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Feed the Derp!
Damn, that's old.

I've been witholding bumping my feedback thread, mostly, at first, because I was disheartened that I almost don't get any; and when I do, it's either misdirected ("You dualbox too much!" /actually seldom dualboxes casually), misguided ("Your events should have more awesome combat!" /specializes in social events), misinformed ("You RP only shy nice guys!" /Urameil, Rene, Gunther, Dino, Immy, Aimee, Haydee, and Elsamina are neither shy nor nice. And only half of that list are men), or--what I consider the worst--irrelevant and out of date ("Diwaata only lives for Cristovao and Kapre!" /stopped doing that since about much earlier this year).

I do honestly and frankly value negative feedback, as they are urges for me to improve; Diwaata has become her own character, my characters are more and more fitted to the setting and lore of Warcraft, I casually dualbox much more seldomly, my characters are much more varied in personality and spirit, my storytelling has become less centered on my own characters, and my combat events have become less repetitive and cookie-cutter. I still make mistakes, however, and occasionally I fall back to old habits. But knowing I improved and still need to makes me happier than you would believe.

I am aware, however, that regardless of my flaws and strengths, there are things I practice and enjoy that others do not. I am fully aware of players who absolutely hate it when other players roll their own family characters. I know players who are not only irritated of the fact I have a large list of characters, but the fact that I get bored too quickly if I RP one for too long (read: more than 3 consecutive RP sessions in a row). Dualboxing, character creation, style, and preferences aside, I don't mind if you have a beef with the way I create and roleplay my characters. If anything, I'd rather I know your opinion so that when I RP with you, I will adjust myself to your wants and needs. Don't like it when I dualbox? I won't do it at all when RPing with you. Don't like it when I RP more than one character with you? Pick who you like and I will focus on that character when I RP with you. Just be clear with me that these are your preferences. I'm a much more flexible RPer than people give me credit for.

So! What kind of feedback am I looking for? Well, I still hope for general feedback as an RPer, writer, GM, and community member, though at the moment, I mostly would like feedback from certain characters. Although I have 22 profiled characters (one retired, Bastos), I only seek feedback from those whom I've been RPing since around the Cataclysm switch, either shortly before or after up until now which I feel has enough RP to get adequate feedback from players. They are:


Imagen Ashyunixx

              Namesake character, my second after I retired Imani Al'Salma. She's intended to be a self-made demolition woman who is flirtatious, coy, and playful, with interests, hobbies, and life goals tending to involve blowing stuff up and bedding with men rather than get-rich-quick schemes. Though I RP out the usual materialism, superficialness, coquettishness, and rough casualness as typically seen in goblins, she deviates away a little by being considerate for others, especially concerning safety. She is a little guilty of possessing some of my RL traits (namely my chemical/food allergies and tendency to act like a big sister/mother to everyone she meets), but I assure the similarities stop there. If anything, she's a face to an exaggeration of the (often self-depreactive) jokes I aim at myself and others, and by no means is any form of self-insert wish fulfillment. I really do not think I'd ever want to be a demolition girl.

Sadly, despite the fact she does blow crap up often, does go out on adventures, and by far hasn't bedded with anyone, I have the impression people moreso remember her as a slut than, well, a demolition goblin who just happens to like having a good time with men. This hits me hard on a personal level--most of Immy's history as an RP character is riddled with bad experiences, so bad that I became uncomfortable with RPing women for a long time despite me being female. In RPing Immy, I hope to overcome the personal traumas I encountered when I RPed with her by breathing the life into her as she used to have: cheery, fun-loving, work-devoted, and sisterly, without a brand and label that will hurt her just because she's a female character RPed by an actual female.

Whether or not I've succeeded is up to those who have RPed with her, and I hope to get feedback on her character to see if she has any room to improve.

Kantado Starseer

              Oh, man. Even moreso than Kapre and Mahen'tosh, Kantado had the biggest push and change of character development of my entire character list. Though still RPed like a derpy teenager, Kantado has changed from a whiny crybaby slacker to a young man so terrified of the death of loved ones and friends that he is willing to fight death itself to stop it. For this reason, he was no longer suitable a TLE character--he's less a contrast to my other TLE characters and moreso a strongly independent roleplayable character with a goal that doesn't match TLE's.

I've taken a lot of inspiration to his aesthetic and druidic practice from WC3 Druids of the Claw; however, as he's still a young scrub, he lacks the muscle and glorious beard. He interacts with other night elves and especially worgen, whom he feel are kindred spirits regarding nature spirits. For this reason, when a large group of worgen RP tends to pop up, I'm more likely to get on as Kantado than any of my three worgen. I feel he's a good contrast.

Either way. Do you feel Kantado has grown? Did you miss the slacker noob he was back then? Kantado was a character who gave me a lot of trouble since Day 1 of his creation back in 2011, especially regarding druid and night elf lore. I wonder if anyone has noticed his growth and think it needs more or should go a different direction.

Lord Willelm-Anthony Salsborough

              Here is a piece of criticism I received once upon a time that not only did I highly value, but decided to challenge:

(12-31-2012, 03:10 PM)Xigo Wrote: I haven't really seen you play a character who was racist, or hateful, or scorned the world. If they do have these traits, they're likely 'friendly once you get to know them'.

Try making a character who is these things, but doesn't have a soft interior past the hard shell. That part of him/her faded long ago. Without making said character a villain.

Urameil was originally this, but he was difficult to RP because it made him too unapproachable. So rather than make a hardened dickweed who isn't a villain, I decided to reverse the good and bad traits in terms of depth and first impressions: A man who is nice and friendly, but turns out to be a dickweed racist no matter how you spin it. This is Willelm.

Willelm, the new boss of TLE (but not the new Head Matchmaker), is a man who genuinely friendly and kind... but is so absolutely clueless about other races, cultures, classes of combat and economic nature, and the world in general. Yet rather than be admittedly naive, he simply thinks the world is suffering from unenlightened ignorance that it's up to him to save it (except even then, he's doing a horrible job at it). For this reason, he's an incorrigibly misguided, pompous, condescending, and ignorant bigot, even when he's being nice. In other words, a "good outside, bad inside" rather than "bad outside, good inside" type of person.

Of course, I often fear I'd be offending someone--not only is he racist, he's also classist, sexist, homophobic, jingoist, etc. If you feel there should be more to his character other than a parody of the kindhearted philanthropist, feel free to give suggestions here. Other feedback, of course, is appreciated. You have no idea how surprised people are when they learn this dickweed is the new head of TLE xD.

Diwaata (profile is outdated and needs to be rewritten)

              Not much to say for Diwaata except she's not a satellite character for Cristovao or Kapre anymore; she stopped being that for a long time, in fact. By far, all the RP she's been in is Draenei Pilgrimmage RP, an environment I feel is better for her to RP out my intentions with her as a solo character. She's still angry, she's still pissy at orcs, but her general demeanor has softened. She's also fixed up to allow other people into her life without her retaliating with anger.

Once more, not much else to say here; feel free to tell me if you feel she's getting better.

Inspector Elsamina Hunter-Colemann

              My Lady of War-type character and at one time (and still is) an event character, one who uses grace and intelligence to mask a hardened warrior beneath the silken gowns. This is funny, because my original intention with this character is to be a soft, cuddly matron. Oh, she's still soft and cuddly... when not being an agent of the Law.

Another attempt at a genuine racist, Elsamina's kindness is mostly seen towards humans; otherwise, other Alliance races are merely tolerated but rarely accepted. I am doing my best to draw her racism from my understanding of Stormwind history, and by far, I'm uncertain if it's transparent enough. Nevertheless, she is to be a contrast to my other characters in that she is a very hardened individual all around; she's primarily soft because she's a wife and mother.

I am very grateful, though, that most of the RP I've been having with her is aimed towards her as an officer of SI:7 and less as "another pretty lady", especially considering her body shape. I would like people's feedback on the character, if they have any criticisms and suggestions for improvement.

Knight-Lieutenant Kogan Hunter

              We know the guy: super devoted officer of the city guard with no social skills, to the point of aiming to be a faceless enforcer of the Law. After one RP wherein sex education ensued, Kogan has further broken out beyond being a dork guard. For a long time, I worried about Kogan as a character because he's essentially the dreaded "golden boy": He's a devotee to the Light, a carrier of justice, a defender of the helpless, and upholder of the Law. I didn't mind that at all if he was still an actual faceless guard, but ever since a chase of a criminal to Duskwood with Scarlet, the Southshore RPs with Matthew and co, and the "Two Birds" story, he's broken out as a fully well-rounded character.

Not much to ask here except feedback on the guy, especially if one feels he's still a faceless boy scout.

Brother Kitson Hunter

              Oh, Kitson. Originally an event character, Kitson quickly rose to the ranks of loveable dork for very different reasons from my usual dorks: he's blind. To avoid the angst associated with people who once had their vision only to lose it, Kitson was born blind, so he is a very upbeat individual despite his condition. To avert the (painful and borderline offensive) stereotypes of the super dependent or super sufficient, Kitson is neither: his self-sufficiency is based off of real life visually impaired people I came to learn about and know.

There is more to him than his blindness, however, but RP tends to be focused on that--which is fine if he's in an environment that he's not familiar with. I am told, however, that he's a very obnoxious character, especially when he's being offended that he's being treated like a child. Feel free to let me know if you agree or if there are other problems with him I'm missing.

Brother Gunther Colemann

              Another priest, also originally an event character, this one a shadow user as well as light. Due to having facial paralysis, almost all his form of expression is in his choice or words and actions, but this doesn't translate well in WoW (as our in-game models don't facially emote anyway). Nevertheless, there are other ways for me to show that he's an emotional wall--he's secretive, hesitant to speak of himself and his thoughts, always seem to exclude the truth, and makes no efforts to become close to his family. There are actual reasons why he's this way, all of it nothing to do with being good or evil. But I won't say what they are here.

He's currently hanging around in Whiteshore, though so far he doesn't done anything dark, evil, or any of that good stuff. As he's a Neutral character, I hope to do some wicked shenanigans to balance his good, but that opportunity hasn't come yet. I'd like to know how people think and feel about him and if he, too, needs to improve.

Holy hell, this whole post took me six hours to write.

Of course, others had RP, such as Kapre, Aimee, Dino, and a few other good folk; feel free to provide feedback for them, though I'm not aching for feedback as they're much longer and more established RP characters. And, of course, general RP is good.
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  • CappnRob, Kull, Grakor456
I want your Dwarf, dammit!

That aside, I still don't get to RP with you as much as I'd like. The times I do are always great! Kitson playing with Remyl's bear Ishkun was one of the most adorable things to me, and I think you play his handicap very well. I also had a lot of fun RPing with Mahen'tosh on Bruhara right before the restart, it being one of the more interesting cultural discussions I've had IC. Haven't gotten to roleplay much with anyone else, other than briefly meeting Diawaata, whom I hope to RP with again and talk family stuff with Dunkhaan. Looking forward to meeting more of your creations!

In general, you're a pleasant person to talk to and work with. Keep it up! :D
[-] The following 1 user Likes Jonoth's post:
  • ImagenAshyun

Imagen is an interesting gob girl. Very easy going, quick to make a joke, easily bounces off Norell. I did enjoy the few adventures the two goblins had for gold and glory, even if they were never successful. She does need more chances to show off her explosive loving side, and Norell is partly to blame for her being known mostly as a slut since that's where he throws jabs at, along with calling her a greedy gold vampire (though that part isn't true, for now). More chances to RP with Immy on Norell would be great.

Now, on the Hunter clan (Elsa, Kogan, Kitson, and even Gunther (he's family no matter what)). It's great to see Kogan more fleshed out from when I first met him with Gregg in that alleyway in Old Town. Still shy, still hides his face at times with his helmet (though he does it less often), but is now more than just a guard in the crowd. He can still be a boy scout, but it's a great contrast against Elsamina and especially Matthew. I hope to see him grow further. And get married.

Kitson being naive can be a problem. He's too trusting of almost anyone that crosses his path. It seemed like Two Birds would teach him not to follow the next stranger that promises candy, but that's still a large part of him. Granted, having less characters that are less paranoid about everything or questioning everything is nice, but Kitson just didn't learn after the whole kidnapping/attempted murder scheme. And he's blind, of course people will focus on that and try to help him even if he doesn't want it.

Elsamina is not a sickening sweet mother, which is the problem I had with Jami when I first met her (and then never met her much after that). She's got her problems with her marriage, her problems with her beliefs vs. her children's beliefs, and is fun to have around Matthew when he's trying to push Kogan or Kitson into getting married (until she turns against Matthew like the evil witch she can be). Only thing I can say is I want more RP with her (and for her to have more babies).

Gunther. Poor, tiny, weak, emotionless-in-the-face Gunther. RPed with him rarely since the conclusion of Two Birds, and that's really all I can say. The secretive nature makes Matthew distrust him and he wants to confront him about several things. Maybe a chance for Gunther to show off his emotions with the power of magic? Don't know, but make the RP happen.

Great pal, your storylines are always interesting, and you've been helping me with this GM thing along with everyone else. Thank you.
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  • ImagenAshyun
Oh, god, my leash got caught by the bandwagon and I can't stop it!

So as everyone has been bumping their feedback thread for Kidnapped 6, I shall be bumping for Elsamina and Kitson. I don't think either has done anything notable and memorable for the event itself, though folks may remember Elsa as one of the regular guards and Kitson for being held (fake) hostage by Lovar'thil's. Quite frankly, I had tons more plans for Elsa and Kit in Kidnapped, but most of them never happened--either because other players played the hero, both were shoved out due to condition (either because of pregnancy or blindness), just bad timing (stop having events when I'm working!), or I felt another player would benefit from the opportunities.

The plans I had for Elsamina and Kitson mostly involved either strengthening or breaking the character. For Elsa, she was my experimentation into roleplaying a firmly racist individual who brings conflict--something I haven't done before in survival events (I usually bring friendly and amiable folk like Kapre, Mahen'tosh, and Jami). For Kitson, it's for me to see who would be evil and wicked enough to victimize a helpless blind priest (as well as to get him home--previously, he was stuck in Ghostlands, but the other player whom I was hoping to finish the story was unreachable at the time and I didn't want to wait any longer). Sadly, I do not think either fulfilled their goals to the fullest extents. Elsa was racist, but her racism tends to keep her out of roleplay rather than engage the other players. For Kitson, there were too many nice people and not enough vicious bastards. The two opportunities he could be genuinely victimized, one player fell asleep (I think) and the other was stopped by Maeia before she could stab him possibly near-fatally (both me and CappnRob regret it--it was a good chance for both of us to get delicious drama :( ).

That isn't to say I didn't get anything out of Kidnapped: Elsa did receive her "breaking" point (she was horrified and guilty for Linevi's wounding and has, as a result, become nicer to everyone while still being racist), and Kitson did get some new friends, even if he would never (metaphorically) see most of them again. The development I could have had didn't come as great as I hoped, but I did genuinely have fun and I look forward to more RP.

NOW... before you start complaining and griping, let it be known that I planned for Elsamina to join Kidnapped even before she became pregnant. Loxmardin threw around the idea long before Elsa even conceived, and since then, I chose her to be a part of the event rather than some other character. The reason I chose Elsa is because I want to experiment throwing a racist, conflict-providing character who isn't evil. I have racists, yes--Kapre and Jami are my only true non-racists--but I am not ready to throw someone like Willelm and Urameil, whose characterizations needed more casual RP to explore. For this reason, I had Elsa keep her pregnancy hidden--she doesn't want special treatment for her condition, nor did she (nor I) intend to invoke survivalist drama with a pregnant woman. I'm grateful for those who learned of her pregnancy OOC and decided not to metagame, and I am not mad with Mathias OOC for accidentally outing Elsa's pregnancy (in fact, I giggled). Though I did honestly become frustrated when she was treated like a delicate flower near the end of Kidnapped (it prevented me from becoming involved with RP).

Anyway, those are my thoughts on Kidnapped; it looks like it's meant to be feedback for Lox, but they're just my intentions on what I hoped to have in the event and, thus, reflected in how I RPed during those two weeks. I would like to know how you think I carried out my goals. Was Elsamina too pushy? Not racist enough? Was Kitson too optimistic and stupid? Not cheerful enough? Did I shove myself into events too much? Should I work on engaging other players more? Feel free to criticize my RP in anyway you wish.

And don't worry, Kidnapped player feedback thread bumpers! I'll be providing my thoughts for you all :)
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Haven't said I've gotten a -lot- of RP with you. -Yet-.
From the soft-toned Elsamina in Kidnapped
to the boisterous Immy,
I do enjoy your characters.

You've...well..you've got a thing! Something that isn't really anything you can put a word against, you just know it's there. This something that you're very in tune with your characters, and it does indeed show well.
All the RP I've gotten, I've enjoyed.
Just.... One thing.
There needs to be more of it.

Hopefully Immy and K can keep up this near-often RP, and Elsa needs to come visit Jaedyn at the arena some time soon.

Hoping to see more great things!
[Image: 4ab673a110e5324a7acf57e330a6c8eb.jpg]
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  • ImagenAshyun
This is perhaps more of a personal message, but: you need to be more aggressive in seeking RP with me if you want it. It's something I ought to work on myself, I know, but I just have a terrible time with approaching others for RP, so it helps if people sometimes come to me.

So, onto you and your characters, then...

There is one thing I have noticed about most of the characters I have interacted with of yours, which may or may not be a problem depending on what you do with it. However, most of your characters seem to have one or two "gimmicks" that tend to dominate their personalities and their interactions with others. For example: Retsnis is completely ignorant of social cues and concepts. Mahentosh is the dirty old man. Kitson is blind and naive. Willelm is the kindly yet bigoted guy. Gunther has his facial paralysis. Etc. etc.

Gimmicks are not bad. Just that if they tend to dominate the character and everything they do, they can seem a little less...genuine, perhaps? This is coming from me, and I admittedly have limited experience with all of your characters, so take that for what it's worth.

That said...you do seem to have a preference for playing characters that are either socially awkward or socially hostile in some fashion, don't you?
Have you hugged an orc today?
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  • ImagenAshyun
The gimmicks tend to be dominant mostly because I'm still getting used to the character; all the characters you listed are the ones who are still fairly new. Kapre, on the other hand, has overcome his gimmick, I don't think you've met Mahen'tosh when he isn't being a dirty old man, Kantado's character focus as a loser virgin has been long lost (though he's still a loser virgin), and Kogan, while still a stammering shy guy, has long evolved to a far rounder character. That said, I'm extremely grateful of you pointing out my RP flaws--it's feedback like this that I am very happy to learn of my flaws and work on improvement.

Quote:That said...you do seem to have a preference for playing characters that are either socially awkward or socially hostile in some fashion, don't you?

You have yet to meet some of my socially stronger characters! I have Stefano, Emmanuel, Madahon, Polore, Lola... and don't forget Immy herself! With the exception of Immy, however, I will admit I don't RP my socially stronger characters much, mostly because I am not confident enough to pull off a confident character in an element I am not comfortable with. That said, you do give me a stronger incentive to try out my more socially stronger characters.

Thank you very kindly for the feedback!
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  • Grakor456
I don't believe we've had the pleasure of RPing with one another very much, if at all. So, sadly, I don't have any feedback to give. However, I would love to start some up some time! That way, I will have some feedback to give. :P

PM or skype me!
Ew, feedback.

My character focuses are primarily on my three currently actively circulated toons: Kantado, Jyovani, and especially Gunther. Diwaata 's retool was enacted during the Westfall RP episodes, and as such, I hope for feedback on her too. I've taken Grakor's constructive criticism muchly to heart, so if you're wondering why Jyo doesn't use his masks or Diwaata her big sassy ass as much as I used to, there you go. I'm trying to become less "gimmicky", with probably the exception to Gunther (his 'gimmick' (his inability to emote naturally and connect with people positively) is his story).

Speaking of Gunther, for those who are reading "The Light Casts a Shadow", what do you think? "Light" is similar to some of my other works where it focuses on inner monologue, but I tend to worry it'll become another "How the Serpent Lost Its Legs" in that it may get carried away with the levels of angst it produces. Well, I appreciate feedback in my writing in general. After my Final Exams this semester, I intend to return to some of my unfinished IC posts and give a conclusion, even for those that have been left unfinished for over a year.

While I'm still on the subject of the tiny bubbling cauldron that is Gunther, I've been asked if Elsamina/Gunther would ever get a happy ending. To be honest, I don't know. I've RPed couples before, but I tend to otherwise avoid RPing couples in public settings like CotH because I'm usually more interested in RPing the romance/union with someone else; if my character is married to begin with (like Urameil and Stefano), it's because I don't want romance RP with that character. Elsa/Gunther, on the other hand, differs from my other toons in that they're, honestly, my first "old couple" created who were not meant to be parents to someone else (They were created 2005 and NOT the parents to Kogan/Kitson), so they have a special place in y heart. The "troubled marriage" backstory is moreso meant to be flavor for Elsa and Gunther than a focus story when it comes to RP, as it provides them the character life motives needed to drive them into interacting with others. However, I wonder if it's dominating them more than I wanted... or if people are genuinely interested and would like more of it. In that case, I'd like feedback in how I'm handling "background story", if it can be done better, or I should do it more. And if you want a happy ending or if you'd be open to a tragic one.

Okay, that's just about it! HAPPY (US) THANKSGIVING, YOU NOOBS.
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
I'm simply waiting for Cage to be written. More feedback when I figure out what to type.
I suppose I'll toss in my 2 cents. You're an awesome roleplayer, and your characters, or, rather, the ones I've RPed with, are all unique in some form or another. Jyovani with his masks, Kantado and his lyre, Kitson being derpy, etc. On "The Light casts a Shadow," it's a nice read that'll make you feel, in my opinion. Also, Ninde and Kantado need more music practice. OnedaywhenIgetmycomputerback.jpg.
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I admittedly find it interesting that you and Rob are using Bioshock Infinite for avatars.

Because everyone's so loving in that game.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
[-] The following 1 user Likes Xigo's post:
  • CappnRob
(01-25-2014, 09:04 PM)Xigo Wrote: I admittedly find it interesting that you and Rob are using Bioshock Infinite for avatars.

Because everyone's so loving in that game.

I think they started after I did. ;p
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We just finished the game, and we're still soaking in the ending. I love the Bioshock series in general, flaws and all.
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Perhaps it is your imperfection that which grants you free will, that allows you to persevere against cosmically calculated odds. You prevailed where the Titans' own perfect creations have failed.

- Algalon, The Observer

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