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Falthias Silverglen [Highborne]
Player: Delta

Character Full Name: Falthias Silverglen

Character In-Game Name: Falthias

Associations: The House of Shen’dralar, The Alliance, The Kaldorei.

Race: Highborne Night Elf

Class: Warmage (Mage)

Age: 11,567

Sex: Male

Hair: White, long, and braided in a formal style.

Eyes: Pale silver.

Weight: 278 lbs

Height: 7’2” (1.02)

Skills and Abilities

Here’s Something I Enchanted Earlier: If Falthias is wearing it, holding it, or was left alone with it for any prolonged period of time, it’s safe to assume that it is enchanted. He favours enchantments which counter an item’s largest flaw. A heavy sword might be enchanted with a featherweight spell, or an arrow might suddenly ignore the wind, even in a storm.

Spellsword: As a Warmage, Falthias marries the art of Evocation to swordsmanship. By channelling the Arcane through his weapon, he is able to perform feats such as evoking fire to wield a burning blade, for example. He usually augments his defences with magical shielding to support himself in close-range combat without heavy armour. He tends to use spells which require only short incantations or somatic gestures in battle.

Thaumaturge: Falthias wishes to encourage appreciation for the Arcane among his people, to show that it is more than a force of destruction. The sole purpose of some of his spells is to delight and inspire wonder. They are considered utility and serve no purpose whatsoever in combat, such as illustrating a story with minor illusions.


Usual Garments: Isolation has preserved his sense of style. Falthias typically favours the gaudy garb the Highborne are known for, but he can coordinate his colours effectively. He is inclined towards rich, regal purples and elegant gold, which coincidentally matches the crest of the House of Shen’dralar.

Other: Falthias’s magically-augmented constitution delayed the visible signs of age for as long as it could, but he was already destined for venerability when his longevity slowed to a standstill. Age’s long, thin fingers wrinkle the corners of his eyes. Siphoning Immol'thar’s demonic energies for aeons has reddened his skin and given him a dark complexion, but curiously, there are no other obvious signs of corruption. Much of his weight is muscle mass.


Falthias has cycled through the stages of life, arriving at the present as a mildly mysterious man with a strange sense of humour and a penchant for cantrips and caprice. A little on the eccentric side, his thoughts can be unpredictable and his actions even less so. There is usually a method to the madness, but it might take some searching in order to find it. His separation from Night Elf culture becomes quite clear when matters of magic are concerned, and he finds the condemnation of Arcane disheartening. To most, he comes across as a well-mannered old man with good intentions, if a bit bizarre.

A betrayer Prince and an addiction sated by absorbing demonic energies—stop me if you’ve heard this story before. The Sin’dorei intrigue Falthias. Their society’s progressive outlook towards magic is an approach that he finds refreshingly familiar. It’s a fascination that he keeps understandably quiet about, though. Little invigorates him more than discussing magic with the Draenei, and he finds the fact that their eldest mages can cast circles around him positively hilarious. That aside, he empathises strongly with their plight, and admires the fact that they continue to practice Arcane magic even though their advanced civilisation was what drew Sargeras’ eye.

The younger races do not interest Falthias all that much, but he occasionally expresses his disapproval for their rash actions and perceived warmongering, and his surprise when they exhibit great wisdom.


Deep within Eldre’Thalas’ heart, long ago, young Falthias trained as a Sorceror under the guidance of senior Arcanists. It was not an unusual choice for a Kaldorei of prestigious, lofty birth. He began his studies at an early age, taking enormous pride in his education. Over time, he grew to be a competent practitioner of magic. He specialised in the enchantment of inanimate objects, particularly weapons, and grew quite proficient in handling light blades.

Falthias had already lived for a rather long time when the Sundering tore Kalimdor apart, far longer than most other mortal races of that epoch could have hoped to. The Burning Legion’s invasion laid waste to Eldre’Thalas, earthquakes caused by the division of the continent crumbling the kingdom, and foul creatures began making their homes where the remaining elves no longer cared or dared to tread. Once, Eldre’Thalas had been bustling and busy, but the surviving citizens withdrew deeper and deeper into the ruins until they occupied only a fraction of the kingdom.

The Shen’dralar had been dealt a grievous wound. Bereft of the Well of Eternity’s nourishing energies, Falthias fell into a dire lethargy. The Prince of Eldre’Thalas, Tortheldrin, began the construction of magical pylons within the heart of a broken Eldre’Thalas. The pylons created a grand force field, a shield built with the intention of imprisoning a great demon. Immol’thar was trapped within, the mighty felbeast forced to serve as a battery for the elven civilisation.

His magic sustained by the hellish hound’s magic, Falthias honed his skill with spell and sword. The Shen’dralar had gathered a vast repository of knowledge over the millennia. Their sheltered lives were centred around the collection of magical lore and history, and Falthias spent many years absorbing the wisdom sequestered between a book’s leather bindings. He initially felt uncomfortable with harnessing power fuelled by such a terrible creature, but was ruled by his magical thirst and drank nevertheless.

In time, Prince Tortheldrin’s well of magic began to dry up. The power required to restrain Immol’thar began to outweigh the energy it supplied to maintain its prison and sustain the Highborne population. In order to feed the immense powers he wielded and prolong his immortal life, the Prince betrayed his own people. Along with his zealous followers, Tortheldrin stole the lives of so many unwitting citizens, leaving displaced spirits to wander and lament their leader’s vile, duplicitous actions. Gordok ogres invaded, their presence unchallenged, and Satyrs stole into the ruins in the wake of the brutish race that paved the way for them, lured by the scent of power.

Falthias was not among the unfortunate innumerable his Prince slew, nor at his side with the faithful few. He did not linger in Eldre’Thalas. Employing wards and spells to slip away undetected, he evaded the royally loyal. Taking with him what few books and meagre possessions he could carry, he fled his crumbling home alone. Many of his mentors, peers, and closest companions had perished, and more still were lost to fate’s whims, their whereabouts a mystery to the ancient Arcanist.

For a long time, Falthias travelled. Immol’thar’s fountain of energy had slowed to a trickle by the time he took leave of his home kingdom, gradually weaning him off of it, and he meditated whenever he felt the onset of lethargy. It had not slipped the notice of the Shen’dralar that the world had changed drastically since the Sundering, and that it was continuing to change at a rate ever more rapid. With his own aging, silver eyes, Falthias witnessed the grave extent of Azeroth’s metamorphosis. And then the world trembled again as fire rained from the heavens.

Falthias sought shelter in Desolace while the Destroyer rampaged. There, he was reunited with the Kaldorei, with whom he was honest about his origins and identity. He discovered that he was not the first Highborne to emerge, and that his kind were being accepted tentatively back into Night Elven society. Journeying further north into the heart of his people’s ancestral homeland, Falthias began to encounter young elves seeking to learn the ways of the Arcane. After obtaining approval from the Sisterhood of Elune, he settled and began to tutor students.

Actively working to improve the Night Elves’ attitude towards the Arcane, Falthias educates and evocates where needed, hoping to build trust in the power that for so long has been disdained by his people.
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Good work. I expected nothing less.

[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
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