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Durahan Burgundy [Blood elf Hunter]
Player: Durahan

Character Full Name: Durahan Burgundy

Character In-Game Name: Durahan

Nickname(s): Dura

Association(s): N/A

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Hunter


Sex: Male

Hair: Dark red, tied in a ponytail.

Eyes: Green

Weight: 185

Height: 6'6

Usual Garments/Armor: Normally dresses in red shirts and hats with black pants. Wears gloves and exchanges goggles for his hat when tinkering. While in combat he dons mail armor.


Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Durahan is normally a lighthearted and jovial person, yet it's mostly a mask to hide a more complex outlook on life. No matter the situation he is always determined and stubborn. Race and nationality mean little to him; however, he is still nervous amongst undead and trolls. He tries not to let this get in the way of meeting new ideas and people. He loves the few precious people he has and is always willing to protect them whenever he can. He views life as the most precious object one has and loves everything about being alive even if he normally get's the short end of the stick. As an engineer his love of life isn't shown well in his machines, because he completely understands that fighting is required to protect what is dear to him. His love of tinkering is an obsession, a pathological need to build and innovate courses through his blood just as much as his need to put his friends.

History: Durahan was born to small family in Silvermoon, his father was an architectural engineer and his mother was a homemaker. Even in his early years, Durahan has always shown an aptitude for engineering at the cost of his aptitude for magic. The blueprints his father would create fascinated the young elf, and toys he was given where quickly dismantled and reassembled. Outside of this skill, he was a fairly normal High elven child, yet his love of machines tended to get into the way of his magical studies. His parents died due to illness and because of his poor ability in magic and a love of machines he didn't make many friends which made him treasure the few had even more. Into his adolescence years nothing really changed, he still had a love for engineering, doodling up blue-prints from buildings to gadgets on his school work instead of actually doing his work and to distract himself . After graduating from the bottom of his class at the academy he went into architecture while keeping in contact with his few loved ones and his life was peaceful if not lonely a bit up until the undead invasion of Silvermoon.

With the destruction of the Sunwell and Silvermoon, Durahan was convinced to consume felblood due to the crippling nature of the magical withdraw. After adjusting to the change and making sure his friends where taken care of. he went abroad to learn more about engineering. After the horrible experience with magical withdraw and the loss of his family, he wanted to find an answer to fix it and the only way that would be possible with him is through engineering. After vowing to come back after he finds a way to save his loved ones he went on a journey to Booty Bay to find a tutor, while using the extensive black market to satiate his magical addiction.

While learning and practicing engineering, he noticed he needed less and less mana to keep himself from going into withdraw. He developed a pathological need to tinker and create. While not entirely fixing his physical addiction to mana it did replace most of it. After learning all he could from his tutor, he left Booty bay to travel the world in hopes to find more about engineering and to fix his magical addiction. Due to his long travels away from his home he tames a few animals to keep himself company.

After a couple of years of failures and red herrings, he felt what little addiction he had left him. Shortly after he received notice from his few friends that said the Sunwell was restored and he rushed home. Now that he had no project to work on with his now refined engineering talents a feeling of freedom washed over the elf. With the weight of saving those close to him off his mind he went off again to explore the world and beyond, to fill the hunger his new engineering talent brought upon him.

((Other the highlighted changes, which are mostly there to give him a more lonely childhood, there are a few removed, added, or changed words to streamline Durahan's backstory and to have no inconsistencies with the changes I did make.))
Quote:Eyes: Deep blue

Blood elves must have green glowing fel-tainted eyes!
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
What a Duraderp. c:
I changed it back. I thought the only thing green was the glow not the pupils themselves haha.
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.

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