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Favorite RP Plot?
A lot of newcomers these days, and a few old people still hanging around. So I have to ask: What kind of RP do you all prefer to engage in the most?

Do you like action and adventure? Stories about heroes and villains clashing in epic battles?

Do you like political intrigue? Stories of characters doing battles of wits instead of battles of swords?

Do you like romance? Stories of a character finding his/her true love?

Perhaps you just like casual RP about the day-to-day activities of your character's life.

I'm interested to see what most people will answer here!
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I love the action and adventure! Best way to get the gore in RP going. Mwhaha >:P

Usualy never go for wits and stuff, as im not very smooth with words myself, and thus it dosint come out in RP

Romance I go for, if its a long and slowly growing one. Action is first on the list but romance comes close in second.

Every character should have some day-to-day activitie RP, and so even my most crazy characters get into some of this, even if the characters day-to-day activite may not seem so normal to other characters :P This RP is 3rd on the list of RP im in for.
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I enjoy abit of action and adventure, good fun to be doin' stuff that's probably gonna get you killed haha :P

Hmm, not many of the characters are the political type, but I do enjoy that kinda RP, usually not very exciting anyway..

Deffinatily go for romance, probably up there at number one, if not struggling for it with Action ^^

Day-to-day stuff is pretty good, but you'll probably find yourself RPing with yourself since there isn't alot of us to be around everywhere.
Well. maybe first of all I'd say...action...especially the witch-hunt type ^^

Romance and intrigue are both number two, depending on the character I'm playing...

The day-to-day thing could still be fun, especially if I could make the highwayman band that I had on blizz realms...now THAT was fun ^^

That was my opinion, based on what I had a loooong time ago on blizz realms...on this realm...we'll see ^^
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Hmmm... I guess I like the day-to-day RP the best, as I try to always appear in-character, even when I'm actually AFK or working on tickets.

My second-favorite is action and adventure! Usually in the form of in-character forays into instances.

Romance and political kind of tie for third with me. They can be awesome if you put a bit of effort into them, and they can be really rewarding, but I have to be in the right mood. The top two I seem to always be in the mood for.
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You might be able to guess what my preferred type of roleplay is! I think I'm one of the who absolutely enjoys the more political side of IC business. Sure when a character fights they can really get out their emotions and tell the person how it is, and it's true that romance can have delicious drama and awesome treachery, betrayal and scandals but you don't come across that too often. Day to day activities, eh, I don't come to a fantasy environment to roleplay what I do IRL. (That sounded a lot more aggressive than it is meant to be taken!)
But politics, now there's something I can get into on a fantasy level. I can't stand real world politics, there's never any progression! But in fantasy a -lot- can be accomplished through words, deals, promises and debts. Sure you can hit someone in the face with brute force, and yeah you can kiss someone with romance, you can live with day-to-day activities but when you get into politics you can start affecting things on a global scale. Swords kill people, but words destroy them.
I suppose I should answer my own question now that I'm awake and coherent!

I love action/adventure. Truly, it seems to be the definitive reason to play on a fantasy-themed RPG. Grabbing a sword or a spellbook and beating up the bad guy is always fun (or, if you're the bad guy, beating up the hapless good guys!) Conflict is great.

It might surprise someone out there to know I'm a romantic at heart, though. I love romance RPs, maybe even more than action (though that might just be the fact that I rarely get the opportunity to get a good romance going.) Even better if you can tie it in with the action (a daring rescue, a bodyguard protecting someone he grows to love, etc. etc.)

Political intrigue is nice and all, but I have difficulty getting into it with most of my characters (imagine Grakor trying to do anything political!) It's probably a bit more subtle than I like in theme. And I have to admit, doing more mundane day-to-day activities is a little dull for me. I tend to RP to get away from mundane life, not re-enact it (and please, don't take offense to that anyone.)

Edit: for spelling. I guess I wasn't as awake or coherent as I thought.
Have you hugged an orc today?
- I am not tech support. Please do not contact me regarding technical issues. -
Volgan was impressed with Grakor's political skills! He didn't bash anyone's head in, and there were plenty of opportunities! That's diplomacy, right there.
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
Most of my characters are non-romantic fighters who actually try not to get into fights. Go fig', I have no real answer to the question.
Hehehehe... same for the most people, action and adventure. That's what Darkling is all about!
I'm going to be honest with ya guys. I personally love all types of RP. Politicial is by far one of the best though, I mean come on... the entire idea of a somewhat "secret" war between powers is amazing. I love it, absolutly love the idea. However, I love myself a good Romantic RP, previously to what Sersay said, I'm going to agree with her. If you can have a good one like that, then you're golden. Action/Adventure is also rather fun. I get into some great RP when I go into these different schools. And last but not least, the day-to-day activities. Yes, I do RP by myself with nearly all of my characters. Especially Kelenvar and Kog'Thall. Hehe, but either way, I still say that all forms of RP are just spectacular for me.
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I like any RP that involves interaction. RPing by myself seems masturbatory. It doesn't matter what genre or what type, though I am partial to romance. I've yet to find a really good and romantic plot.
It all depends on my character, for a barbarian junkee like myself I do enjoy battle RP with nearly all of my characters as I like to think of strange attacks for them and all that jazz. Though, I do have characters (especially Dhaknhr) who is very, if not the most, fun to RP the day-to-day life with.
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Action and adventure, no doubt!
I really enjoy themes like journeys/exploration/discovery. Not just of physical landscapes, but also psychological ones- Characters with twisted, mysterious,or just completely bizarre, irrational minds are my favourite. Not a fan of epic battles or romance. Both are kind of impossible for my character anyway, because she strongly objects to venturing into the far extremes of either hate or love. As for politics, well that never interested me too much, but battles that rely on sharp wit rather than sharp weapons are fun.
I enjoy adult RP - yes, that is to say, ERP - and moments of challenge and tension between characters. Most of my characters will usually find themselves in some sort of scrap, as I like creative, well-played confrontation. I'm a bit of a sadist and a fluff-loving sap sometimes, too... Maeven and Kesul's storyline is the only one I have that's decidedly romantic right now. Large-scale RP overwhelms me a tad, as I'm used to smaller groups of two or three people, while any kind of long-winded debates or political RP tends to make me comatose.

I'm trying to overcome my hesitation with larger groups, as there is a lot of interesting people here to RP with, and they're usually in the same spot at once.

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