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Falco's Stupid Doodles
I was not kidding when I said Azolthun was fat.

[Image: tEBINtM.png]

First ever draenei I have ever drawn. ...actually I think this is technically my first Warcraft drawing period. FEEL HONORED or not

i really like drawing fat people a lot :I in fact every time i draw one i keep thinking they look too SMALL and keep readjusting oops

also i have never ever been able to draw manlymen or even mature-looking males even when they're intended to be oooops
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  • Maulbane, Whorak, CappnRob, FlyingSquirrel, ImagenAshyun
necrobumping my own thread to post another dumb sketch of another dumb fatty

iiiit's Lucen!
[Image: lyJ9EO5.png]

i friggin hate these Warcraft clothes with all these details fffff
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  • Jonoth, CappnRob
Fat elf squeeeeeeeeeee~
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
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  • Jonoth
this may as well be Falco's Stupid Chubs cause here's another one

the hippie himself (talkin bout Thelron)

[Image: ulpHHHh.png]
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  • ImagenAshyun, c0rzilla

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