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FlagRSP Problems
I downloaded FlagRSP to my Desktop folder, and tried to Extract it to my World of Warcraft folder using Winace. However, the extracting doesn't seem to continue for any longer than a second before closing with no prompt. Anyone know of the problem I'm having and how to fix?
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Honestly I have no idea. You could try unzipping it with WinRaR or possibly WinZip which both seem to work for me. I'm not a real WinAce person.
Have you tried extracting the files one at a time? Try extracting them to an exact position onto your computer (say, like your desktop) and see if it shows up. If it does, maybe the files have gone somewhere, but they overwrite themselves without a prompt.
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Ah! Got it to work. It was extracting, just too fast for me to understand it had been extracted. It had also needed to been extracted to my other WoW folder in order to work. This is because my WotLK created another WoW folder in my WoW folder. Thanks for the help guys!
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If Love who rules the sky
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