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Drena Firebeard (Dwarf Hunter)
Hey, I'm resubmitting my first character profile. I highlighted changes in red (well I think those are changes?) but that's overall it.

Wiki formatting was left on, I figure it's going to be easier for everyone that way.

I know that I have already edited the wiki, by the way, if that's not fine with you could always revert the changes or something. :)


| name = [[User:Holynexus|Drena Firebeard]]
| image = [[File:Drena.jpg]]
| title = Treasure Hunter
| faction = Alliance
| race = [[Dwarf]]
| gender = Female
| class = [[Hunter]]
| age = 56
| height = 4'8"
| weight = 197
| eyes = Brown
| hair = Blond
| affiliation = Ironforge
| occupation = Prospector, Treasure Hunter
| companions = None
| relatives = Unknown
| status = Alive

'''Player:''' Holynexus

'''Character Full Name:''' Drena Ledaidh Firebeard

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Drena

'''Association(s):''' Explorer's league, Ironforge and Booty Bay

'''Race:''' Ironforge [[Dwarf]]

'''Class:''' Treasure [[Hunter]]

'''Age:''' 56

'''Sex:''' Female

'''Hair:''' Slight blond beard, blond hair

'''Eyes:''' Brown

'''Weight:''' 196.6 lbs

'''Height:''' 4'8"


'''Usual Garments/Armor:'''

Likes comfy clothing, usually made of leather, pants and shirts when casual , elsehow a full hardened leather suit with good sturdy boots.

Most typically, she wears her adventuring outfits, a long white mantle and cloak that flow with her white dyed hair, and a mask that covers most of her face, along with warm clothing of ebony and white shades.

==Skills and Abilities==

'''Master Trapper'''

Drena is good with the arts of setting traps, and always has spare parts to assemble and pre-assembled traps. She has jaws, explosive traps, even arcane freezing ones.

'''Archery, Gunnery'''

Drena was trained with both bow and gun and is proficient with them both.


In her spare time, between adventures and even during them! Drena is a good cook. She has a recipe book always by her side but also improvises by times. She does look forward, when she's done adventuring, to learning the arts of brewing.

'''Arcane Bullets'''

Drena has a flux capacitor on her shotgun or bow, which allows her to charge projectiles. However this quickly degrades the bow (or gun) so she tends not to do so unless in dire need (and it often requires the weapon to be changed, and since weapons are holy to Drena, that's not happening soon.)

'''Alignment:''' Chaotic Good

Drena's a treasure hunter and it shows, she's obsessed with shiny objects and gadgets, and wealth too boy! She used to be a cheerful dwarf - and she still is to some extent - but she keeps a darker look to herself. Besides the greedy outlook, she also still keeps some morals. Money speaks to her for sure but she still tries kind of selflessly (more than just for her good conscience) to give some of her spoils away - the Explorer's League, the Church of the Light and other such organizations. Drena is careful, organized and strong-willed, but far from being ruthless she can also spare some time away for chatting or narrating tales about whatever show-off shiny item has gotten her fancy (typically when she opens up and proves to be more cheery than her long mantle and mask seem to show). Drena likes to keep to herself in other situations, prefer a solo adventure to a huge teamwork mess. She's often quite pushy, but still goes off to help, and tries to be as helpful as possible, so long it doesn't hamper her too much. Drena overall is lucky, however - sheer luck pushed her where she is now, she sometimes jokes she's born with a cloverleaf in the bed.

Drena doesn't really believe in the light but holds close convictions, just keeping to herself as she doesn't really like sermons, and tries to keep away from the politics of Alliance and Horde. She isn't racist or nationalist , but she sure doesn't trust Horde-aligned people easily, and it's still clear she'd join the Alliance should a war arise.. She doesn't go bash too hard on Horde aligned people - except the Forsaken - just harder to socialize, though as she's into exploring she'd still go out of her way to speak to these.

Drena has quite a few kinks, most notably she seems to have hardships separating herself from items, and is an obsessive gambler. She does efforts - and needs to - sell some of the items to make her living, but all the small worthless stuff tends to stay. That explains the usually overloaded leather bags she carries when adventuring, and the pile of such bags aligned in her Ironforge house.

Drena was born 56 years ago in Ironforge to a family of hunters, so it was normal she'd follow the path of the hunter. Her father Gonoth was quite an interesting fellow, a hunter by trade, he supplied Ironforge with goods from all over the mountains. Her mother Dana was a dwarf of good renown, a great and kind cook, always taking the needy in her stead despite not being rich herself. Drena lived through a happy, fanciful childhood, simple and well off. When she was about 25 years old the First War struck the lands and for six years she stayed helping her mother in the citadel. She had left the city once before but that was about it, but it only added to her curiosity as the war battered the lands and more ancient stuff was found, not counting the left aside war spoils. During these years she also spent lots of time admiring the Explorer's Hall, and certainly thanks to her mother's wandering experiences, she took a fashion for that. Many things happened during this time, like falling in love with another dwarf, or once almost dying, as she almost fell, so reckless, into this forge. Things that certainly made her what she is, though her life was still monotone, and she just knew she had to step higher and venture beyond Dwarven, or Alliance boundaries. Beyond the typical Dwarf commoner's boundary and interests.

As soon as the second war was over, and she was allowed to skip out of her city, Drena stepped all too eagerly outside of the fortress of Ironforge, to Kharanos. But she wasn't doing so well, and was ready to come back home until one day she fell into a ravine. And there, she met an old and familiar dwarf, quite renowned. He was a hearty trapper willing to explain to the lass the arts of marksmanship, wild survival, trap making, herbalism, fletching, and much more on how to be a good beast hunter and archer. The man had done the two wars, survived them with honors, had hunted so many beasts, and the day before she arrived, he was busy taking down two aggressive wendigos. And with some luck and twisted fate, he laughed, and offered her his fine, renowned skills! It was what they did best in her family, so she stayed. Besides, she didn't have much to do. Exploring is nice but what money would sustain her? Thus, until the Third War, she trained hard, and seemed good at it, but then again, she was a Dwarf who had some good skills, and took down a few good, naughty beasts. When the war struck, she didn't go on the fighting grounds but instead preferred to support Ironforge by going back home. To be truthful, people didn't believe Drena was fit for the war at very first, There she helped a lot with the few treasures she had managed to find, her good skills at mapping, though what she did most was preparing arrows and other ammo for soldiers, with the help of a blacksmith friend.

Bored again, she left when the war was over back into the wild with her training and knowledge, and began wandering Stormwind. Pay was hard to come by, but she persevered. Almost fell in love with a fellow dwarf, too. For the short while the two dwarves were together, unsuspected lovers, they looted together. Some of the old kingdom towers that were never rebuilt after the second war offered the best spoils. It began going better with time and as she became more confident, and offered her help on bigger contracts and answering more reward calls - usually to kill some not so terrifying beasts, but the rewards were hefty enough. But it wouldn't last forever. One day, her lover, went missing. It was hard, for the infatuated dwarf, especially considering how serious mating is for them! Drena put this all behind herself with much hardships and held tears - but treasure was calling. Treasure always call. Somehow, she managed to find loot as a solo treasure hunter. Treasure hunting is hard when solo but she managed to make herself a place in a niche, as single treasure hunters typically worry less about sharing loot, and are more trust-able; and it allowed her to indeed travel! So far from Ironforge! She got her first good treasure by sheer luck (she took the wrong road at a fork). She's been to Booty Bay, she's been to Hillsbrad, she's wandered the Swamp of Sorrows, the Badlands, and has been drinking in so many taverns she doesn't count anymore! She keeps seeking treasure from what she gathers through rumors, answering contracts on problematic beasts, though she has never been a bounty hunter - she wouldn't consider that part of the Hunt, her moral side kicking in maybe? Perhaps one day, she'll find some ancient relic that will bring her gold and fame? There is this ring, an old dream of her, a Kaldorei artefact she has secretly longed to own for so long, and which she can finally perceive in her grasp. A ring that could bring her much more wealth, and grand fame. A ring that could perhaps bring back her lover..

Drena, in these hopes, had planned to buy a ship with the few money she gathered. Oh! Once again, she was lucky in that the ship was stranded in a strange outbreak in the coastal town of Beaufort Bay. When [[Annabelle]] saved the day in the city, the boat's owner had died, and Drena was declared de-facto the shipmaster..for free. With the cash she could unexpectedly spare she hired a small crew and began sailing. And the ring she sought became suddenly MUCH more within her reach. She began to collect items that would eventually allow her access to the ring, following an old Kaldorei book she recovered long ago by stealing it off a luckily very distraught [[Melina|and very shady Quel'dorei]]. But as she puts the puzzle together and people gravitate around her, some people begin to sway her heart again..

Pre-Cataclysm, she was shattered again as her Dwarven friends, pretty much the only friends she had, were killed by [[Whirlenda|a crazy, crestfallen gnome]]. Out of spite, she managed to kill her, before wandering again, back to Azeroth, feeling a change in the air. She errs since then, and her quest slowly jams, as with her initial purpose... But that was before the Cataclysm....when molten rain poured down from the skies, Drena was at sea, returning to Ironforge, where she now stays as new artifacts interest the dwarf...and new opportunities are presented to her.

[[Category:Character]] [[Category:Dwarf]] [[Category:Hunter]]

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

Have you hugged a dwarf today?
HolyNexus Wrote:'''Weight:''' 226.6 lbs

'''Height:''' 4'8"

Hi hi~!

Where'd you get these scales? By this guide, she's a very hefty girl (which is fine if you make a mention of it in appearance!)
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
Miscalculation. I prefer kg xD

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

Have you hugged a dwarf today?
Better edit that weight so I can stamp this with an approval! Dorf power!
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
"(This post was last modified: 04-30-2013 09:06 AM by Holynexus.)"

Don't forget to post when you've made edits next time~! :3

[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
Can you also highlight the changes that were not part of your original profile? Off the top of my head those are the skills and abilities, the pets, and the tail end of the history. This helps the forum helpers see what's different about the character.
I don't remember these. They were made too long ago.

That's perhaps why I resubmit Drena, so that she can be approved again anew.

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

Have you hugged a dwarf today?
It's pretty easy to see the changes if you go under the history section of the wiki page.

That being said as it stands, I would not take the pets due to them being named after My Little Pony characters (with the exception of Discord, being a generic word).
[-] The following 1 user Likes Wuvvums's post:
  • Cassius
Even as tongue-in-cheek jokes?

Though I admit a couple of them were OOC pets I had in Hyjal/Darkspear but not anywhere in the game world.

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

Have you hugged a dwarf today?
Even as a tongue-in-cheek joke, putting it into the profile and wiki acknowledges that it's part of the rp in CotH. I still would not allow it.
Oh kay

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

Have you hugged a dwarf today?
Looks good to me.


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