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Finally, a breakthrough!
Kathias closed the curtains much like in a way you would slam a door. He put both of his hands on the window sill and leaned forward, a dear look of frustration on his face.

"This doesn't... I mean it just DOESN'T make sense!"

He peers up at a sliver of light trickling through the window. The twilight rain poured down outside, obscuring his view of the dimming light from the horizon outside. He quickly turned around and looked at his work on the table. Dim candle light washed over a series of small black, nearly glass-like panels scattered across his work table. Pools of dark blood had been scattered across the place and pouring onto the table. Also resting on the table was a severed hand, female by the looks of things, and his dying dog, Bonkers.

He quickly rushed back over to the table and began rearranging the panels to match up side by side, producing a ten by ten grid. Holding the grid together, his foot begins to tap a pedal, much like a sewing machine, slowly powering the mechanism.

"Work... Just work one more time..."

Light begins to flood the panels, washing over with an amazing spectrum of color and a dazzling light show emitting like a fog and slowly creeping over his hands and arms.

"There you go."

Inside of the panels, an image became clearer. It was a dead woman laying on the other side with her hand missing and a body pale, dried crimson washed across her shocked face and work clothes.

Kathias cringed at the sight of her but kept on. His foot picked up the speed, causing the engine under the table to groan. The image became more static and even had more depth with life-like color.

Kathias pushed harder.

Smoke began to erupt from under the table and sparks started flowing like a waterfall from the engine and onto the ground.

Kathias pushed harder.

The room in the image grew longer and deeper. Areas of the room he hadn't seem before were now coming into view. Finally, a breakthrough!

Kathias pushed even harder.

With what seemed like an epic explosion from the engine sent the table flipping across the room and Kathias, along with his chair, to the opposite corner. He crashed onto his side. He rested. Only the scattered light from the other side of the room kept him from believing he had become blind. Picking himself up, he looked around for his dog which was nowhere in sight.


He yelped, stopping in his tracks. A voice from the light display beckoned him over. It was female and sexy, mysterious and dark.

"Who.. Who who who who who's there?"

"I've been called by many names, Kathias."

He stepped closer into the light and looked down at the last of the panels that hadn't shattered. It was his dead partner on the other side, still pale and spattered in her own blood.


"No... But I have been called by many names. I'll think of one better than 'Legion' later."

The woman in the image smiled. To his shocked, her pale hand slowly emerged through the light, dripping strands of rainbow colored streams, much like oil trickling down skin. His device for hyper dimensional storage had worked, pretty as a picture. What was inside of the frame was a bigger mystery.

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