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Facing Facts
Alright. We all know Qaza stepped down. We all know that Kretol, Fawee, and Alfie are off on various vacations/illness breakouts and thus can't be here. There was a plan to add another GM, but that has been delayed for one reason or another.

I don't blame any GM for their absence. This is a game first and foremost, and we're all here to have fun. Sometimes we lose interest and want to do something else. That's perfectly fine.

However, it's time to have a sit down and chat, facing a few facts:

1. It's the summer. We're getting a population boom as some, especially a younger audience, are getting more free time.

2. I am, at present, the only really active GM. I am doing most of the work that really should have three or four people to do. Again, I am a volunteer, and not paid for this.

3. We are not likely to be getting the GM numbers that we need for some time. Even if I get another, or even two more, it's not going to be enough to do everything that needs to be done quickly.

4. I have a very short temper and a low tolerance for stupidity. I am aware of this. Undoubtedly, you all are aware of this too.

So, everyone involved needs to have something that is very rare in this day and age, and that is called patience. Profiles are going to stagnate. I can only do, and am willing to do, so much. The delays in this are are going to be even longer than they were before.

I am going to be under a lot of stress. Stress caused by issuing disciplinary actions, stress from constantly feeling obligated to doing a few profiles every day, and stress caused from being compelled to log onto the server so there is an active GM when I would really rather be doing something else. Most people complain about me or simply don't like me. I am fully aware of this. I'd be lying if I said that particular fact bothered me, but I will say that many of you are likely to like me even less right now.

I am trying to keep up with day-to-day issues, such as profiles and levelling. I simply don't have the time to create those new titles some were waiting for, or to go and act upon the ideas you all have, even if those ideas are brilliant.

Understand. I am going to be stressed and likely am going to be even more strict than I normally am. Things that you want to have done quickly aren't likely to get done anytime soon. I'd tell everyone to be on their best behavior, but I know full well that that's not going to change anything. I'd also tell everyone to think for a moment about what they're doing, and try to do things that cause the least amount of work and stress for "the GMs," but I also know that that wouldn't change anything. So, instead I'm just going to say that this is how it is.

Have you hugged an orc today?
- I am not tech support. Please do not contact me regarding technical issues. -
I understand, I will do my up-most best to not bother you.

Please try to relax though, it's good for you :)
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Grakor is the way he is for a darn good reason. If he were to let people get away with things, people would consider it something he should do -all- the time.

Really, he does a damn good job, and shouldn't be told to "calm down". Honestly, and truthfully, I know -many- people that have never had any conflict with him.
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△Move along.△


Okay, what your saying is completly understandable, and I can see what happened last night was justified. Sorry about that.
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I said relax Alpha, not calm down >.<

I agree that he does very well, but I was more concerned for him, not the server or RP or his characters/whatever. He shouldn't be stressed out doing this.

Anyway, don't stress Grakor, make sure to do some things you like that help you to relax :)
Jessika Iskuri - Human Female Priest. Shy, innocent, cute little thing.
Dias Raveindell - Human Male Warrior. Cold, silent lone warrior type.

Cassandra Singlider - Human Female Mage. (Deceased)
Take it easy Grakor, you have at least earned a "thank you" for puting up with what you do, and for taking this responsability on your self, people need to think about how hard it is from you posisition,so Thank You Grakor, without you, this server would not be the strictly guided, fantatic RP server it is today, Thank you for your tremendus effort and I hope people can behave for while and give you a break. :D
Indeed, I agree. This would turn into Live quality RP quickly without you.
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You can do your part by not whining in chat about stuff GMs can't/don't have the time to fix (that's why the Bugs forum is there), and treating everyone (yes, EVERYONE, even that person who emoted looking at you funny, even if they're not a GM, even if they are a GM) like human beings (hint: respect has a lot to do with it).

That said, I owe Grak a lot, and he has every right to feel as he does.
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I'll do all I can to make your Gm duties easy on you, you've got more on your plate than I would care to take, and you've got my respect for keeping up under the pressure. In any case, good luck with your GM duties. /salute
To all GMs, I know it's not my place, but if any help is needed, feel free to use and abuse. I love this server, and I've seen many servers go down under due to GM's under-appreciated work. I've seen GMs snap due to so much pestering, and it's not a pretty sight. So any GM's who are struggling, ask anyone. It doesn't have to be me, because it's not fair for a few people to do all this work for the players who have no patience, no time, and no respect for all of the hours they have volunteered to keep this server alive. So, to all the GMs that are on or are reading this, I say "Thank you for keeping this server alive."

PS: Yes, I know I sound like a brown noser. >_> I'm just tired of switching servers every few months because GMs get stressed and tell the populace some very un-Disneylike things...
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Whether people like you or not, Grak, (I personally do like you), they've gotta respect you and appreciate the time that you selflessly put into this server and the wonderful comfortable RP world that you've extensively helped provide for them. Anybody who doesn't is kidding themselves. Personally I agree that your stern guidance has kept this server afloat and away from the "OMG LOLZ CYBERZ /builtinemote" type RP community that is hard to avoid these days. I hope that you'll do your best not to let yourself get burnt out here, because as awesome as you are at being a GM, you definitely deserve to have fun with this server too (probably even moreso than anybody else here). We'll do our best to behave for you (at least I will, and it's obvious many other people will too). You are such a valued and respected person here and we literally would be lost without you. But you already know that! :)

Wish you the best.
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I just want to offer my servaces should you need them, I am not computure savy as many others are, but I know lore and will study that I don't know, if you need an extra profile approver I would be honored and would make sure nothing short a flawless profiles make it in, as that is anotherthing that drives the quality here.

Again, I know it's not my place, but the offer stands.

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