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Delco Sarrowfang [Blood Elf - Warrior]
Player: Stompkins

Character Full Name: Delco Sarrowfang

Character In-Game Name: Delco

Nickname(s): Del, Deli, Sir Sarrowfang

Association(s): Silvermoon City, Sin'dorei

Race: Sin'dorei

Class: Warrior

Skills & Abilities: "A strong and confident history in fighting has led to confidence in a fight, his abilities in combat above average for the most part, he has trained enough to move comfortably in most of his combat attire, whether it be plate, or leather."

Age: 178

Sex: Male

Hair: Crimson Red.

Eyes: Fel Green

Weight: 130 Lbs

Height: 6'4"

Usual Garments/Armor: He normally wears his red tanned Leather Attire, he can also normally be seen wearing black pants with a black shirt, or white pants with a white shirt as well. His combat outfit of tanned Leather is easy enough to move around in, and durable enough to take his small adventures of falling down hills, cliffs and other edges he probably shouldn't of been near.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Delco is a man who can easily be seen protecting others, although he won't throw his life away for just anyone, those he trusts and can call a friend will find his blade ready to serve them. Delco is a gentlemen in some cases, and a monster in other cases, showing manners to women of the Sin'dorei race, and a monstrous attitude to others, including Male Sin'dorei, however he is normally calm and centered enough to avoid such an outrage. Being the oldest in his generation of the Sarrowfang family, he finds it as his duty to protect his family members, ranging from his sister Alexil, and his cousins, Evolios, Kori, Kavok, and Krel.

History: Delco began his life as many Sin'dorei would behind the mighty walls of Silvermoon City, he spent his younger years as a student, becoming rather educated in most topics he could quickly. He found that being knowledgeable, and 'ignorant', would lead to a safe spot in life for him. As Delco began his life with education, he soon needed to turn to crime to support his own life at the age of 60, although he had accumulated a good understanding of history, and combat, he found himself to be better inclined to fighting with small blades, and striking quickly rather then with strength to be his best fit as a combatant.

At the age of 91, Delco had been caught for thievery anywhere from a small vegetable, to a Middle-classed woman's ear-rings. With a continuing growth in such behavior found in those his age, they had no other way to punish him then to throw him into imprisonment. After 20 years of imprisonment he found himself released, his back covered in with Dark tattoos his cellmate carved into him over the years. Serving the time he needed, he knew he didn't wish to find himself in the same case, he moved to work as a messenger for Silvermoon residents.
At just the age of 140 Delco found himself very agile, the years as a messenger and part-time training he received when possible leading to an easier adaptation into the use of speed over might. Delco found his life was more fulfilled when running from destination, to destination rather then sitting around doing anything else.

As his fellow friends went to fight in the second and third wars, Delco stayed back, afraid of losing his life. As many went and died for the city of Silvermoon, Delco stayed and continued to train, hoping to one day be strong enough that he could go into battle and come back victorious. Within this time, he found a good amount of it spent now chasing women instead of training, leading to his flirtatious attitude, rather then his previous serious one. As the years carried out for him he continued down his path as a flirt, but he never seemed to really mean any of it.

As the siege of Silvermoon took place, Delco showed true courage, attempting to help with the defense of the west wall, as he saw many die around him his world seemed to become crushed around him. However, in his day-dreaming of the world continued, he failed to see an undead creep in for a strike, if it hadn't been for 'Lady' Travados, a paladin who died during the siege saved him. She took down the forsaken, and quickly continued off to help another injured member of the west defenses. With the fear he felt from his life rushing before his eyes, he wept and fled from the combat, into 'Murder Row', hiding out behind some crates that had been filled with supplies for the ongoing siege, he could hear distant screams as his people were slaughtered. Whether it be luck or plain stupidity he happened to knock himself unconscious when he hit his head against the wall when he spotted an undead who had made it past the wall defenses. When he awoke, he found many dead, he moved to help in any way he could, feeling guilty for not fighting and running instead.

Delco had a rather hard time dealing with the loss of the Sunwell, only finding comfort when surrounded by those who had also suffered the same effects as himself. He attempted to pass the time, only to find his hunger for magic to be deriving him of life, he knew of a man who acquired the required crystals to infuse magic into others if needed, using almost all the money he had earned over the years as a messenger, he continued to pay for infusion of magic to keep his strength and health about him.

Now as his world is becoming more and more hostile, he finds himself sickened with the life of Silvermoon, he moves to Booty Bay in search of his cousins. Alexil seemed to drift further from him as the years had gone by. When he finally left Silvermoon City, he hadn't spoken to her in nearly 2 years. He dropped his addiction slowly as he moved to Booty Bay, now finding himself relying on others for his addictive needs.

Link referring to Pre-approval : http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Delco
Only changes are in green.
"If you don't try to save one life you'll never save any!"

[Image: dean.png]
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
Please remember to use base names for class, not the fancy names.


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