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With the server coming to a likely close, I thought it fitting to make a thread where we can write up Epilogues of where our characters will end up down the road.

(Side note: some people are looking to continue their storylines and RP over skype, so don't consider this thread a be all end all ending to your character. Just a possible branch in the road.)

Now, some mood music.

Cristovao di Silvio - Compassionate Crusader
Cristovao took up being a mentor full time, though he still utilizes the Order of Virtue to spread good deeds to the overlooked in need. When the Alliance goes to war in Pandaria, Cristovao used all his assets to raise relief aide for the locals and openly criticized the war.

Hrodebert Rivermouth - Stubborn Gunslinger
Hrodebert never gave up his dream of seeking his fortunes. To this day the Windwaker still sails, carrying aboard refugees of society like himself in search of greater meaning in life.

Gantrithor - Soul Seeker
Gantrithor continued to fight the Twilight's Hammer forces at Hyjal until they were defeated, valiantly participating in the final battle against Ragnaros. Afterwards he resumed his efforts to rally his kinsmen in helping Azeroth, but ultimately succumbed to his hatred and joined the Alliance's war against the Horde.

Maeia di Silvio - Shadow Mother
She remained in Hearthglen as the war between Forsaken Lordaeron and the Alliance waged ever stronger. Her efforts to kindle kinship and culture in the newly risen beyond a common enemy were in vain. To this day, she still dreams of a peaceful Lordaeron.

Oraeon - Unbroken Soul
He continued to gradually engage himself with the other races of the Alliance while escorting parties through the swamp of sorrows. However, he never could overcome the listlessness in his heart, and the wounds of the past still cause him great pain.

Aryeon Sunsong - Guiding Light
Aryeon eventually restored his noble house to functional power, though at great cost. He shared his wisdom both spiritually as a man of the cloth and intellectually as an arcane schoolmaster. None ever would learn the truth behind the Song of the Sun.

Hercynian Dreamseer - Hibernating Bear
Hercynian took a great injury in the battles for Mount Hyjal, though he did not perish. Too crippled to fight, he wonders if his survival has any greater meaning, or if he was merely lucky.

Madugo - Free Spirited Soothsayer
Madugo continued to work with the Earthworks to bring culture and life values to Horde causes. When Hellscream's war in Pandaria outed the trolls, Madugo attempted to appease both sides and was imprisoned. After his release, he never was quite as happy as he seemed before.

Ferdinand Viera - Brutish Vigilante
The uneducated worgen drifted from job to job, never entertaining a higher purpose in life beyond food for the night and a roof to sleep under. His spirit remained restless and violent.

Mathieu Rivermouth - Adventuring Arcanist
Mathieu stayed with his beloved Sylineri through thick and thin. Eventually he departed the Windwaker to become his own man and finally live his own life, unafraid of the unknown ahead.

Balshar Darkdawn - Detatched Darkcaster
The blood mage never relented in his studies to exploit the powers of the Legion against them. Eventually, he was forgotten by all who knew him, locked away in the Scryer's study.

Antares of Argus - Impregnable Exile
The ancient Draenei continued to serve the Argent Crusade dutifully, his stone expression betraying the ever growing longing for the final battle to come so he may liberate his beloved long lost homeworld.

Du'guro - Spiteful Warlord
Du'guro was among the first of the darkspear trolls to join the rebellions against Garrosh when his people were exiled from Orgrimmar. He died valiantly in battle, overjoyed in the slaughter of his hated enemy the orcs.

Sophie Conrad - Lonely Girl
Sophie eventually adjusted to life among the Worgen, but forever felt like a stranger among her countrymen. She still seeks someone she can open her heart up to.

Nicolaus Fischer - Humble Footman
Nicolaus fought in many battles for the Forsaken, but luck was never on his side, only tenacity. He eventually went missing in Gilneas.

Hotoao - Bloodhoof Brave
Hotoao fought for the glory of the Horde throughout the Cataclysm, but became jaded as the war in Pandaria took a turn for the worse. She like most of the tauren rallied under Baine to oust the corrupt warchief Hellscream.

Mabok - Wolf Breeder
Mabok remained secluded on his ranch, keeping interaction to a minimum. Eventually the Kor'kron repossessed his land and his wolves for the war effort, and the Warsong's personal lethargy was broken. He was slain defending the only thing he loved, his wolves.

Harun Sunsong - Silvermoon's Finest
The spellbreaker's larger than life personality held strong throughout the world's conflicts. As Silvermoon City was fortunately spared from most of the tangible dangers in Azeroth, so too was Harun as he kept up his patrols.
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.
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