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Feoren Windwalker [Night Elf Warden]
Player: Norael

Character Full Name: Feoren Windwalker

Character In-Game Name: Feoren

Nickname(s): That elf, the other elf, Feona

Association(s): Darnassus

Race: Night Elf

Class: Warden

Skills and Abilities: Feorens abilities are typical of a Warden, but she proves an even greater fighter in the presence of her twin sister, their tactics often revolving around the presence of the other.

Blink Mastery: Feoren shows exceptional mastery of the ability to blink from one location to another, allowing for rapid, and sheerly confusing movement from one spot to another. This can be sustained for moderately long periods of time.

Age: 6708

Sex: Female

Hair: Dark Blue

Eyes: Silver

Weight: 202 pounds

Height: 6'5

Usual Garments/Armor: Depends on the situation, but often in comfortable leather or cloth when incognito. When ready for a fight, armor suitable for a Warden is worn.

Personality: Friendly, playful, and a little bit mischevious, Feoren makes a complete turn when in combat. Silent, calculating, and occasionally brutal. When doing her work as a Warden, it's hard to tell there's actually a person within her armor. But outside of her duties, she's a troublemaker, effectively hiding her status as a Warden. She'll pull pranks on any of the Alliance races, and has taken to even snatching a valuable or two from humans who cause her or her sister any trouble. She grows a bit more introverted when separated from her sister, though mostly through distrust of the other races, but she has proven to be somewhat more aggressive in both combat and social situations than her sibling.

History: Born to a Sentinel mother and a blacksmith father, Feoren was one of two born on the same day, her mother being blessed with twins. This started the playful teasing of her being older than her sister in the following years. The twins grew together in a fairly competative way, always going against each other on who can catch the most frogs from the lakes, to who could bring home the most herbs for medicinal or cooking uses. And as they grew, it'd turn into more daring feats, such as who could climb higher upon the great trees of Ashenvale. Certainly they had their arguements on which accomplished the greater feat, but the rivalry never came between them as sisters and friends.

It was several centuries before it happened, but they inevitably joined the Sentinels, just like their mother had. Instantly, the pair was more than a handful for their instructors, often swapping positions when in formation, or swiching their duties amongst each other. While they were reprimanded for this whenever caught, it was often mild, and usually followed up with a bit of laughter from their instructors, the two a neverending source of mischevious activity and confusion. That's not to say they weren't capable Sentinels.

The twins were a nightmare for the Satyrs that plagued Ashenvale, Feoren actively initiating the fights against the twisted goat-men, allowing for her more subtle sister to cause chaos behind the small packs of satyrs. They were great examples of exceptional teamwork, receiving praise for accomplishing missions most wouldn't dare to do as a two-person team.

The centuries passed, and Feoren and her sister continued serving under the Sentinels. but soon came the call to arms, the writhing swarms of Silithid in the far south growing to be a considerable threat, as noticed even, eventually, by the great dragonflights. The Sentinels marched to Silithus, not willing to risk losing Kalimdor to such a threat.

The twins' skill and guile was put to the test against the insect-like hordes, and often proved ineffective, their fighting style focused around small groups, or even single targets. When it came to the lesser, swarming insects, the two were forced to a standing fight, like the rest of their comrades. But when facing the larger Qiraji 'captains', they proved capable in, if not mortally wounding them with the distraction created by their Sentinel sisters, at least forcing some to flee behind the Silithid lines, giving temporary respite against the reaping claws of the larger Qiraji.

The War could not be made light of even by the twins, their competing ways put aside for the war the elves risked losing. At least, until the Dragons finally came to the Kaldoreis aid. After all of the months of raging battle, the Silithid and Qiraji were pushed back, and locked behind the magical barrier of the Scarab Wall, to be dealt with another time.

While they were not stellar standing combatants in a war, they were noticed for their ability to single out and deal with high-priority targets over the centuries. Noticed by the Wardens. Both sisters were summoned, and offered the chance to be trained as one of the most respected warriors in the Kaldoreis arsenal. Jailors, enforcers, spies, and assassins. The two accepted immediately, and their training began the next day.

The twins returned to their old ways of giving their Shan'do a hard time, Feoren usually the one instigating it with her sibling. Of course, with how serious their training was meant to be, and even after being punished by their teacher, Feoren and her sister won over the hardened Warden over time, and their pranks became common-place outside of the harsh training.

Feoren again proved to the more aggressive out of the pair, her combat style while facing her teacher alone more straight-forward and intense. Wild swings of her weapon would often bait in even her Shan'do, and often was followed up a far more precise kick or punch. The results were often far deadlier on the old nuisance, the satyrs.

They graduated their training with flying colors, the mischevious twins becoming full-fledged Wardens after many years of training. And thus began their duties of hunting down priority targets causing trouble in Night Elven lands, as well as just watching the ancient forests for signs of trouble.

After the tribulations of the Third War, Feoren and her sister began gradually moving out of Ashenvale, and into the lands of their allies. Their trouble-making ways serve as a disguise of sorts, hiding their true identity as Wardens. With word of their own race murdering and commiting crime amongst their allies, they're constantly on the watch now, keeping an eye out for these criminals, and putting them down, if necessary.
I'm slightly concerned over how their trainer as Wardens would take to the pranks, however you did say it was kept outside the training, so I suppose it would have been tolerable.

First Approval (1/3)
Second Approval. (2/3)
(03-07-2013, 10:35 AM)Reigen Wrote: I'm slightly concerned over how their trainer as Wardens would take to the pranks, however you did say it was kept outside the training, so I suppose it would have been tolerable.

First Approval (1/3)

Quite. They were dead serious when training was actually underway.
Numero tres! 3/3
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