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Difficulties with game account creation...
I've had no trouble making my game account. However my two friends who have registered on the forums, Ratix and FatalDragon are using the same IP address as me since they are using my PC. They have made their introductions more than 2 lines, by this i mean more than 2 sentances. When they go to create a game account they get the error message " Your login information doesn't match a user on the forums. Please create an account on the forum and use the same username and email from there. Keep in mind that both the username and email are case-sensitive! They must match your forum account exactly." Even though they have input their Usernames, passwords and e-mails exactly as it was on the forum. We have read throughly through the FAQ and Wiki and front page on this site, still finding no answer to the problem. Could it be that this server is set to block one IP address from creating multiple accounts? Please comment back with any helpful info.
It is, I think there can only be two accounts per IP adress. I am sure one of the higer up GMs, especially Kretol, the server admin, can help you out when he comes along.
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Firstly, have you actually created a *game account* or just a forum one? the Game account link is in the top right corner of the page (just incase you didn't know, lots of people get it mixed up)
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Uhh... ya. i clearly stated that my friends were having problems creating "game accounts" i myself have an in-game account so i know how to make one.
I have the exact same problem.

I made forum account, also did an introduction, but when i try to make my Game Account, it tells me that it does not match any Username on the forums.

I saw the same problem in another thread.

Could Kretol make an account? I guess the account creation has a problem with my E-mail or password...

Edit: I got a friend to make one for me, everything seems solved now.
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For myself it does not say anything else apart from: "An error has occured, try again or contact an admin". When I try to click continue it deletes the second password line and thats it.
Any ideas?
Archivist Wrote:For myself it does not say anything else apart from: "An error has occured, try again or contact an admin". When I try to click continue it deletes the second password line and thats it.
Any ideas?
Sorry for the really late reply, but there's already an archivist server account from way back when. You'll need to either change your forum account name (just tell me what you want it changed to; for example, Archivist1 or something) or make a new one.
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