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Durotar: Betrayal in the Sand
"I request your council, spirit. Allow me to speak with you."


"Honor, brother. I need to know what brought this fate to you. What are your last memories of life? What brought you to the end?"

"Juvenk. Juvenk. Juvenk."

"Juvenk. What does this word mean to you, spirit?"

"Juvenk betrayed me."

"What brought Juvenk to slay you, brother?"

"He is a traitor."

"Was he part of your unit, brother? Sent with you on this route?"

"He was. He was."

Durotar: Betrayal in the Sand

"Right," the grunt had said reluctantly, eying them appraisingly. "You look like a tough lot. I need a favor done," he had said, cutting straight to the chase. "We sent out a patrol earlier today, but we've heard nothing from them. We're spread thin with the recent troubles in the Barrens - but nobody cares to admit it. Can't scramble the men for a search party in time, so . . . I'm looking at creative solutions."

The adventurers had accepted their quest, and set out to investigate. What they found was the evidence of treason - the body of an orc in the water. Pulling it onto the riverside, the adventurers discovered that he had not drowned. His throat was bruised. He had been strangled. Through the mystic rites of the pyremaster, the adventurers learned the murderer's name, but they know nothing of his motives. What they do know is that if one man can make a whole patrol disappear barely without a trace, he can pose a danger to Razor Hill.

"Juvenk. Juvenk. Juvenk."


An always OPEN adventure . . .
  • . . . that will last until Thursday!
  • . . . for all to enjoy!
  • . . . set in Durotar, in the Horde's very heart.
  • . . . with a host who puts your wishes in focus.
  • . . . that will give YOU, THE HERO the chance to shine.
  • . . . that promises the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience according to your character's qualities.

The last few promises are very ambitious, but do not rely entirely on me! I hope that players will actively cooperate with fellow players, to contribute to both their own and others' experience, and I hope that active communication between myself and the players will help shape a good experience for all of us!
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"Spirit, lend me your aid. I seek your council; information from you. Will you tell me what you know?"

"What do you wish to know?"

"Juvenk, spirit. Juvenk. What does this name mean to you?"

"Juvenk is our glorious leader."

"Tell me of Juvenk. Where does he stay? Where was he venturing to, spirit?"

"He is not going to Ashenvale. He left us here to kill anyone who tried to follow him."

"I did not ask where he's not going, spirit. Where is Juvenk going?"

"I don't know."

"What has he told you? Who are you?"

"He told us to slay any interlopers. We are the coven."

"Coven. Coven, spirit. Give me a name for this coven. How many others does he command?"

"The Grinning Skull. There are dozens of us."

Durotar: Betrayal in the Sand

"I'm Thrak, son of Magoram Gronnbreaker. I lead this band of warriors. It's true what my companion says - we hunt the Grinning Skull, and their leader Juvenk. I'd heard of neither before yesterday, when I was tasked with investigating a patrol's disappearance. Juvenk's influence is great - right now, I come from the watchtower to the north. The garrison there turned on us when we spoke his name - they were his lackeys. Juvenk's followers number several dozens, if the ashes are to be believed. He is responsible for the deaths of several of our kind, and our mission is to bring him to justice."

Lead on a chase from Durotar to the Barrens, the adventurers finally found themselves at the Crossroads. With new intelligence gathered, the weary travelers resolved to seek the refuge of town to rest, stock up, and recover their strength before they set out to continue the hunt for Juvenk and his treasonous coven.
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