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Ferdinand "Chick" Chamberlain [Human Rogue]

Character Full Name: Ferdinand Chamberlain

Character In-Game Name: Ferdinand

Nickname(s): Chick

Association(s): The Alliance

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities: Adept Swashbuckling, Average fencing, and pistol marksmanship capabilities.

Age: 34

Sex: Male

Hair: Asymmetrical sleek black hair.

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 186 lbs

Height: 6'

Usual Garments/Armor: Ferdinand typically will not wear armor, rather just trust himself to dodge, if he is to wear anything it will be a silk shirt with some embroidery on it, form fitting pants and a pair of high cuffed boots.

Other: Ferdinand has a slightly effeminate tone to his voice and typically smells like he has rubbed either flowers or perfume on himself to cover up his typical smell of sweat and dirt.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Personality: Ferdinand is a womanizing prig, at best. To himself he is clever, suave, and sly, the type of person who can get away with anything with either guile or wits, to others he is an effeminate, cowardly twit, in actuality Ferdinand is the typical thief with a sub-average masculinity. Ferdinand feels to others what one of his kind would typically feel; to the Horde he loathes, to the old Alliance he trusts, and to the Draenei and Night Elves he distrusts.

History: Ferdinand was born to an average Old Town family some thirty years ago just before the First War, alas infant Ferdinand never knew father Chamberlain as he died in the First War. The Chamberlains settled in Lordaeron and took to doing meager work to make a living. By the time the Second War rolled around the older Chamberlain boy was of age and yearned to repatriate himself and bathe in Orcish blood. Young Brigham Chamberlain fought a very valiant campaign in the reconquest of Stormwind, his crowning moment being when he was the only survivor of a rescue mission, the rescued soldier being the heir of a noble family. Alas Brigham Chamberlain died and never truly received his hero's veneration.

After his death the Chamberlain family moved back to Stormwind, Ferdinand could in work the reconstruction and his mother would do nurse work. This plan never came to be as the father of the young man Brigham had saved generously let the Mrs. Chamberlain work as his steward, due to this steady source of income Ferdinand was granted free time.

In his adolescence Ferdinand had joined a number of upstart gangs in the decrepit Stormwind, where he learned to use a sword. As he went in and out of these gangs Ferdinand learned to not trust men and would only seek the friendship of women, where he would pick up some of his more effeminate habits. Eventually Ferdinand would tire of the riff-raff life style and move onto better things, hence in his adulthood he joined the militia.

Ferdinand's years in the militia saw the rise of the Defias Brotherhood, which would change him greatly. He had many encounters with the ruffians and in most of them Ferdinand and his contingency would end up unsuccessful in detaining or stopping the bandits. At one point Ferdinand caught one resting and took him by surprise. This Defias member was formerly a part of The Stonemasons and he, in a desperate bid to exculpate himself, explained the Defias' plight. Ferdinand was taken by this and grew rebellious once more. His dissent and refusal to hunt bandits or kill them, along with his standing effeminate habits, earned him the moniker "Chick" which he wore proudly, an effort to spite his fellow militiamen. A few short months later Ferdinand left the militia service to live lavishly with his steward mother.

After long Ferdinand's mother passed away and he no longer had an income. In his depraved nights of partying and drinking Ferdinand mingled with the wrong sorts of people and steadily lost some of his scruples, thus he stole a fair sum of gold from his mother's noble-blooded employer and left to explore the world.
The first war, in the new timeline, was 29 years ago at year 0. You list him as being born just before the first war, but with the timeline he would have been 5 years old. Is this what you mean by 'just'? I would just assume if not for you calling him an infant and never knowing his father.
That is what I meant by just, I can change it to "shortly after" or simply "after" if it makes the story more clear.
Regrettably, Ferdinand's nickname won't be suitable for his in-game name. You could change it to that via TRP2, but he'd want to be known as Ferdinand or some variation thereof, in-game.
I see. That's all right then the name shall be changed.

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