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Delugus [Water Elemental][Persistent]
[Image: gif_im_color_dither_32_ed5f12a7c8.gif?t=1376229050]
Race: Water Elemental (OOCly Draenei)
Class: Shaman
Name: Delugus (Both ingame and IC full name)
DisplayID: 36323 ( http://www.wowhead.com/npc=39802 )
Duration: Temporarily, will last as long as the Twilight Hammer guild "The Answer" (unspecified amount of time, likely at least a couple of months)[s] PERSISTENT! However, his primarily role will be within the Twilight Hammer should it continue to be active - if not, my intent's for him to stir up some storylines and assist others with theirs.
Purpose: To vary up and give a new facet to the Twilight RP that's occurring - providing the elemental aspect that's very prevalent in the clan. He will also interact with those fighting the Twilight Hammer, with the possibility of being less character-warning orientated than more violent members.
Location: Primarily around Twilight Hammer camps (especially those around water, such as the Twilight Highlands and the camps in Thousand Needles), but may travel across the coasts and rivers of the various continents - provided they're wet enough for him. He may also move for guild events.
Level requested: 70
Special Equipment:

Character Profile
Player: Maulbane

Character Full Name: (The sound of water dripping rapidly from a stalactite, followed by that of a wave breaking in two as it hits a cliff)

Character In-Game Name: Delugus

Nickname(s): Delugus, "Splashy"

Association(s): The Twilight Hammer, Abyssal Council (servant), Abyssal Maw (home)

Race: Water Elemental.

Class: Shaman.

Skills and Abilities: Water Manipulation: Delugus is proficient in his own element, and may move water however he may wish - the more water, the more comfortable he is shaping it. However, he has difficulty working with some conglomerate elements - ice and mud, particularly. These difficulties do not outright stop him from manipulating them, though. This manipulation gives him the ability to form vortexes of water to root enemies in place, as well as give himself the ability to compact the water in his arms - giving him natural hammers.

Soothing Waters: Delugus has the ability to heal the wounds of mortals, provided they're not life-threatening. His healing waters must come from within himself, which can deplete his energies significantly and cause him to need to re-hydrate - so to speak.

Elemental Immunities: He is immune in every possible way to water and steam based attacks. Fire will evaporate off him, causing him distress and rapidly depleting his 'body' mass should he not be in water - but he is used to large amounts of fire, rather than small arcane-based attacks such as fireballs. He can be displaced by earth and air, and these elements combined with heat (lava, for example) will seriously scare him (if not outright spell his demise). Ice will slow him and eventually root him in place, but only in large concentrations.

Physical Resistance: As a being of water - a compromising element, to say the least - no conventional weapon will hurt him, instead displacing his mass - at most, causing him to need to pick it back up. Hitting him with heavy weapons - mauls, hammers, poleaxes and the like - may have enough area and force to make him lose enough mass to truly be 'hurt'. Heated weapons will turn anything hit to steam, effectively depleting him, and anything enchanted with cold - especially projectiles - will weaken him, depending on just how cold it is.

Elemental Language: Delugus is a slow learner, and knows very little Common or Orcish. He fluently speaks Kalimag, however, and knows the Aquan, Ignan and Terran dialects due to fighting alongside Elementals of all kinds during the Ordering of Azeroth. He failed to pick up Auran, due to the aloofness of the Air Elementals. Conversing with him will be difficult for an individual with a low threshold for patience.

Age: Roughly 90,000 years old.

Sex: Not applicable.

Hair: Not applicable.

Eyes: In a humanoid shape, he simply has a single, hollowed out sphere in the front of his 'head'. Feasibly able to see from anywhere, the eye-pit would still be the calmest flowing areas of his form, the water within in murky and impossible to read any kind of emotion from.

Weight: Roughly 300 kilograms when at full size.

Height: Ebbs and flows - roughly two meters at a healthy size.

Usual Garments/Armor: He's naked. Importantly, no bindings or bracers of control on him - he's a voluntary agent.

Other: His entire form is constantly flowing - water you see flowing on one side will soon form part of his face, and it all moves at different rates. Large amounts of liquid seem to compress into each-other to form the solid-looking parts of his 'body' - actually just extremely dense water rather than any kind of structure. His form is for the benefit of those around him, with primitive arms and head built using this method. He lacks a lower body, a thoroughly useless thing when you can flow wherever you wish.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Personality: Delugus is a keeper of secrets, as many of his kind are. His life has spanned longer than even the most desperate Elves and he has pondered little on this, flowing from one assignment to the other with little complaint or question. Despite his tumultuous form - more enigmatic than an earth or fire elemental - he is a very stalwart being. He's lived by a certain code for longer than all the races of Azeroth combined, and he's not compromising - especially not for a mortal.

His beliefs, or what little beliefs he contains, would focus around his own people. He has spent his entire existence defending the Old Gods (and the Water Elementals by proxy), and more recently (but still tens of thousands of years in the past) the Abyssal Maw from the incursions by Ragnaros and Al'akir. He has recently sided against Neptulon, but with his people in mind - working under the Water Barons of the Abyssal Council to increase their chances of survival.

Delugus is not a great warrior when it comes to fighting the more solid denizens of Azeroth, but his form leaves him incredibly difficult to damage (to the point of impossibility) physically. His countless (at least on the fingers of a Human or Orc) victories against fire Elementals have given him a confidence in his ability to wage war against any foe, however - after all, he hasn't been purged in these years.

His motives appear as water - to him, they are simple and clear, easily regarded. To others, they are deliberately esoteric - with all the rapidity of a rapid, hard to distinguish. He holds much ancient knowledge of his people, all gained through attrition rather than actively finding them - his kind respect secrets above all else.

He may appear slow to the untrained due to his willingness to 'let things pass', but this is only what they see from the perspective of a young race. He is not cunning, but he is highly knowledgeable and resolute. The events that the races have experienced are merely footnotes for him - all except for the Sundering, which all denizens of the world felt strongly.

His strongest fears are existential - the survival of his people is most often on his mind. But he also fears fire, and barren lands without moisture, as they are the antithesis of his being.

History: Born (or more appropriately formed) during the Ordering of Azeroth, he had roughly a heartbeat to ponder his new life before being thrown into the fray against the Titans, wielded by Neptulon the Tidehunter as an effective tool. However, it wasn't enough - as each lieutenant fell, the hopes of their people would dim, and the possibility of their victory was eliminated altogether with their own Elemental Lord's falling to the celestial invaders. Delugus didn't pry as to how the rest of his kind felt to their imprisonment in the Abyssal Maw, but he was glad they were alive - they would keep their knowledge safe still, preserving it from the stupidity of Therazane, the arrogance of Ragnaros and the irresponsibility of Al'akir.

Tens of thousands of years passed. Aside from the constant warring, which became a default rather than something to be shocked of, Delugus' life was quiet and allowed him to think. He didn't often think, though, preferring to fight against the consistent invasions from The Firelands against them. Delugus didn't quite understand why they were being assaulted so often, but he mused that it must be due to their complacency in being defeated.

Over the course of many more years, counted in thousands rather than units, Delugus' viewpoints began to shift. If they simply kept defending themselves against these other Elementals - in many ways his brothers (discounting how inferior they were in most regards) - they would be easy prey for anyone who wanted to destroy them.

He began to consort with the Old Gods. As an elemental, especially an elemental concerned with the withholding of ancient knowledge, this was trivial for him - he found a group of Dukes and Barons of his kind who had similar sentiments and each disagreed with Neptulon's discontinuation of their alliance with the Old Gods. He would soon be recruited, an action which passed his eyes like a heartbeat, and then positioned for the next strike - he was told it would be very soon.

Thousands more years passed before there was a great calamity - the trembling of the earth itself would resonate through the waves of the Abyssal Maw far greater than any of the other lands of the Elementals, and The Sundering would make itself known to them. Only the smallest few of their kind had reached out of their prison - most of them summoned by the new-found powers of the Elven empire, but that changed as all the races capable of magic - as well as the font of Azeroth's magic - was silenced. Those bound to Elven sorcerers would be returned to their home or find their way back through the oceans, and only then would their people truly know what had happened. It changed things.

Another ten thousand years and a bit passed, and something very large happened. Ragnaros left, without warning whatsoever. Delugus was suspicious and curious - two emotions he rarely thought of, let alone harbor himself. Word would pass swiftly from those few of his kind above The Maelstrom (and from agents of the Abyssal Council) that it had been the work of mortals - Dwarves, he was told. Delugus was not aware of what a Dwarf was, but he assumed it was another agent of the Titans.

The next three hundred years - barely a blink in Delugus' years - would be filled with so much activity he seemed to grow a tolerance for it. He tried his best to simply flow with the incredible things occurring - rapidly-rising empires of all kinds of creatures, the new wealth of information being gathered by the Old Gods' agents, countless tremors caused by battles and wars above them. Of course, even with Ragnaros being been spirited away, the Elementals of the Firelands had been unceasing in their attempts to attack - there was rarely a handful of years in which Delugus could simply relax for a month or two.

Eventually, though, Delugus' time came - and it coincided with Deathwing plunging out of Deepholm, sending yet another tremor through the Abyssal Maw. He was getting tired of all these tremors. He was informed that he'd be brought out of the Elemental Plane entirely to serve the Twilight Hammer. He did not know what a Twilight Hammer was, but apparently it was a group of Orcs. He also did not know what Orcs were. Luckily for him, he was informed upon arrival - apparently they were no longer Orcs, they were commanded by an Ogre now. He had no interest in Cho'gall, though the feeling was reciprocated, and he was rapidly put to use as an agent of the Twilight Hammer - using his ability to move through the oceans to extreme effect to collect information. Despite his affiliation with the clan, he has been sparing with what he finds, intending to use it to benefit his own people more than the Old Gods. He wouldn't tell that to his superiors, though.

Now, Delugus finds himself working across Azeroth, using the coasts and coursing rivers to make his way across the continents and find out all he can. Soon, he feels, there will be an upheaval, and should he position himself in the right way he would reap the rewards - and finally remove the few remnants of the Titans' grip on this world.
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Edited. He is now persistent.

Edit By Malbin

Also I added another item for him! The name of 'Glyph of Deluge' is totally a coincidence.

Move him into the sun—
Gently its touch awoke him once,
At home, whispering of fields half-sown.
Always it woke him, even in France,
Until this morning and this snow.
If anything might rouse him now
The kind old sun will know.

Think how it wakes the seeds,—
Woke, once, the clays of a cold star.
Are limbs, so dear-achieved, are sides,
Full-nerved—still warm—too hard to stir?
Was it for this the clay grew tall?
—O what made fatuous sunbeams toil
To break earth’s sleep at all?
[Image: 62675bf4fd.jpg] [Image: 0e7357dcfe.jpg]
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Get above that line, thread.
*Quiet sizzling noise*
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*Sound of a pebble splashing into a cup of water*
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