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I actually liked 11 arguably more than 10. Tennant's character kind of bled with too much depression.
Is it weird that I liked nine the most? He wasnt given enough time.

That being said, Tom Baker will always be my favorite.
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11th doctor is best doctor.

10 is far too emotional.

Even then, the whole show's super ranty and over dramatic. I can't take it seriously. Especially when it's the 10 dude.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
I prefer 11, or 12 as he is now. People complain that Smith's Doctor is not serious enough, but that's just when I like him. "Never knowingly be serious." His goofy demeanor lends his emotional outbursts a lot of weight to them rather than being emotional all the time.

I do however believe that if Eccleston had gotten more than one season as the Doctor, he would have been my favorite.

I also wanna point out that when I watched it in the cinema, they had some extra stuff. First Strax educated us on cinema etiquette in the traditional Sontaran way. Then the eleventh Doctor educated us on the effects of 3D and right before it was switched on, the tenth Doctor appeared and said "before we switch to 3D, we need to warn you. As you may know, 3D have a habit of making stuff pop out of the screen, so to speak, and... Let's be honest... the chin. so when he gets back just... get read to duck."
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(11-23-2013, 06:39 PM)Cressy Wrote: Is it weird that I liked nine the most? He wasnt given enough time.

That being said, Tom Baker will always be my favorite.

I sometimes like to imagine that Christopher Eccleston in 28 Days Later was really the Doctor that got stuck in that parallel dimension and the TARDIS is infested with Rage zombies now and he's got a group of soldiers and don't afraid of anything.
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I won't apologize for preferring Eccleston as The Doctor. This is mostly due to him being my first real exposure to the setting, and the fact that, if I had a time machine and near-deific levels of power, I would be about that level of obnoxious and smug as well. The 'adorably dorky' or 'weird old man' portrayals that most find preferable don't work for me.

But, then again, I'm hardly what you'd call a major Who fan. Heretical, perhaps, but it's not my thing, haha.
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I finished season 7 and the anniversary in a marathon and I like it, but sadly it didn't still cut it compared to the two previous seasons I'm afraid...
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