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=( I don't wanna see the Rigster make his bow and ski-daddle, but I thoroughly understand your reasons.

Those individuals who have caused you to go through so much turmoil, stress, and the like shouldn't be given a second of your thoughts or any ounce of your attentions. You are an awesome GM, and a great RP instigator, and you know your stuff! You know how to make events happen, and you bring such a great atmosphere to CotH.

Rigster, we will be waiting for you to come back to re-join this place. Until then, we are going to miss you very dearly. MAJOR HUGS!!

[Image: 19757380.jpg]
"When you understand what I have gone through...
no... no, you will NEVER understand it!"
- Sibylle, after being freed from the Lich King's grasp.
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[Image: 106wzyf.gif]

Whatever I had to say has already been said.
I'll miss you, Rigley. You're awesome.
[Image: djuraz.jpg]
I don't really know you personally, Rigley, but I can say with utmost certainty that you have been one of the most productive and, if this makes sense, solid members of this community, and this is coming from someone who has had the rare chance to watch you work from both sides of the metaphorical fence. You may think you've done badly, but know that very few of us share your feeling; I know that I am sad to see you declaim against yourself so. As far as many of us are concerned, I am sure, you have not failed - what you've done is established a fine example for current and future GMs as well as players to look up to.

I imagine that all this laudatory sentiment everyone is posting is hardly any consolation to you, so I will keep my little speech short. Have a restful break, and here's hoping you feel better when you get back.
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There is a quote from an episode of Futurama that I frequently think of, and I think you are often a represention of that, both in the way others see you as well as the way you see yourself. Bender gets lost in space and eventually collides with a tiny planet. The people there worship him as a God, and he spends a lot of time trying to intervene and change things. Eventually, the world destroys itself on him, and he grieves over it. But eventually he runs into the "real God", who imparts these words that meant a lot to me at the time I heard them:

"When you've done something right, people hardly notice you've done anything at all."

In all the time I've seen you here, I've seen you move mountains for everyone (literally and figuratively). In my relatively short time as a GM, you were someone I looked up to. You've been a firm hand when needed, or an ear to listen, or a help when an event needed to get done. At first seeing this thread, I planned a big, "NO U CAN'T GO!" post. And I still (probably selfishly) want you to continue being a part of the community, because you add a wealth of value to it. But at the same time, I think it needs a dose of time away as well to really appreciate all that you do for it.

I also sincerely hope that you put that energy and care towards your own endeavors, because if anyone deserves to have joy and success from what you offer, it's you. You just have to learn not to be so hard on yourself, and allow things time to develop before you call them failures. They won't always end the way you expect. They'll usually end up being even better.

I feel like that last part was from a movie I've seen, just not sure which one. I definitely hear it in Michael Caine's voice, though.
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