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Drow's Drawings!
I return from Legoland to see this insanity.

Drow. I am tempted to draw Craitos in a flex contest with my draenei Kapre.
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
LOL Totally do it.

Also. UPDATE! I was bored and on a whim I decided to recolor and enhance Craitos using GIMP and my trusty tablet. Let me know what you think!
[Image: img017.jpg]

The blurring of colors doesn't quite look good, and the lines look far more botched. I think the original version was considerably better.

*Tosses two coins at.*

Edit: Derp I forget to insert commentary about the other drawings. While your drawings really are good, there's some fields I noticed you had struggles in, or atleast think I did. While you experiment with different poses, which is already a world of blessing, they seem a bit unnatural and forced, stiff even. I notice this in a lot of other artists, even some who are considerably better than me, that when they sketch, they don't sketch out proportions because they do them by eye. While this is a valuable skill, it can lead to these botched poses, and generally might hinder the quality. Though of course, this is all made on an assumption, so there's a good chance I'm wrong!

Onwards, to part two! The facial expressions. I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but the faces you draw seem... Unnatural. Mask-like even. For example, when I saw mister black-smith stripper muscle man (I dub thee sir etc'...) His face just made me raise a brow, because I could just imagine a caption beneath it reading. "Only the dead may know the end of ladies." The expressions merely seem blocky and a bit stiff, in comparison to the human face. Two advice I could give are, A) study your own face in the mirror, see what stretches and what not, and find a style of expressions you like... B) Try learning from other artists who seem to have a knack for expressions. Our own ImageAnyshun (Or however you spell that don't shoot me Immy.) Has her art thread, which I reccomend studying for merely the expressions.

Hopefully, this was of some help!
All of these drawings are honestly nearly two-three years old. Honestly I haven't done any real drawing in years due to that complete lack of inspiration mostly. I normally do better with portraits then I do with full-body poses. Especially when it comes to faces and expressions.

Thank you for the feedback though, if I had the time and ambition I probably would work on these things but the drive just isn't there for me right now.

I may try and completely redraw Craitos from scratch. Maybe more a portrait then a full or half body view. Though I'll wait to do that after I've rped him a bit so I can get back in touch with the character and how I think it should look and feel. I got his rp outfit last night so I hope people look forward to seeing me soon. ;D
(06-28-2012, 06:22 AM)DrowofShadows12 Wrote:
[Image: img041.jpg]
[Image: img029.jpg]

These two are my favorite. The first one's fur is a nice touch, but could look a bit more muscley, especially in the legs. I dig the tribal kung-fu look, and the hairstyle is wild, yet still looks.. girly, for lack of a better word. I could see her wearing leather boots, topped with the fur, with the same material as her chestpiece. A belt and bracer accessories would really make that outfit in my opinion.

The second one looks amazing. Happy puppy ftw. Maybe the dog could have a similar neck-scarf like the ninja's headband?
The true test of his choice lies forward.
— The story of the Silithian.

See life through shades of silver.

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