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Festival of Shardlight Begins!
The Festival of Shardlight has begun in Azshara Crater! All adventurers of Azeroth are welcomed to venture through the portal and partake of the festivities and food! Also, keep an ear to the ground for announcements to put to rest the Awakened Spirits which wander at this time of year - congratulations to Ghodfrey to releasing the first spirit of the festival!

Also note the tourney preliminaries are due for today. Due to some changes, we have had to change the fighting times, but we hope this will not be too much of an inconvenience. These battles will take place in Gurubashi Arena - a portal is in Azshara Crater for the purpose.

First round: Siv vs Tazmin (4:30-5pm respectively)
Second round: Zolast vs. Hammerfall (5-5:30)
Third Round: Darkor vs. Thelynicus (7pm-7:30pm)

Come to cheer these adventurers on and join the fun!

First Round Results posted as they occur!

Siv vs. Fazk - victor: Siv - well fought!
Darkor vs. Thelynicus - victor: Darkor - well done!
Zartha vs. Zolast - victor: Zolast - very close fight!

Join us tomorrow for Semi-finals - we will post pairings and times later.

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