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Ernwold Tronje (Human Rogue/Assassin).
Character Full Name: Ernwold Tronje.

Character In-Game Name: Ernwold.

Nickname(s): Ern, Wold, Tron, Overseer, High Overseer.

Previous Association(s): Old Stormwind, Alliance of Lordaeron, Kingdoms Without Guards.

Race: Human.

OOC Class: Rogue.

Profession: Assassin/Hitman.

Skills and Abilities: Up Close and Personal: While be may be handy with a crossbow, his best fighting is done right up in someone’s face with his bare hands, a knife, or fist weapons.

Infiltration: Incredibly skilled at getting in and out of places unnoticed.

Master of Disguise: One of Ernwold’s strengths lies in his ability to change his name, outfit, and appearance to great success in order to avoid being recognized.

Age: 42.

Sex: Male.

Hair: His hair is a pale blonde color and hangs several inches above his shoulders. He often fails to shave his facial hair leaving sideburns, a beard, and thick stubble to be enjoyed by all.

Eye: Green.

Weight: 182 lbs.

Height: 5’11 feet/inches.

Build: Ernwold has well defined muscles from years of his own rigorous training regiment. While strong and well-defined his muscles are slim and toned to allow for a balance of agility and strength.

Usual Garments/Armor: Ernwold can be seen in a variety of outfits depending upon the situation at hand. During more dangerous encounters he may be seen wearing dark, custom-made leather armor for sneaking and close-quarters-combat; in a casual setting he’d likely be wearing denim, wool, or cloth garments to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb. Aside from his usual choice of clothes Ernwold wears an eye patch to cover injuries sustained to his right eye during the Second War.

Other: He bears multiple of scars from his life of subterfuge and combat, mostly on his chest and arms.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Personality: Ernwold often deviates from his usually serious demeanor for the sake of humor; the fact that he can take almost any situation far too seriously belies his somewhat tongue-in-cheek nature. While he may enjoy a good joke there is nothing Ernwold takes more seriously than combat, or his beliefs. He does not let the rush of battle cloud his judgment, always the cool and calm one.

Ernwold was fifteen when the First War began, tearing the Kingdom of Stormwind apart. His mother was long dead and his father served in the war, leaving Ernwold alone to take care of his home near the southern coast of Elwynn. With Stormwind being sacked and the war lost Ernwold was taken with his father and the remnants of Lothar’s army across the Great Sea, sailing north to Lordaeron. During the journey his father succumbed to disease, his death at sea motivating Ernwold into service. With their arrival in South Shore he began his training to serve in Lothar’s army against the imminent orcish threat to their new temporary home.

When Ernwold reported to his first day of training something seemed to be off, they were in a remote area with only a handful of others present for training. It was at this time that it was revealed to Ernwold and the other trainees what they were there for and why they had been selected, to become assassins. During their grueling days of training Ernwold found he had natural talent for hand-to-hand combat, infiltration, and disguise. As the Second War began training became initiation, initiation became field operations, field operations became dead orcs. Missions ranged from the sabotage of outposts to hunting down scouts and Horde officers.

Ernwold proved himself a skilled operative, a cut above the rest ready for more dangerous solo missions into Horde territory. His first few missions were a success netting him the praise and acknowledgement of his superiors before his fourth solo mission resulted in complete and utter failure. While infiltrating an orc camp he was ambushed, his presence revealed to the orcs prior to his arrival, but by who was a mystery. As he awaited whatever was in store the orcs taunted him with a single piece of information: he was betrayed. Ernwold was soon dragged off to a dungeon where for nearly a month he endured horrid forms of torture at the hands of the orcs; the days of torture eventually resulted in the permanent blinding of his right eye. During his imprisonment Ernwold grew to hate not only orcs but his former comrades as well. The cold walls of his cell revealed to him that all manner of beings were cruel and honorless, humans were no better than the monsters that held him prisoner.

Finally the right opportunity presented itself and Ernwold managed to escape, fleeing into the wilderness and away from all civilization. He spent the final days of the Second War hiding in the wilderness, surviving off the land far enough west from any fighting. With his trust in humanity lost he took on a new name and a new face, returning to human society in the Eastern Kingdoms as a mercenary. He founded his own mercenary organization “Kingdoms Without Guards” and began hiring and training recruits to take on missions that required a more subtle approach. With his organization in full swing they gained a degree of fame among their clients, recommended for their high success rate and specialized training. Ernwold led the K.W.G through countless operations, and with the arrival of the Third War he saw a spike in business. Life continued in this fashion until the reopening of the Dark Portal and a mission Ernwold would never forget.

With the Burning Legion invading Azeroth once again, Ernwold took up a contract to gather his entire organization and aid in the defense of Azeroth. They fought long and hard, but the unending waves of demons and a horribly botched attempt on Highlord Kruul’s life left the K.W.G decimated. When the defenders finally pushed the demons back into the portal, Ernwold never stepped through, his life as he knew it was over; he’d lost his organization, his friends, everything he worked those many years to build. While filled with despair, what he felt most about what happened was confusion. He wondered if he should continue, rebuild, retire, was the contract another setup, the questions never ended and all melted away as he wasted the coming days at Booty Bay with his face stuck to a bottle of booze; but maybe it’s time to take on a new contract, eh?
There's always a bigger fish...
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How does his lack of depth perception affect him?

Also, is there a particular reason he's over six feet tall? Height is rarely a useful element for disguise artists.
(03-15-2013, 10:55 AM)Dae Wrote: How does his lack of depth perception affect him?

Also, is there a particular reason he's over six feet tall? Height is rarely a useful element for disguise artists.

Typo, supposed to be 5'11, missed that before posting it (really focused on looking over the history). And as for depth perception, I didn't want to add another paragraph just to describe the history of an injury, I felt it'd add unnecessary length.
There's always a bigger fish...
... Poor bloke, is all I have to say. Poor, poor bloke.

[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]

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