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Differing timelines.
Imagine a world in which certain events that shaped the nations of Azeroth never occured, or occured in a different manner. Persons you know or may feel close to, might never have existed. You may have just entered....

A different timeline.

I would like to challenge the community of CotH to reasonably flesh out events as they would happen in circumstances that differ from the current form.

For example: Varian was found by orcs, who subjected him to combat as a gladiator for their amusement, much as they did when they were slaved to the humans. But what if he was discovered by thrall, and thrall decided to release him, either out of disgust for the treatment, or because he believes orcs should not become their enemies. Whatever the reason, assume that Thrall does free Varian, and that Varian is sent to theramore where he is recongnized by Jaina and helped to regain his memories of himself. Would the act of kindness on behalf of the Warchief help Varian to accept the Orcs, would he dedicate to the task of peace on azeroth. How would things be different, how would they remain, What would be and what would not be.

Your challenge has been named and set forth. Make of it what you will.
Kael'thas becomes the Sun King instead of serving the Burning Legion. This saves the massive armies Kael'thas had under him, merging with the forces of Silvermoon.

The Sin'dorei are busy conquering Lordaeron in the name of the Sun King. :|
A while back a friend of mine and myself got together and rewrote the lore starting with The Third War on; we though of everything. For every major lore character/nation/race we thought of how individually they'd be affected by any major changes we made.

I believe the two big changes were: The Scarlet Crusade was never corrupted and still thrives as a pure faction, and The Horde remains dark and never cleansed their fel corruption.

As for the Wrynn family ending hostility with the orcs, I believe the devs might actually be taking WoW lore in that direction. I remember discussing with some friends a while back that (in a comic) Anduin Wrynn is the supposed 'chosen one' and is going to unite the Horde and Alliance, leading them in the final battle against Sargeras to finally destroy the Burning Legion...Yeah, not sure how cannon that is.
There's always a bigger fish...

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