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Druid vs Shaman
This is something I've encountered a bit on the server, and for the life of me, I can't figure out the real reason or find anything that can explain it.

What I'm talking about is the sort of animosity Shaman and Druids seem to have with each other.

I've been reading the WoW Wiki about both classes, and they seem to be incredibly similar in their beliefs... perhaps the emphasis is different, but that alone shouldn't be enough to cause any trouble ICly, right?

I'm not writing this because I have a problem with it. Not at all. If you hate Druids or Shaman ICly that's just fine. I'm just wondering why so many of the Shaman I've come across are kinda cold toward Hania. :(

Your thoughts? :mrgreen:
I'm guessing the Horde isn't all too familiar with Druidism. The Tauren have only recovered it after the third war,so they hardly have generations of expertise to back them up with it. To old-school shamans it might just seem like they're dropping serving the spirits in favour of doing something a bunch of elves do. But I'm fairly certain the Cenarion Circle and the Earthen Ring are on relatively good terms. They don't want exactly the same, but they're both about protecting Azeroth and its balance.

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