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Drantha Chainbreaker [Orc][Pre-approved]
Player: Dascki

Character Full Name: Drantha Chainbreaker

Character In-Game Name: Drantha

Nickname(s): Dran

Association(s): The Horde

Race: Orc

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities:

Marksman: Her aim is very good. Her close-range attacks and such are greatly diminished compared to her aim.

Fel Warblades: Her blades are enchanted to deal a significant more damage to demons and fel-corrupted creatures. The downside, is that she is not very proficient with these swords.

Fel Resistance: Her armor has been enchanted to be resilient towards fel corruption. It is nowhere near perfect, but it allows her to traverse heavily corrupted areas with no problems.

Hot Rod: Her bolt quiver, is enchanted with an eternal flame inside of it. When a bolt is drawn, the tips are red-hot in order to inflict maximum damage. She is, however, required to collect flame elemental cores in order to keep the enchantment going.

Age: 29

Sex: Female

Hair: Her hair is a dark red-brown colour, which hangs well below her shoulder. It is also naturally straight.

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 266 lbs

Height: 6'1"

Usual Garments/Armor: When traveling she is often seen in her full mail armor. The shoulder guards depict skulls with fangs, which seem to emanate a slight green aura. She is seen with her two enchanted warblades. These warblades are enchanted to do extra damage to demonkin. When not hunting in an area or while in a city, she is usually wearing a thin shirt with some cloth pants and boots.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Drantha is known to be a kind and exceptionally protective person. Her life experiences have taught her to treasure all moments of peace and rest, while also knowing when to be serious and attentive. She hates people who force or who control other people's lives, for any reason. She believes that people's lives and freedom are the most valuable things on Azeroth.

She doesn't necessarily follow any laws that have been set in stone. Rather, she has created her own laws based on her morality and if she has to break the laws of a country to do what she wishes, then so be it. She likes to give her opinions and her advice to her friends and would never betray anyone she cares about to anyone. Her desire is to rid Azeroth of all demons, and she will do almost anything to get the job done.

History: The area of Alterac Mountain has always been cold. High in the mountains the cold wind brought snow and ice with it, freezing the water and covering the ground. Many found it ugly. They said no one could live in such a place. But, there were those who could. The Orcs of the Frostwolf Clan, led by Durotan.

Drantha was born on a beautiful day, daughter to Kregg Bladecrusher and Lergah Fistheart. From a young age, she was unhealthy and underfed. Unfortunately, there was not much food in the Valley and it was difficult for the younglings to survive. However, just like her parents, Drantha survived. She grew up with few other orcs her age and by the time she had turned eleven years old, she was learning to hunt and to fight. Without the support from their great Chieftain Durotan, who never returned from wherever he, his wife and child went, the clan simply survived.

Drek'thar took control of the Clan. Few orcs fought over leadership, but those who did were quelled soon enough. Drantha continued to grow and worked with the Clan, trying to keep morale as high has possible for many years. However, things looked unlikely to change. Until one day, when the son of Durotan came. Although Drantha was skeptical at first of the young orc, she eventually began to trust him, mainly because of his connection to the elements. When Thrall and Orgrim decided to free their fellows from the internment camps. Drantha, being young and ambitious joined up immediately and aided Thrall with his quest. Together, the orcs managed to free many of their brethren from the humans and even managed to join forces with Grom Hellscream, along with the Warsong clan.

After they had freed the orcs, Thrall had a vision. The orcs were to go to across the sea, to the land of Kalimdor. There, they would find salvation. It was here, where Drantha learned about exactly how the demons had affected the orcs. Although she had never seen one, the stories of their old homeland and the demons caused her to hate the demons. She wanted revenge and followed Thrall all the way across the ocean, gaining new allies in the Darkspear Trolls.

In Kalimdor, they were thrust into the Third War. Drantha fought valiantly, battling demons and fighting alongside the Horde and the Alliance. Her parents were killed during the war, which only solidified the hatred for demons. By the end of the war, she had survived and had learned first hand about how terrible the demons were. She continued to follow the Horde, to Durotar where they set up Orgrimmar. However, soon after the completion of Orgrimmar, Drantha left. She couldn't sit around and do nothing while there were still demons throughout the world.

Arriving in Ratchet, she joined the Steamwheedle Cartel. Although she disliked their loose morals, she worked with them for a few years doing mercenary jobs and collecting materials, earning herself some gold until she had saved enough. She returned to Orgrimmar, where she commissioned Sehrg Blackstone, to fashion her the highest quality armor and blades, that she could afford. Afterwards, she traveled to the Outlands, where she found a blood elf mage by the name if Mikirrus Flamefeather. Using her remaining money, he was able to enchant her weaponry, quiver and armor. The weapons, were enchanted to deal extra damage to demonic kind, while the armor was enchanted so that it would be slightly more resilient to fel. Although she wanted to return to Azeroth, she stayed in Outland in order to get some practice and help to destroy demons, where she was needed.

She has only recently returned from Outland, returning to face-off against the Scourge. Her timing was terrible, as she had spent only a few days in the cold North before returning to Orgrimmar, where she is taking a well-deserved break.
(09-21-2011, 04:58 PM)Dascki Wrote: returned to Orgrimmar, where she commissioned Sehrg Blackstone, to fashion her the highest quality armor and blades,

Blackstone you say? I don't remember having any orc relatives....I blame Tavren. This is all in jest though.



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