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Emily Stranger [Human]
Player: Errata

Character Full Name: Emily Stranger

Character In-Game Name: Emily

Nickname(s): Em


Race: Human

Class: Elementalist (Mage)

Skills and Abilities: Emily has had quite a lot of experience with evoking the powers of the elements through the arcane but she is still quite inept at using a full scala of spells in combat. She is quite capable at controlling water and ice. Wind and lightning seem to be two of her other specialities. Fire, earth and other elements have never really belonged to Emily's forte. She is capable of conjuring food and water.

Emily has great potential for her arcane magic but as it is, she is still just a fledgeling.

Age: Nineteen

Sex: Female

Hair: Long, bright red and well-kept hair

Eyes: Deep Auburn

Weight: Hundred and twenty-seven pounds

Height: Five foot and eight inches

Usual Garments/Armor: Emily is usually seen wearing all kinds of different robes. She has a large collection of colourful and bright robes that are just itching to be worn. Not that the robes itch when they are, infact, worn. Emily prefers robes over regular leggings and vest over robes yet on adventures she will probably go with the more logical option of the two.

Other: Emily's lengthy exposure to arcane magic has caused her skin to feel slightly warmer to the touch. Metal objects in Emily's vicinity slowly become charged with static electricity. She seems more comfortable out in the nature and during turbulent weather rather than in cities and during relatively calm weather.

Personality: Emily is a kind stranger. She gladly makes acquaintance with nearly anyone and is not easily startled. Even though she always prepares for the unexpected, she usually prepares for the wrong kind of unexpected. She is rash to act and usually goes with her impulses. This is mostly because she can act out on her impulses with success because of the preparations. Emily takes rather good care of her appearance isn't necessarily vain but certainly doesn't mind any compliments either. She is fairly confrontational and can be quick to express her emotions. She adores the world and the nature that inhabits the world. Emily carries a faint hint of the arcane with her. She is mildly addicting to casting spells and using her magic. She uses it very casually and does not seem to regard the side effects of the magic with any seriousness.

History: Emily was born into a family of nobles near Stormwind. She had a few siblings, an arrogant father and a mother of course. This situation, however, did not persist all that long. Word had gotten out that the family had received yet another baby. An illustrious thief had set up a perfect plot to earn himself a few extra coins. He was going to swoop into the manor, avoid the staff and kidnap the baby. He would ask for a handsome ransom and escape with the coin.

It happened just as the thief planned, or almost.. The thief had misplaced the envelope that contained the letter describing the peculiar kidnapping. He had balanced it precariously close to an open fire in that room. The letter took flight by the short gust of wind and dwindled into the fire. The family had never gotten word of the ransom. All it ever would've seemed like to the family was a kidnapping and nothing more. In fact, it had been just a kidnapping. The thief hadn't received word from the family for over a day and maintaining the baby was becoming a handful. The backup situation had been killing the baby and that would've been it. The thief hadn't even murdered anyone and even though he had planned to cross the boundary, he never found himself capable to do so.

He had been hiding himself and the baby in the eastern outskirts of Westfall. The man had considered several options but they all took too much time. He had already wasted two days by taking care of the baby. The quickest option had been an alluring one. Just leave the kid on the doorstep of the only house in the wide vicinity. It seemed like a proper farm. It must've been ran by a family at least. He had to get going again. The man took flight after leaving the baby on the doorstep of the farmhouse. The door swung open shortly after the knocking. The old woman glanced about after noticing the blankets along with the baby on her doorstep. There had been no sight of the thief.

The old woman took in the baby girl. It was that or leaving the child to be eaten by coyotes. The elderly woman had been in a witch in the prime of her life and still used the remnants of her magic to make herself a comfortable living. She had been living outside of the society and decided to solely live on the plants she knew how to cultivate and the animals she had grown to love. It was a peaceful existence, not counting the arcane magic that coursed through the air from time to time. The witch had aptly called the abandoned child Emily Stranger. Emily simply had been the name of the witch. It was either lack of imagination of a lack of caring to come up with another name for the child. The surname seemed rather self-explanatory.

Emily had been raised by the witch in a curious fashion. The aim was to raise the child so she would be perfectly capable of continuing the witch's hermetic way of life. Over the course of eighteen years had Emily met a total of twenty-seven other people. Most of them had been lost in the valley and asked for a way back to civilisation at the doorstep. Emily had never really wondered about the outside world. There had been plenty of information in all the books her caretaker had provided her with. The witch owned a peculiar collection of books which could probably have been qualified as a small library.

Emily grew up in the exact trail of the witch. She had been schooled in the arcane by the witch but not in any regular fashion. She knew how to draw power to herself and form it into the elements. Anything beyond nature and the elements had been beyond both the witch and Emily alike. She had been taught how to read, write, spin a yarn and a whole plethora of things that were useful for either adventuring or farming. Emily had become a disciple of the with rather than a child at the end of the days.

It had been when the witch passed away due to old age that she sought for something else to do. She had always enjoyed the company of a other people as long as it didn't turn into a mass. She had picked up the valuables and sought for a new place to live or perhaps start an adventure of her own. One similar to the ones portrayed in the many novels she had read as a child.
Little by little, one travels far.
I can't remember why I didn't approve this after reading it yesterday. Approved.

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