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Feona Windwalker [Night Elf Warden]

Character Full Name:Feona Windwalker

Character In-Game Name: Feona

Nickname(s): Feoren

Association(s): Night Elves, Wardens

Race: Night Elf

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Feona has more advanced talents when it comes to mobility, focused around rapid blinking in short to medium bursts.

When in the company of her twin sister, their combat styles meld together, increasing their prowess in battle.



Hair:Dark Blue

Eyes: White



Usual Garments/Armor:Outside of her armor, she prefers to wear a set of light leather, identical to her twin sister's. Otherwise, she usually wears the stereotypical warden armor.

Other:Identical to her twin sister, Feoren, in almost every way. The only differences being some minor scars, typically hidden by her clothing.

Personality:In battle, Feona is very calm, cold, and collected. She rarely speaks, save for a few small commands, and tends to appear more solitary when not around her sister. Outside of battle, she's a rather cheerful, playful person, with a competitive streak when it comes to doing anything with her sister. When she is away from her sister, she tends to show great mistrust in anyone she doesn't know.

History: Feona was born as one of two twins to a Sentinel and a Blacksmith, the youngest of the two. Because of this, she was always the target of teasing from her twin sister, and the two of them grew up being very competative between each other, from whoever could get home faster, to how many arrows they could steal from mother's quiver before being noticed, but this sibling rivalry only reinforced their bond as sisters and friends.

Following the tradition of their mother, the sisters joined the Sentinels after a few centuries. The twins mischievous ways only flourished in the ranks, using their similarities to confuse and mess around with both instructors and other sentinels. Even with their little games, they still proved to be exceptional sentinels in battle, the duo becoming capable satyr slayers. Her sister would draw their attention and she would sneak in from behind to cause chaos, but even in open combat the pair were a challenge. Because they would do everything together when younger, and even in the Sentinels, their combat style became focused around fighting alongside each other, both sisters acting as one.

When the Silithid threat was answered by the Sentinels, Feona and her sister were eager to test their prowess against this new enemy. When it came to the larger swarms of small insects, their fighting styles were mostly ineffective, and instead of using speed and stealth against the swarms, they had to stand their ground and work to cover each others backs. On the other hand, the larger Qiraji bugs were easier for the sisters to deal with, their teamwork helping them wound and chase off the larger insects to keep their claws away from the sentinel forces.

In the beginning of this war, the two of them kept their competitive streaks, trying to outdo each other, show off, and gain approval from their peers. However, as the war continued, they found it harder and harder to keep their playful side showing, with old and new friends falling in battle, and the seriousness of the danger causing them to remain silent in battle, save for a few words when given orders. They were relieved when the Dragons helped push the hordes of insects back, and lock them behind the Scarab wall.

Their prowess in the battle wasn't anything special, by all means, but their ability to single out the high-priority targets and keep their claws away from the main force was noticed by the Wardens. The sisters were summoned and offered a place in the Kal'dorei's most respected group of warriors, and accepted without hesitation.

During their training, the twins began to return to their old selves, pulling small, minor pranks on their Shan'do while still doing as they were asked to the best of their abilities. Feona rarely instigated these pranks, and let her sister take the lead. This doesn't mean the punishments were any less severe when they were caught, but in time, the jokes became common outside of the training, and their Shan'do even grew to enjoy them, from time to time.

Feona showed herself to be the more subtle of the twins, her solo combat styles when sparring with her teacher always involving some form of deception, be it body language or several feints before a real attack. Her swings were quick, precise, and always in control. When the two worked together around the forest, they would fight just like they did when they were younger: Feoren in the front, Feona in the shadows.

After their training was complete, the twins gladly began hunting down their targets and guarding their lands from anyone or anything that would cause it harm. When the orcs invaded, and during the Third War, the pair would ambush and skirmish with patrols and scouting parties, doing their best to leave none alive. When alone, Feona would take pride in picking off a patrol one by one silently, but leaving one last orc alive to run back to his camp. Of course, she doubted her sister would approve of letting one live, so she kept it to herself.

After the Third War, and the Night Elves allied with the Alliance, some of her kind spread out into the wider wold, be it for exploration or to just learn about the younger races. The twins started to move out to keep an eye on these Kal'dorei, using their playful, trouble-making ways to disguise their real purposes. Now, they travel the land, searching out and hunting down any Kal'dorei that turn to murder and other crimes worthy of exile. Feona continues to question if the pair should expand to criminals of other races, and act like vigilantes, but doesn't voice these thoughts to her sister just yet.
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