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Emmit Tassel [Undead Warrior]
Player: Cartoonkarl

Character Full Name: Emmit Theodore Tassel

Character In-Game Name: Emmit

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): Argent Crusade, Argent Dawn

Race: Undead

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: N/A

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Yellow

Weight: 172 lbs

Height: 5'13"

Usual Garments/Armor: Emmit wears a collection of dull golds, blacks, and blues, some pieces finely detailed, while others just thrown together. Over this armor he wears a tabard of the Argent Dawn. On his back there is a large thin sword, plus a large wooden shield. On his waist is his old steel sword.

Other: N/A

Alignment: True Neutral

Personality: Emmit would like to consider himself hopefully insane... Think of an optimist with pessimistic views. He is very neutral towards almost everything, including the Forsaken. He has faith that there will be a better outcome in everything, but acknowledges that it will probably not happen... But maybe it will? Maybe his is just insane.


Emmit was born in the city of Lordaeron during the First War. His father was a carpenter, his mother an alchemist. At a young age Emmit took an interest in the Light, and began to study it... More as a science then a religion, at least until Jacob Richardson took him under his wing to teach him the true meaning of the Light. Since then he had been taught how to become a priest of the Light.

Once he was officially a priest he secluded himself to his home and the Church, finding no real need to go outside besides purchasing goods and shouting scriptures and good deeds from the book of Holy Light. One day when he was in the church praying, he spotted the most peculiar woman. She was gorgeous. She was another member of the Clergy, though he could have sworn he had never seen her before. Though there she was. Eventually she caught notice of him. After his prayer, and the service, she approached him and they began to talk as they walked around Lordaeron.

The two continued to meet ever since, spending time outside of the church with each other. Emmit eventually got around to earning enough money to purchase a ring and proposed to her. Once married they decided to move to Stormwind, as they had only heard of the rebuilt city that had been the first to fall under the Orc horde.


Emmit was visiting his parents in the City of Lordaeron when the Scourge attacked. He was slain in the streets like many others only to be risen again to serve Arthas... When his bonds were broken he saw the problem that lay before him. He was dead, and his wife most likely still alive. He pondered the idea of contacting her... He was an undead, how could he reveal this to her? He couldn't, thus he began to send letters trying to convince her that he survived. His first letter to her was just a simple 'I survived letter' stating that he was still human, and that he was unable to try and meet her, fearing that he may be slain by the things that now roam Lordaeron. From that point on they began to communicate through letters.

Emmit viewed himself as unworthy to wield the Light, and once he was resurrected he never tried to use it, never feeling the pain that he would cause upon himself. Though Emmit is still a devout worshiper of the Light. He then began to wear plate, carry around a shield and a sword to try and intimidate others to not fight him, though he has no practical skill with them. If combat were to arise he would just fight defensively and run.

Since his first letter he began his search to find a 'cure' for Undeath, to try and reverse the necromantic magic,
and bring himself back... Maybe even transfer his soul and mind into another body... Though to this day he has found nothing that would actually help him... He has faith that there is something out there, but his pessimistic view is slowly eroding his willpower to continue searching.

Soon after the forming of the Argent Dawn he joined up, proving his freedom from the Scourge easily. Using the Argent Dawn as a perfect way to advance his research. He fought at the Dark Portal, to defend Azeroth from the Burning Legion. The main reason as to why he actually tried to fight at the Dark Portal was to pass the time and try to actually fit into his new arms and armor, maybe actually be of use to others in combat. Though after the conflict he vowed to never fight in a large scale war again. After that he never really saw much action, preferring to stick Light's Hope Chapel.
Leaving the Argent Dawn right before it merged with the Silver Hand. Emmit began to roam around for awhile, trying to keep his research going. When Hearthglen was taken by the Crusade he made it his 'permanent residence', more like a place to stay in the corner and let others go about their business.

Now all he does is travel around, send letters to his wife, and put as much time into his hopeless research as he can.
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