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Elmaron's introduction
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
I've always been one to roleplay. I've always loved to build up a story and watch it play out, although i've never had the attention span to right a book. I like to think I quickly take on the persona of a character, and those personas vary. I've always enjoyed taking on different personalities, whether it be an ambitious mage, a gruff dwarf or a priest haunted by a dark past. I admit I tend to be stereotypical at times when it comes to my characters, but I find that it works best.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
I originally came from england, although now I live in Canada. I tend to speak regular english, rather than American english, so I apolagize if I occasionally say "mum" instead of "mom", etc. etc.

How did you get into Warcraft?:
I started playing the Warcraft series with Warcraft two. I played through it and its expansion quickly, but never really paid attention to the storyline. When Warcraft 3 came along, I bought it, played it quite happily and I was old enough by then to appreciate the storyline itself, not just the action of it. However, I still didn't really learn much about Warcraft lore until World of Warcraft came out, at that point when I came across an interesting name i'd look it up on wowwiki, and whenever I found a book in-game i'd read through it, and if it didn't satisfy me, i'd go look up some of the events and names mentioned in those books. I can't say I know everything about Warcraft, not by a long shot, but i've got a good grasp on the lore.

What made you seek our server over others?:

To be honest, when I started looking for a private server, I wasn't looking for an RP server. I wasn't sure what I wanted at the time. After a while, I started searching for a server which had a small, tight-knit community who all knew eachother. One thing I found was the so-called "best" private servers were a place where you instantly hit eighty, teleported to a horrible looking mall (The latest was orgrimmar's throne room filled with a bunch of glowing crystals) where you bought the best gear (or the second to best gear) then went out and..did what? There was pvp, but it was such unfair pvp, four vs one while a rogue hit you with custom daggers which did 2k damage white damage, or perhaps go to a "custom instance" which was a regular instance where they just made the creatures harder and made it so they dropped loot. The first private server I played on, long ago, wasn't an RP either, and it was originally what I was looking for. A small community which was mainly focused around social interaction, there were no shops or custom instances, GMs simply made events up off the top of their head. Dear me..I got off track. Anyway, in the end I decided to try looking for an RP server, although I long ago gave up trying to RP on WoW. Very few people would do it, and when they did it just didn't work too well. I found this one, and at first was about to shrug it off. Then I read your rules, and I thought it might be worth a try, afterall I started World of Warcraft to roleplay in the first place, I just sort of got lost along the way, I suppose.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:

It really depends on my character. For example, a grumpy old dwarf might want to spend all of his time relaxing in a tavern, whereas a young, coldblooded and ambitious mage might want to go out in search of power. However, as a whole i'd have to say I enjoy every aspect of roleplaying. Adventure roleplaying especially, although in my mind that encompasses everything. Afterall, what kind of adventurer wouldn't stop off at an inn, or charge down to help a damsel in distress? I love intrigue, I love betrayal and I love plots and secret motives. To have an ally turn on me in the middle of a bloody battle for our lives is simply the peak of roleplaying for me. You have to think of how your characters would react in such a situation. Would the coldblooded mage risk their life in a futile battle when they could turn against their companions and persue a different path to get what they want? Would the priest fall back to his dark ways in the face of oblivion? One thing I can't stand is a clear-cut roleplay. To me, when you roleplay a character you become the character. It can't be "just a game" for you because that completely affects the outcome. I want personal vendettas, I want betrayal, revenge. I want to be lied to. Twists and turns are the true blood of a story, and that's all roleplaying is.

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
I can't really answer this. It depends entirely on the personality and sub-class of what i'm roleplaying. For example, if I were to make a gnome rogue I would make it a thief, not an assassin, not a thug, just a thief. I would make it compassionate, regretful and sad that it had to take this path. However, if I were to make a human rogue, I might make it an assassin. A man who slits the throat of a child without a second thought or a hint of regret. Of course, these are simply my perferances. I'm not saying all gnome rogues must be thieves, it's simply how I percieve the race through my eyes. I don't dislike any particular race or class, nor do I love any combination of them. The classes just aern't varied enough for that.

What are your expectations of this server?:
I don't really know the size of your server, nor do I care as long as theres enough for a good roleplay. I'm hoping that it's full of people who simply want to roleplay. I admit, one thing I think I will dislike is the rule "Furthermore, do not make a character that is "more powerful than everyone else." It's not that I want to be overpowered, running about and making everyone drop dead. Nor do I want to be some famous hero everyone cheers in the streets (atleast not without earning it first) but I find that in adventure-like roleplaying, you need monsters of great power, people more powerful than you with powers and abilities which leave you gaping in awe. What I would love to see would be for the GMs (only the GMs, mind) sometimes playing these characters, as they have the ability to give themselves said awe-inspiring abilities and to take different forms (not every villian (or hero) is a humanoid, afterall). For evil or for good, it really doesn't matter to me, i'd just like to feel helpless for a moment. If everyone is as powerful as everyone else, then there is no real point to gather together mercenaries to do this or that, is there? Other than that, however, from what i've read and seen, I think this server will prove to be the best roleplaying i've ever had over World of Warcraft.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
The bit about respect. The few other "roleplaying" servers i've joined have been filled with arguing (in OOC, of course) and insulting. I don't need to see people throwing immature insults at people because someone decided to try and join an RP. Especially since it's hardly roleplaying if everytime you see someone not in your specific group you break character.

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!: Very well, I wrote this story a few weeks ago. It's not very clear, mind you, nor am I especially proud of it as I wrote it early in the morning, leaving the grammar and wording of it as something to shake your head at. I wrote it as a prologue for a story I was going to write, but i've yet to get around to writing it. I hope you enjoy:

He marched solemnly along the line of children before him, his usually cheerful face an unreadable mask. He scowled inwardly, “Less than a score,” he muttered to himself “still, more than I could have hoped for, I suppose.” Falinshire was a farming village, so he had expected the usual prejudice, but it was one of the king's fiefdoms so he had expected at least a bit more tolerance. His eyes shifted to the watching parents, every last one making their displeasure at having a wizard in their midst, examining their children like livestock. “I can't blame them,” he thought “after all, ignorance breeds intolerance.” He stopped in front of the dirtiest child. Unlike the rest, he was skinny, delicate and weak, his clothes even more threadbare than anyone else's; however his eyes seemed to radiate an inner confidence. His curiosity peaked he stared intently at the child, taking in his thin, delicate hands and his eyes which seemed to rove over everyone in accordance, as though searching for something. “A thief, obviously,” he thought with disdain “still…they say thieves make the best mages. He turned towards the parents and asked “Who are this boy's parents?” To his surprise his question was met with laughter from both the parents and the children. Apparently his puzzlement showed on his face, for one of the adults, a tall scarecrow of a man answered “The boys parents died in a fire two summers ago.” The mage quickly felt his puzzlement turn to anger as he heard these words “So,” he said, his voice deadly calm “you're saying a child is orphaned, and not only do you not help him, give him a home, money, anything, you laugh at his plight?” “Well, the boy's parents were never well liked” said a short, stocky woman with short, spiky hair and what appeared to be a thin layer of flour coating her from head to toe “you see...” “ENOUGH!” He felt himself trembling with rage, and turned in a slow semi-circle so he could glare at everyone “All of you, LEAVE! No, not you boy, you stay!” He noticed several of them exchanging sidelong glances, obviously wondering if they could take the overweight and unarmed man. With a thought, he called upon the powers of one of his ring and his hand instantly started to glow a pale blue as lightning crackled from finger to finger, “Leave, NOW!” he repeated, and this time everyone turned and bolted, scrambling over each other in a rush to get out. He turned to the boy, laboriously dropping to one knee with a faint grown and looked more closely at the boy. “Underfed, but strong-boned,” he muttered, “show me your hands, boy.” Nervously the boy offered one of his hands, and the mage took it in his own, carefully examining it for a few moments before nodding, apparently satisfied. “Boy, you have the makings of something great. You've endured hardship, derision and disdain with your head held high, so I'm willing to make you an offer. I can tell you're a thief, don't give me that shocked look, you may be a good thief, but you're a terrible liar,” he paused to take a breath and locked his eyes with the boy's, “My name is Antonias, and as you already know, I'm a wizard.” “I…I'm Gaven” the boy stuttered uncertainly. “It's a pleasure to meet you Gaven. Now, I have spent months searching for an apprentice, traveling from town to town, village to village, and until now I've found no one who could perform sleight of hand on the streets, let alone master the art of magic,” he smiled at this, trying to comfort the boy, “Now, it will take years to master even the simplest cantrips. You will have to dedicate your entire life to magic. It is not a hobby, it is not a job. It is a life. Magic is dangerous, lad. You may not survive your first spell. Even if you do, you will be mocked and ridiculed, scorned and shunned, feared and respected. People, as you've no doubt seen today, hate mages, even those who claim to be tolerant secretly fear us. However, I am willing to give you a shot at greatness. What do you say, boy?” He had watched the boy's eyes carefully throughout this speech. No fear at the dire warnings he had just laid before the child, no doubt or uncertainty, only eager anticipation shone through like a lighthouse on a misty morning. “T-Thank you,” Gaven managed to choke out, “I will do everything I can to prove myself.” Antonias laughed, and motioned up the road, his somber mask dropped and a wide grin on his ruddy face as they took to the road. “Sir,” Gaven muttered, his eyes looking everywhere but at the mage as he pulled out a small coin pouch and handed it over. Antonias looked at the bag in puzzlement and opened his mouth to explain to the lad that he didn't need to pay for his apprenticeship, then stopped himself, carefully weighed the bag and burst into raucous laughter as he hung his coin pouch back on his belt. When his laughter finally died down, he stated in a matter-of-fact way “You'd have made a fine thief if you kept at it, but you'll make a finer mage with those ingenious fingers of yours.” He draped an arm across the lad's shoulders and carefully guided him down the road, away from Falinshire and towards his true destiny.

The end

As you can see, it's rather..bulky..and..fragmented. A sleep depraved mind doesn't like to work. Keep in mind, as well, that this has nothing to do with Warcraft (Obviously.) As I said, I just dregged something up.

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:

If you could answer the thing I brought up under "What are your expectations of this server?" it would be great. Just to confirm or invalidate my assumption. Thanks!

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