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Elenia Elil Ancalima [Blood Elf][Pre-Approved]
Existing Profile: http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Elil

Any Changes Made?: Annulled(A.K.A. Erased) a part of her History; Added Skills and Abilities field. Aged 200 years. Otherwise unchanged.

Character Full Name: Elenia Elil Ancalima

Character In-Game Name: Elil

Nickname(s): El, Huntress, That wild woman.

Association(s): The Horde, Blood Elves, Silvermoon (Very loosely.).

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Hunter / Elven Ranger

Skills and Abilities: Reckless, blunt and instinctual, Elil fights in melee alongside her pet, delighting in the savagery of melee combat whenever possible. In civilized society, Elil finds herself cornered and tense, never truly being at ease and prone to irrational thinking. In the wilds, her demeanor changes and her bond with nature makes itself manifest. In combat, her attacks mimic the striking of beasts, often taking on the Aspect of the Beast, and lashing out with claw-like fist weapons much like a raptor or mongoose would.

Out of combat, Elil makes use of her bond with nature to hide into natural environments such as forests, navigate rough terrain, track prey, mend her pet and herself using natural energy and render herself untrackable. Having spent most of her lifetime in natural environments, her ability to commune with it and its denizens allows her a degree of communication and understanding with the fundamental parts of the wilds. Everything she does is based on the Hunter skills, abilities and talents.

For every ounce of happiness that being in a natural environment affords her, urban environments cause only unrest, tension and confusion. Elil has grown to dislike crowds and is threatened by large gatherings of people, at times feeling like a cornered animal in populated places. As good as she is with animals and plants and surviving in the wilds, as bad she is with people, money, politics and understanding society in general.

Age: 324

Sex: Female

Hair: Whitish blonde, held in a short ponytail for reasons of practicality.

Eyes: Fel-green.

Weight: 50 Kg

Height: 1,80 m

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral... sometimes just called 'Neutral Crazy'.

Usual Garments/Armor: Elil generally wears battered leather when not out on a hunt, mostly leather straps and breeches that don't cover her body completely. When hunting, however, she prefers donning more protective (and covering) armor.

Other: She has a penchant for claw-like fist weapons, and an assortment of them can easily be seen on her belt. A thin, straight white scar runs from her jaw line up to her right cheekbone across her cheek. She presents lighter scars pretty much everywhere on her body, with a few exceptions.

Personality: Elil is a wanderer, first and foremost. Her allegiance lies with a small circle of friends she dubs her ‘pack’, and which she fiercely defends. Most normally, the people in this group are either actual wolves or individuals whom she has met and formed a tinge of trust with.

She is generally distrustful of males, only going lightly on Trolls and Forsaken. Females however, she empathizes with very easily, often putting up with them in situations in which a male would have already been severely berated. She hates being flirted with by males, considering it some sort of affront. She dislikes technology, as she is more inclined to a natural way of life.

She most often uses the parts she acquires from dead animals as tools, the hides turning into armors, teeth into arrowheads and such. She loves alcohol, calling it the best thing that civilization has ever brought about. She loathes being inside cities or walls though, always preferring to wander about in the wilds of Azeroth and Outland.

She cannot take insults lightly, often returning death-threats to those who throw injurious words, threats usually being fulfilled, either on the spot, or, if it would be inappropriate, in more fortuitous circumstances. She tends to make vows and oaths, and keep them, even under the possibility of death. She has a love for wolves that borders on the obsessive, always keeping one nearby. She views herself as right, or just, even when ending life, calling it necessary.

Elil is a quick learner, and very empathic - though more with animals than humanoids, often trying to discern the people and situations she finds herself in, and attempting to adapt rapidly to them, sometimes plying her personality to suit her needs. This is apparently a compensatory trait to make up for a wilder youth.

History: The love-child of Illirion Saed’serath and Thyriela Ancalima, she has had a very tumultuous early life. Her birth was in Silvermoon, as most others of her kind. Her mother, something of a lesser noble, was married at the time to Seshir Ancalima, and her adultery was not taken lightly by him. Seshir declared the child under the Ancalima name, but forced Thyriela to abandon it in the deep Southern wilds, at a young age, for her betrayal to him.

Not young enough was her age so that she may not fend for herself, however, as, though she found herself disoriented in a strange land, she quickly took to it. At first, she lived off fruit from trees and other such minor sources of sustenance, only when she managed to pick up and wield a stick with a little proficiency did she slay her first rabbit. She learned quickly however and, forced by circumstance, she found she could use the hides of her kills to keep herself warm and safe, and what plants would staunch her ever-present scrapes and cuts, becoming an adept child of the wilds.

Her luck turned for the worst, however, when, one day, a human caravan guarding some noble or other passed through the woods which had become her home. They spoke a tongue strange to her, and she foolishly decided to approach. The caravan’s bodyguards were mere soldiers, but they carried rifles. Alerted, one shot at her, and, though the bullet missed, whizzing through her hair, the thunder of gunfire scarred her memory forever. They surrounded her, overpowered her, and beat her, leaving her for dead in the forest.

She survived however, surprisingly unscathed and she did the only thing she could do at the time: got up and kept walking forward. The event would haunt her for ages to come, though. She was angry and cried to the heavens for vengeance, for she alone could do only so much. Her prayers did not go unanswered, for in but half a day she found the caravan destroyed, the bodies burned and half-eaten, weapons of the Amani Trolls in them.

Nonetheless, she would wander the wilds around her for decades, becoming proficient in tracking game, and sometimes, even people. She would not approach these, however... She’d watch them from a distance, listen in on their conversations, but never confront them directly. Listening to them speaking, she heard words she couldn’t understand. She heard names. She knew she once had such a thing the faint memory of her parents had called her once, but that was like a far away dream, so she listened to the forest, and took her name from birdsong, the chirping of birds became ‘Elil’.

Her wandering would take her one day, to the very gates of the city where she was born, Silvermoon. As soon as she entered, she found herself asked by a guard what her purpose or name was. All she could reply was ‘Elil’, as she had trouble speaking her own tongue. She was escorted to the Silvermoon Registry hall, where her parentage ascertained her to be Elenia Ancalima. She liked the name, but kept her own, adding it as a middle name. Then, she was given a small note, and sent with it to the bank. There, in her arms were thrust a fairly large bag, jingling with gold coins, and a set of armor, which, the note said, was inheritance from her mother. She took her twin prizes happily, and stayed in Silvermoon until she felt the city walls closing in on her like a stone cage.

She wasn’t to be held by anything, and left running back into the comfort of her precious wilds. She eventually befriended a wolf pack, this weighing heavily on her mentality, adopting the mindset of a wolf mother. Ten generations of wolves later, half a year after Arthas’ sacking of Silvermoon, she returned to her birthplace.

She saw her people to have suffered greatly, seeing in them her own sorrow. She along with them dubbed herself Blood Elf and sealed the pact by feeding off a fel-crystal, her blue eyes turning green. Since then, she has flitted in and out of Silvermoon, never staying too long, and taking up the life of a mercenary, as it allowed her to wander about unrestricted. Yet, for all her claustrophobia regarding walled cities, she would always come back to civilization.

These events calmed her volatile, explosive personality, and ‘normalized’ her greatly. Amusingly, it even did wonders for her social skills. Indeed, Elil has reintegrated fairly well into Blood Elven society, and managed to cope with the amount of people she'd meet daily by taking up the path of the Elven Ranger - one often tread by the more nature-loving of the Sin'dorei.

After training was complete, Elil broke off once more and resumed wandering Azeroth and Outland, in the company of wolves and people alike - though the latter were far rarer than the former.
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
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V What Hawk said.

Hold on a moment.

Magically lengthened fangs? I... really don't think it's possible for Arcane to have a permanent transformation on someone.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
It is. Elves are proof that arcane can cause permanent transmutation on someone, given that, well, they became quel'dorei because of it.

One could argue, of course, that it was during a long course of time - but the transformation Kal-quel'dorei was quite fast (Dath'remar is already an in-between of the two as they leave the Night Elven lands) and that was a rather major transformation.

Enhancing teeth is something quite minor, and I can't see why it wouldn't be easily achieved.
I wouldn't classify them as transformations, though, with the Quel'dorei thing. I'd classify them as mutations over prolonged exposure, rather than actively being transformed.

I've never heard of Arcane actually being capable of enlarging or shrinking something, and frankly it's something I'd like to stay away from due to risk of abuse.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."

'Sides, NElves, Draenei 'n BElves get larger chompers by default, so the addition was useless in the first place.

However, while the changes were made, I do remain quite adamant in my view that the Elves do change their appearance(sometimes permanently) with magic, to better suit their view of perfection. One could ask why the fel, in such a war-torn world, they always look like they came off a catwalk, and point to the body-changing(body-shaping, even) aspects of the Arcane.

They like prettying themselves up, and what better way to do it than with magic? It's as easy as(In this case) conjuring a dental amalgam(Like the kind used in dental fillings) and adding it on top of the filed-down teeth with a ridiculously strong adhesive, which is prolly arcane in nature too.
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!
Approved, with that.

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