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Deroleice Lightbreath (Blood Elf Noble)
Player: Mimloopen

Character Full Name: Deroleice Lightbreath

Character In-Game Name: Deroleice

Nickname(s): Lace, Dero, Lacey

Association(s): Silvermoon

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities: Deroleice cannot fight very well at all. She relies mostly on avoiding confrontations and, if desperate, will use some of the more warlike artifacts in her collection. If she doesn't happen to have them on her person at the moment... she has all the combat capability of a peasant militia.

Age: 512

Sex: Female

Hair: Jet black, long and often tied up.

Eyes: Fel green

Weight: 61 kg

Height: 1.82 m

Usual Garments/Armor: She is seen in a variety of outfits, mostly fine silk or cloth robes or occasionally formal suits. If she expects combat she will typically don some form of leather protection.

Other: Deroleice possesses a wide range of magical artifacts. Most are useless trinkets or valuable decorations, such as a tie that changes colour or a handkerchief that always seems clean whenever she uses it. She does have a few more powerful artifacts however. The collector possesses a sword enchanted long ago by a powerful mage to cause minor disruptions to the arcane channeling of any that it touches. She also has in her possession an enchanted ring that can repel minor attacks aimed at her arm. Finally, her cloak is inscribed and intricately bound to a Scroll of Recall that allows her to, with proper channeling, use it to recall to the destination it was set to at its creation- Quel'thalas. This takes a full day for the ink upon the back of the cloak to fully recharge.

Personality: To sum up the elf in one word would be to label her as 'ambitious'. Deroleice was born into a family with obscene wealth and knew that one day all that they had inherited would belong to her. When the day finally came, however, she found it lacking. The sin'dorei spends much of her free time following up rumors of rare or curious artifacts, leaping at the opportunity to investigate ruins and the like. She possesses a natural, insatiable curiosity and wanderlust that is often at ends with her lack of self defense, and is happy to pay mercenaries to protect her as she delves through ancient libraries or catacombs.

Although the elf's morale compass can be a bit wayward when she has to choose between what is just and noble or acquiring an intricate artifact, she generally stays on the proper path. The elf has not killed a being in her life (although those hired by her certainly have) and she detests violence, cruelty and those that she believes symbolize it; warlocks and death knights.

She has a rather poorly developed sense of humor and sarcasm tends to just wash right over her if it isn't completely obvious. When met with threats or danger she will do her best to cowardly leave the confrontation. Loyal to the Horde though she is, the elf doesn't mind the Alliance -too- much... but she certainly won't tolerate them treating her like a friend.

Lastly, her memory is rather poor. However she sometimes plays upon this trait and pretends to forget stuff that she truthfully remembers, to avoid awkward situations.


Deroleice Lightbreath was born and raised in the luxury of an elven noble estate. Her every worldly need was fulfilled and, as the only child to a noble house, she was provided with all that she could ever desire. Despite this, the quel'dorei made a game of attempting to sneak out of the estate when she was a child, enjoying the thrill of attempting to avoid the servants and her parents even though she would have been let outside with permission without a second thought. From a young age she was exposed to many of the artifacts that her parents had hoarded, and the elf was quickly enthralled by the magical items.

As she blossomed into adulthood her wanderlust grew with her, and she was quick to leave the estate to explore- with plenty of guards, of course. Her parents were also avid collectors of rare and powerful artifacts; not only did Deroleice mimic this trait for hoarding treasure, but she was allowed to borrow some for her adventures for fighting, amusement or even bartering in the most desperate of circumstances. Deroleice enjoyed running into a variety of colourful flora and fauna, although she didn't really bother to catalog them all mentally. She was far more interested in following rumours of strange objects; the hunt for curiosities was in her blood, and in her time she managed to grab her fair share, whether through a shady deal, at the brink of death or through perfectly legitimate means.

Simply put, her life was both eventful and uneventful at the same time. It was eventful in the fact that she saw much and did much, building up quite an athletic form as she raced across plains and swam through rivers. However, her life was devoid of any major events or drama, and despite her best efforts, after a century or two it started to stagnate and a growing boredom began to nag at her mind.

The death of her parents, though tragic, was a catalyst to change this. It seems that while Deroleice had been out exploring, her mother had become very ill. When she finally passed away, her grieving father followed suit, after making sure to write a note so that there would be no doubt that his daughter would be inheriting everything. The elf, who had spent centuries collecting a small mass of magical objects, now found herself the heir of over a millennium of artifacts, not to mention vast monetary wealth. Although it amused the lady for a while, she quickly grew bored of it.

Deroleice knew that her wandering and adventure-seeking would have to eventually come to an end. In order to preserve the family line and make sure that the vast hoard of treasure stayed in proper hands, she would have to find a mate sooner or later. But for her, that time would always be in the future. She fired all of the workers at the estate and locked it up with a magical key, kept on her person at all times, and only bothers returning there to browse her fortune. Finding new interest in roaming and exploring, the elf would have happily continued treasure hunting if not for the advent of the wars.

When the orcs came, Deroleice did not stay and fight. Instead she fled and hid into her estate, which was in a relatively hidden and inaccessible area of Eversong; all the better to jealously guard its plunder. The orcs were repelled, and for a short time everything seemed to be returning to the way it was before.... until the Lich King destroyed Silvermoon and defiled the Sunwell.

It was a difficult time for Deroleice, who had little companions and so no easy way to satisfy her addiction. She visited magi often and paid large sums in exchange for mana crystals, but never considered turning to the path of the warlock. Years later the Sunwell was restored and Deroleice found her funds significantly lighter, but her magic dependance sated.

To this day Deroleice continues to explore, finding great delight in the 'discovery' of the continent of Kalimdor, and even at the expedition to Northrend. Although she did not enter the frosty land until the Lich King was pronounced slain, as soon as the snake's head was cut she embarked (with hired mercenaries) to see if there was anything that had been overlooked by the magi of Dalaran that she might claim.
"Do not be fooled if you hear laughter, or happen upon a smile. There is no happiness or merriment here."
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Third Approval! (3/3)
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