Defias Brotherhood: Letters from 'Hunter'
[Image: TQ5G76N.png]
Letters From Hunter

Though the Brotherhood is slowly rising up and regaining numbers, they are still weak. Many of their old holdings are lost or taken over by bandits that refuse to wear the Defias bandana. Simply stalking the highways and robbing a traveler for the silver and copper in their pockets will not help them as the dawning day approaches. The Brotherhood will need to expand. Reclaim old territory. Put fear back into the hearts of the Stormwind guard and the nobles that lick Varian's boot.

So David has been assigned in helping the Brotherhood reclaim old territory and other necessary resources needed for the dawning day. He has written letters to his small group, detailing what he wishes for them to do, and assigned a leader for each task. He even made sure to mention that his people would be rewarded for their success and loyalty. Each letter is nailed to his door for the people to read.

This thread is for the 'main' missions of the Brotherhood. What will advance the story, give the group new armor, and a promotion in rank, as well as IC coin. No OOC coin for you. There will be other, smaller tasks for the Brotherhood, but they will not be posted here. They will be impromptu events that I decided to host on a whim, they will not reward armor nor rank, but money will be earned for those missions.

Letter #1 - Reclaiming Territory. August 19th, 3 PM.

I trust you have all been enjoying the use of my land? I know that it tends to rain more than usual, but I find that to be the only negative of the land. Good company, good food, nice secluded location... seems to be great to me. Though I don't mind you relaxing on off days, I expect you to help our cause when I ask you. It turns out that I have a task for you right now, if you'll continue reading.

I'm sure all of you know that the Brotherhood had quite the powerbase in Elwynn and Westfall. Indeed, we used to be hidden all over the land, ready to strike out against the guards that supported the nobility and their hate for the common man. One of our old bases used to be a farm in Southern Elwynn, near the Tower of Azora. We had a good relationship with the family there. We protected them, used their farm to plan out attacks against the corruption of Stormwind, and enjoyed some pumpkin pie on occasion. Unfortunately, during the years of the Brotherhood losing their holdings, the farmers there decided to attack us when we least expected it, and then hired adventurers to kill and capture the rest. Obviously they cared nothing for loyalty. The Brotherhood sacrificed much to protect their lands, and we got no thanks.

Their farm is the first target for our slow expansion. It's much closer to the roads of Elwynn, and I don't need the guard finding out where I live. Take it, then we can talk about what we need to do for the dawning day.

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Letter #2 – Old Debts. August 26th, 6 PM.

That last mission could have gone a thousand times better than how you handled it, but I can't ask for much. You haven't received much training, and that fault is my own. I should have made sure more of your brothers and sisters were there with you to fight those farmers and mercs, but that is all in the past now. The dawning day looms ever closer, but I cannot fund everything on my own. Two stores only brings in so much money when you don't count having to feed all of you, get weapons and armor, paying my employees, other expenses, etc. We need another source of income, and it cannot be from highway robbery. Small groups of people only bring in so much coin. How fortunate for all of us that I know of someone who owes us for past services from the Brotherhood.

I will tell you now and repeat myself when I meet you, or have your handler repeat my words. Do. Not. Kill. Anyone. I realize I am sending you into dangerous territory, but you should all be fine if you dress casually and don't wear your bandanas. Be smart. Be efficient. Walk out of the building with no one dead, no one injured, and with the coin I need. Meet either myself or your handler by the lake near Goldshire. Do not wear your bandana. Look casual.

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Letter #3 – Lion's Den. September 4th, 1 PM.

Twice now, I've sent you to do work. Twice now, you came back with less than stellar reports. Twice now, the 'pirate' of the group did something idiotic. First he was shot, then he was, as far as I know, captured or killed. While I do blame him for getting jailed or killed, I cannot blame the rest of you for your performances at the farm and at the tavern. Most of you are green, you don't know what to do, and some of you would prefer to just smash in heads rather than care about the image we present to the common man. That is my fault. I did not bother to train you. I left you to your own devices, worked on my own agendas, and expected perfection. Allow me to apologize. Normally I would make a promise that I will see to it that you are trained and prepared for the tasks ahead, but a rare opportunity has presented itself and we cannot ignore it.

I know most of you despise nobility as much as you despise our tyrant of a king. I share the sentiment. The only thing they are good for is their wealth, and many of them are willing to throw some of their wealth away to avoid minor inconveniences. For the major inconveniences? Well, we'll be sitting pretty for a good long while, especially if that major inconvenience happened to be "A noble really wants his wife back". How fortunate we are that there is a lonely noblewoman in Stormwind that doesn't have guards following her constantly, with a devoted husband that actually loves her. Surprising, I know. Nobles always have concubines on the side. Running out of ink, so I'll make this quick.

Look casual. We're going to Stormwind.

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Postponed to September 5th, 6 PM.
Letter #4 Stealing From The Thieves – . September 9th, 6 PM.

I hope you all enjoyed that little training exercise, and I hope Lavender enjoyed the flirts and attention. You all did well. I am not happy with what I am assume to be some of you stealing my suits for casual wear. There are Wrynn supporters on the road if you need clothes. My suits are expensive! I am willing to spare gold and food, but I will not give out a suit! Now, onto my pressing matters.

Most of you are equipped with swords and daggers, with few of you with a bow or a mace. Let me make it clear: If we fought the guard, we would lose. Wrynn is able to outfit his supporters in plate armor, and plate armor has very few openings. A nice crossbow or rifle would level the playing field or put it in on favor, if we have the advantage of surprise. No, I am not asking you to rob another tavern or store so I can buy goods. It would start to look suspicious if the "kindly merchant" that donates to the Orphanage was found to be buying more weapons to fund a small army. Stealing from the guard is also a poor choice, as the likelihood of survival is slim. Lavender alerted me to something quite interesting, proving that she's more than something for the rest of you to look at.

Who is up for a little highway robbery?

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Letter #5 Eastvale Stallions. September 16th, 4 PM.

There are guns, bows, and crossbows for everyone to use. Thank our former Defias associates for them. With these, and proper training, we should be on equal level with guard in plate, so long as we have the advantage of surprise. I've got a new plan, now that we have these weapons.

Do you know about Eastvale? I'm sure most of you do if you're Stormwind-born or, at the least, have been living in Stormwind lands for at least a year. Eastvale is a logging camp, but it also has a stable for horses. Lots of horses. There are also horses there that merchants and maybe some minor nobles would pay for because they liked the look and strength of it. I don't know. I'm only a merchant, but I like the Eastvale horses. To make a long story short, we're about to disappoint some minor nobles or some merchants. Or both.

No masks.

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Letter #6 Seeking Justice. September 21st, 2 PM.

When I first brought all of you to my home, I asked you about the House of Nobles and the Tyrant. All of you said that the nobility and the king must pay for their crimes against the people of Stormwind. I couldn't agree more, and it is that agreement that I have found a special task for all of you. We will have our justice, and we will be paid for it.

There is a noble I met a night ago. A noble and a priest. I met him while at a tavern in Stormwind, when I was sidetracked from my task of checking on one of my stores. I discussed the crimes of Stormwind, he kept silent. He did nothing to help the people, he did not speak of his support for the people, yet he thought to distance himself from the nobility. As if saying that by disliking them, he is absolved of all crimes against the children of Stormwind. Do you agree with him? Do you think his nonaction against the policies of the nobility and the tyrant can be absolved as simply wanting nothing to do with the nobility? I say no. He is as guilty as the others in the House of Nobles. He will pay for his crimes, but we're not killing him. At least not yet.

Masks on. I'll lead the way.

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Postponed until 5 PM server.

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