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Emdine Sunfire [Blood Elf Noble Cat Handler]
Head of House: Reigen Fatty Hamburgers Sunfire

Do you have the leader's permission to make this character? Wait, people make nobles in a house without the owner's permission? That ain't nice. (Yes, I do)

What relation is the character to the family? Emdine is one of Reigen's daughters.

What powers/permissions does the character have? Whatever is standard with Reigen's hellspawn children.

Due to her cat handling skills, I would like to know if it is at all possible for her to have a feline type of mount.

I agree to all that code, yada yada yada, not gonna be a butthead so on and so forth.

Player: SachikoMaeda

Character Full Name: Emdine Ae'sahiri Sunfire

Character In-Game Name: Emdine

Nickname(s): Emmy, Cat Keeper

Association(s): Silvermoon, House Sunfire

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Cat Handler (Hunter)

Skills and Abilities: Master Cat Handler. The resident care-taker and trainer of all the felines that end up in or around the Sunfire Estate and properties. She is knowledgeable in the behavior of all types of cats and is a self claimed Feline Communicator. Even if there is no actual communication with said cat.

Pocket Sand. She is rather clumsy when it comes to combat. She resorts to underhanded tactics to get by if ever in a combat situation. This can range from throwing sand out of her pockets to showering her opponent with a special herb blend that may cause any cats she keeps around her to attack.

Wallflower. She keeps to herself and rather distant. It's almost as if she disappears into the background.

Age: 122

Sex: Female

Hair: Her hair is quite long and is usually tied up in a ponytail or whatever fashion she sees fit at the time. She usually incorporates a red ribbon into her hairstyle.

Eyes: Fel tainted green.

Scale/Height: 1

Weight: 153lbs

Usual Garments/Armor: She prefers to stay in rather simple attire. Pants, a top, and boots. She has various outfits for different situations, but will ultimately choose comfort over style.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: She uses her knowledge of cats as a shield for her poor social skills. Being in crowds tends to cause her unease, especially if she doesn't know the people around her. She prefers the company of cats and a select few members of her family for company. If she can get past her unease and open up, she can be rather snarky yet a good friend. While she won't go well out of her way to help someone, she will certainly provide some minor type of support. She is overall detached from her family and often quite aloof. She has a feeling she won't be heir to the house at any point in time, so she makes no effort to prepare herself for such a role. Instead, she prefers simply staying out of trouble and focusing on what she enjoys.


Throughout her history, Emdine had a continued attraction towards the various cats kept around the manor. Even though she almost always stayed to herself, she focused more on her studying than most of the going ons around her. She studied only a little of the arcane, not expressing enough interest to pursue becoming a mage. She began spending more and more time with the cats, learning how to teach them various tricks. She eventually moved on from smaller house cats to larger cats. She studied briefly into the politics and manners one should have if they are of noble birth, but never truly stayed focused in such studies. She never planned to take leadership of the family, hold responsibilities within the military, or even maintaining a simple job. Expecting large responsibilities like that made her far too nervous. She struggled continuously to overcome her shyness, eventually crowding herself with more and more cats. She soon found herself capable of sneaking up on people and animals with ease.

She took in various large cats, investing all of her time into training the larger cats. It was when she was out on a trip to find a nightsaber that the Scourge attacked her homeland. The withdrawals were debilitating, forcing her back home until fel was brought as a temporary cure for the withdrawals. After the Scourge invasion, she stayed more at home, contributing what she could to the rebuild effort. Once she felt her aid was no longer needed, she resumed tending to her various cats.
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You're missing the last part of the questionaire for joining a family, under the block of code that asks if you agree and accept and such. Link is here.

As for the feline mount, I think that's acceptable. Reigen agreed, so you can probably just make a ticket, post-approval, and ask for the cat you were thinking about. Then a GM should add it for you.

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